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Title: I regret a lot of things. BUT NOT THIS!!!!!
Post by: Anonymous on September 14, 2009, 03:14:34 PM
I gotta say. I have a lot of regrets. About a lot of things. Things I should of did, but didn't. Things I did, but shouldn't have. Stuff like that, like everybody, I wish I could go back and change some things. But that's what life is about, learning from your regrets and not repeating the same mistakes. Right? Well, that's what I always thought. But now I'm not so sure. Should I have regrets? Is it even worth it? Well I regret plenty of things. But the thing I never regret is this. Yes, THAT. Some of you probably know what I'm talking about. This thread is for you. If you still don't get it, then you'll never get it. Don't even try, just back away from this thread and be grateful. IM SERiOUS.
Title: Re: I regret a lot of things. BUT NOT THIS!!!!!
Post by: Anonymous on September 14, 2009, 03:35:51 PM
Now you got me curious. What don't you regret? Quitting your job? Not marrying that whore/asshole/imbecile? Running over your in-laws? Giving up school to be a quasi Rock God? telling your boss to shove it?

Or wearing white after labor day?
Title: Re: I regret a lot of things. BUT NOT THIS!!!!!
Post by: Anonymous on September 14, 2009, 06:18:08 PM
actually, when you finally sober up, sticky one, you might realize you should.
Title: Re: I regret a lot of things. BUT NOT THIS!!!!!
Post by: Anonymous on September 15, 2009, 12:14:15 AM
I'll tell you something that I regret. I didn't go to college, no that's not my regret, and had a bunch of odd jobs. My family gave me a lot of shit about this so I decided to enroll in a local culinary college. They train chefs, there is a hotel management program, and the "major" I chose which was restaurant management. They said on their tv ad that having no money wasn't a problem, you could get loans. I called them up and they asked if I had been to college before, I said no. They said they get a lot of people who went to college but want to do cooking or whatever. They said great, since I didn't go to college I could get a bunch of loans, and seemed eager to sign me up. Everybody seemed happy about this and from what they were telling me, I"d be working in a five star resort pulling in six figures a year later. I should of known something was up when I first started. But I chose to believe them, and that is what I really regret. The place had a bad vibe, and the other people there, well let's just say it seemed like they took anybody that called them up. What really made me mad was that I asked a few of my friends there about what they were paying. The cost was a lot lower if you weren't on loans. I made some great friends there but the place now feels like it was a scam. By the time the year was over I racked up $42,000 in debt somehow. That's not living expenses or anything like that, that's just the tuition I guess and other costs related to the school. I did get to keep a my bowtie and cumber bun, wow. Well as if the cost wasn't enough, and that debt makes me uncomfrotable just thinking about it. But what's worse is that I finished months ago and I still haven't been able to find a job. 90% job placement they claimed, I guess I am in the unlucky 10%. Every place that I apply to says I'm overqualified, and wonders why I have no recent restaurant experience. While in school was working I kept an old job, that isn't in the food industry.  One guy interviewing me laughed and asked why I would go to "college" ,he actually did the quotes with his hands, to be in the food industry. He said the best managers were people who worked their way up. So ya I definitely have some regrets. I wish I never listened to my family and now I have a huge debt and it seems like I'm unemployable in the industry I payed so much to get into. So stupid. I'll be lucky if I can keep the job I have now, I kept telling them I was leaving to pursue my dream and all that bs and so they found someone to replace me, I actually trained them. They are being nice about it but I know the pressure is on for them to get me out the door, paying two of us to do the same job isnt going to last long.