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Title: Hyde School Survivor Testimony- Medical Neglect
Post by: katfacehead89 on December 04, 2021, 06:25:03 PM
Hyde School Survivor Testimony- Medical Neglect

I think I just accepted that I was a victim of medical abuse at Hyde. During my senior year at Woodstock I had a random pelvic infection. These infections are indescribably painful. I told a faculty member of my pain on Saturday morning before I took the SATs, he was very dismissive to the point of being cruel. I completed the SATs, crying in pain throughout, to the point that the proctor spoke to me and said I had to stop because it was disturbing others. Obviously I couldn't stop but tried by chewing/biting my sleeve for the remaining time. Afterwards, again I let faculty know i was in excruciating pain- their response again was dismissive and belittling.

I got back to campus and went to lie down. Woke up shaking, sweating, with stabbing pain. I literally hobbled and cried my way across campus to the nurse where I was essentially interrogated about the "real" severity of my pain. The nurse even pulled two faculty members in to vouch for my honesty.

I had a fever close to 104. They should've called an ambulance but instead sent me alone with a male faculty member to Day Kimball Hospital. I was admitted and put immediately on IV antibiotics and IV morphine (because Percocet did not even touch that level of pain.) I was hospitalized for 6 days.

I recently had a consult with an IVF doctor who told me the way that pelvic infection was handled was serious neglect, and is likely why I cannot get pregnant now. Doctor said the earlier treatment began, the less internal scarring I would have.

Hyde waited a full 24 hours after I started complaining of severe symptoms before listening to me and now as an adult I am dealing with the long term consequences, 20+ years later.

I haven't really spoken about my particular medical situation yet to others. I'm literally still in shock that I have long term effects because of that place not trusting me regarding my own body. I was eventually one of the "good kids" 🤮 and this was still the way I was treated. I cannot fathom what the outcome would've been had it happened my first year 🙀👿.

It's nearly impossible to explain to outsiders.

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