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Aspen Education Group / Re: My son at Aspen Ranch
« on: September 14, 2009, 06:03:20 PM »
Quote from: "Oscar"
AEG have lost one child in the wilderness program they run in this area. He was able to hang himselves back in 2007. He was also depressed because he had lost a brother.

Oscar, How is this statement even relevant?  Lots of kids kill themselves, 1,000’s every year.  We cant just avoid every place where this occurs.  Kids die at home mostly, so what should we do not allow kids to stay at home so they will be safer?  Kick them all out?
Not sure what the point is.  Statistics show that kids are much more safe in programs than they are at home or in public schools.

Quote from: "ajax13"
Call your non-dead son JD.

You and JD should talk get and compare notes.  You both suck at raising kids.  Between Ajaxs porn and abuse to JD killing his wife and son you have alot in common.  Get a fucking room!!!

Quote from: "ajax13"
Your opinion may be that the fact that Andy Evans is a former AARC counselor is irrelevant to the story, it's not mine, and it wasn't the opinion of anonAARCgrad.

Ajax, your opinion is well taken.  It seems there are 2 people yourself and anonAARCGrad who feel this way.  If you bother to read the news articles and speak with the journalists you will find out that the connection to AARC just inst relevant.  The guy held multiple positions prior to moving (not just AARC).  There is no motivation on the journalists part to try to connect Evans motive to any one job he held in the past.  Why would they try to do this?  This is unclear.
Again you are entitled to your opinion but the people investigating just dont see it the same way you do.  When I say we I am referring to myself , the journalists and the people who are intimate with the investigation. If you have any facts to present then toss them on the table and we can take a look.  But the facts stake up differently than your beliefs.  Sorry I cant agree with you on this one.

I think everyone is making way too big a deal on where this guy worked before.  It really doesnt matter what he did or where he worked.  What is important is why he did it and the circumstances around the killing.

I honestly don’t see how if Evans worked at a car dealership or fast food restaurant how that would be relevant to him killing a person overseas somewhere.  What bases would the journalists have in trying to make a connection like this?  Does selling cars or working at McDonalds somehow make a person more violent?  Maybe it was his time playing Rugby?  The journalists seem to think this was more relevant than his time at AARC or McDonalds.

Quote from: "ajax13"
Well, no. I have explained what I was told by journalists in Vancouver and Calgary, specifically in relation to AARC, and in two instances, specifically related to AARC and Andy Evans. Feel free to disbelieve my account. In the complete absence of facts contradictory to what I stated, as always, your repeated attempt to bury the statement that I made certainly reenforces my oft-stated conclusion that AARC and those who work on behalf of AARC and the Leader are forced to resort to deception in order to prevent the truth from coming out.

You dont have to take everything so personally Ajax13.  It is just a discussion.  Just because I dont believe you doesn’t mean I am derailing the thread.  I have been on topic the whole time.  I have spoken to the journalists and they supported their writings 100%.  They were not swayed by AARC like you would have the readers believe.  The articles that they wrote are the factual evidence.  Until another article is written we need to stay with what we have and that is there is no relevant connection between Evans and AARC in the eyes of the Media.

As far as personal attacks go, you killed your son JD. That's a fact. Stating so is not an attack, unless the truth hurts.
Well it is an attack, Ajax.  You don’t think ridiculing Vauses son and the weight conditions of various board members isn’t an attack?  You dont think that talking about this JD guy isn’t derailing the thread?  

If I remind you that just a few days ago you admitted that you watched porno films with your kid in the room and earlier mentioned that he is acting out sexually in school.  You don’t think these are off topic remarks?  Do they relate to the topic of AARC?  Think about it, Ajax.  Try to debate with facts instead of trashing people when you get frustrated.

Now if you have any evidence other than what the reporters wrote we need to stay with the conclusion that Evans' time at AARC was not relevant to his present condition.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Second Nature Wilderness Program
« on: September 14, 2009, 04:36:12 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
OMG I was there with your kid, what a small world. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your son is gay and had the time of his life sucking off all of us for extra rice. That's the real reason he gained weight.. well.. and he swallows. Extra nutrients!


We are getting more and more desensitized here.  Remember when we gave thewho such a hard time when he laughed at a survivors story?  That was mild compared to the posts we see now.

I have to agree with this John C. guy.  The journalists have spoken with their written word and they believe the AARC connection is a non issue.  These are the facts, Ajax.  Your private phone calls dont hold water.  Unless you can produce some evidence you have nothing.

Quote from: "ajax13"
When you say "everyone", are you under the impression that there is a group of people reading your posts that somehow missed where you tried to derail the thread?   If somebody were following this thread, they would have seen it derail once you tried to obscure the fact that I have been in contact with journalists in Vancouver and and Calgary who have admitted that coverage of AARC is managed to avoid drawing negative attention to the organization.

Actually, everyone who has been reading along knows the thread was derailed by your personal attacks on this JD guy.  You are the only one talking about him.  The rest of us were trying to stay on topic.

We had concluded that the journalists left out any mention of Evans association with AARC because it was a non issue.  This fact upset you so you decided to derail the thread by throwing personal attacks at JD and his family.  This is similar to what you did with Vause when you were proven wrong about his education.
Facts always seem to trip you up so you avoid them.  Its your m.o.

Quote from: "ajax13"
JD, you're not making your kid any less dead by carrying on here.  The more time you waste lashing out here, the less time you will have to try to reconcile with the child you haven't managed to kill.

Has everyone noticed that Ajax's posts are starting to soften a little.  They still lack factual info, as usual, but they are less harsh when he is frustrated.  One can only hope this is also refleceted on the handling of his own son.

JD, take a lesson from Ajax here.  Change is possible!!  Pick up the phone now and call your son.

Quote from: "ajax13"
JD, like I said, there's nobody else here but the people trying to communicate about AARC, and you and a couple of AARColytes who have something to hide.  Fornits has been useful for the exchange of information, but it's not vital.  The Fifth Estate didn't find out about AARC because of Fornits.  ISACCorp has been looking at them for years, and the former AARC clients who were subjected to quackery and violations of their rights in AARC are less afraid of AARC than they were in years past.  Dangerous freaks like the former AARC staffer who has been harassing women on Fornits for years are coming to the attention of the authorities, and the list of former clients who have killed themselves, or committed violent crimes is growing and drawing attention.  I don't have any questions for Dean Vause.  He's got a twenty year history of falsely selling himself as a mental health professional and expert in treating adolescent "addiction".  I am not interested in hearing what he has to say.  AARC's position gets shakier every day, JD, but your son doesn't get any less dead.  Pick up that phone and call the live one.

Thank you for updating us.  Of course you have no facts as usual to back up what you say and that is why I am here to point these problems out.  
anyone can come on here and say "So and so has been pretending to be a doctor for 20 years!!" , "His wife is overweight".  The president of Honda motor corp could have weight issues but that doesnt relect on the quality of the automobiles... but you don see that.  He may not even have a drivers license.  You just dont know how to debate the issues with relevant facts.  As long as AARC is effectively treating people and they have an 85% success rate who cares how much people weigh or what their degree is in.

Now go spend some time with your kid.  Turn off the porn and  let him have a normal childhood for a change.  If  you read to him he may forget how you abuse him.

And JD, if you are listening, go call your son.

Quote from: "Guest"
Wait, are you saying that Ajax should confront "Doctor" Vause face-to-face?

Because I'd pay to see that. Particularly if it involved a sledgehammer.

Ajax feels much safer posting here and asking him questions from the shadows on a street that Vause never walks down.  Now he is doing the same thing with this JD guy.  I wonder why he is afraid of direct talks?

The Melting Pot / Re: Count to 1 million
« on: September 13, 2009, 08:46:31 PM »

Interesting how Ajax13 attacks people who are not here.  Ever notice?  He asks questions day and night about Vause yet he never approaches him directly.  Now he is doing the same thing with this JD guy.  He somehow feels safe attacking someone who isnt here to listen or talk back to him.  Is he afraid of confrontation?  the answer to his questions? Or afraid he will be exposed?

Quote from: "ajax13"
JD, anybody reading Fornits with  influence on the outcome of the AARC situation long ago made their decisions about what kind of a person I am. You gave up on facts, because you didn't have any.  You were too lazy to do even a little research, because of course your interest is not in communicating facts, it is in trying to disrupt the discourse about AARC.  You sent your kids to B Mods, and you set up a referral service for B Mods, and one of your kids whom you sent to a B Mod is dead.  That is unfortunate, but I am not responsible for your son's death.  Over the last few years there have been three principle posters who continued to try to stop people from communicating openly about AARC on this forum.  One is a former staff member who has demonstrated such a high degree of aggressive and obsessive behavior towards former female AARC clients that he became a person of interest to the police.  Another is a long-time worshipper of the Wiz from his days in Saskatchewan, who went so far as to flat out lie, claiming that the Wiz was a registered psychologist, and equating my criticism of Vause with a man who cut another passenger's head off on a Greyhound bus.  Nice company you keep, JD. So there's just you three, JD and the people you are trying to stifle.  Those that want to know what's going on, and those that want to keep them from knowing.  There's no one else here, JD.

I'll jumpin here if you dont mind.

I am not JD, but I "am" the one who has been keeping you feet to the fire and insisting on facts.  If you feel I have been standing in your way of posting then you are mistaken.  It might have felt that way to you because I pushed back every time you made statements without any facts and held you accountable.  you were not use to this so it felt like I was being disruptive.. welcome to the real world, Ajax.
As far as what type of person you are.  This is not defined by the readers or posters here on fornits like you have yourself believe.  It is formed by your actions.  You ridicule others when they dont agree with you.  You fail to fight with facts and instead make fun of their families and disrupt the thread.  You have neglected your son and abused him,  you admitted this openly here on fornits when you stated you watched porno with your son in the room and that he is acting out in school as a result of it.  All these things form who you are, Ajax,not a few handpicked people who like you.

just remember that as you are spending energy picking on this guy JD, you are building ragewhich you will release on your own son.

Think about it... think about your family.

If you have a beef with AARC then stand up like a man and plead your case honestly and openly.  Dont hide in the shadows and ridicule peoples wives and kids.  Thats chicken shit and it is a bad reflection on you and the person your son will look up to someday.

Sorry for my ramblings, it seems I have become the spokes person for this absentee JD… Jd if you are listening come on in and defend yourself!!!

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