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Fuck off Nunez

Open Free for All / Re: Musing from the Fornit Idiot; DANNY BENNISON
« on: October 24, 2012, 12:49:30 PM »


Open Free for All / Re: David Bennison is a Child molestor
« on: April 27, 2012, 10:16:16 PM »
Stand your ground Olivia. Cowards like Danny and David slink away when a real woman stands up to them

News Items / Re: What Program was Jared Loughner, Arizona gunner, In?
« on: April 22, 2012, 01:28:51 PM »
Quote from: ".T-Rex"
Quote from: "Troublemaker"
Quote from: "none-ya."
I loves me some inmate cock  :nods:
You really are a filthy pig
None-Ya is finally getting to the truth (his demons) Let's not attack him for it

You can't fault an idiot for his choice of words. He was too busy raping children as staff to get an education

Maybe if he actually went to the Seed, they would have spotted this and made someone do something about it
Your right. If he wasn't such a foul, filthy, abusive piece of shit, I'd apologize

News Items / Re: What Program was Jared Loughner, Arizona gunner, In?
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:55:50 PM »
Quote from: "none-ya."
I loves me some inmate cock  :nods:
You really are a filthy pig

The Seed Discussion Forum / Re: The Best of... Shame McGuire
« on: April 12, 2012, 10:13:01 AM »
Quote from: "Horatio."
Quote from: "none-ya"
Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
Quote from: "Horatio."
Funny also, that you've been here for years, and not one Seedling remembers you, and not one has come here that you knew.

Years, and not one?

You were never in the Seed
Good point. All the people who have come through here and he doesn't recognize one name. No staff member either

But we all know who YOU are though.
More avoidance from the lying pig who never went to the Seed :)

It's so obvious to any one reading that you were never there. Why don't you just go away? You never contribute anything because you're afraid you'll slip up and someone will pull your covers. Go back to the Elan forum and abuse survivors. That's all you're good at. Well, that and telling jokes about program survivors being raped as children

What a filthy pig you are
Anyone who abuses survivors like none-ya does is more than likely an ex staff member.

I can see from his responses that he was not in the Seed. No need to flood the thread. Seed people can see through him

38 ... ble/nMTzh/

By Kate Davison and  NEWS9
CAMBRIDGE, Ohio — Charges have been filed against a man accused of killing the director of a local home for troubled teens.

 Perry Buco is charged with one count of murder, Guernsey County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Padden said.

 Buco is accused of killing 47-year-old Robert C. Caples, who served as director of the Thompkin's Center Juvenile Residential Facility.

 Caples was found dead in his Beatty Avenue home in Cambridge after family members requested a well-being check. His car had also been stolen.

 Investigators quickly ruled the scene a homicide and Caples' car was later found parked in front of the Baker's Motel, about 20 miles west of Cambridge.

 Cambridge residents said Caples was well liked in the community. As of 5 p.m. Monday, no one from the juvenile facility had issued a comment.

 Buco remains in the Guernsey County Jail and a bond hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Elan School / Re: Does Juan Ferreira=IBcuy??
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:45:17 PM »
Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
Quote from: ".T-Rex"
Quote from: "Ruaraidh."
I'm starting to believe the guy who said none-Ya was the one who molested him in the Seed. I'll withhold None-Ya's name until there's some kind of proof, but his behavior is that of an abuser and child molester
That's why I knew he wasn't Danny Bennison. That kid sounded sincere

it would explain why him and Danny get along so well. Birds of a feather

We should dig deeper into this
I told you guys when that guy said it, that I believed him, and you laughed at me and said it was a fake profile.

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so

Quote from: "Horatio."
That was when there were a million fake profiles on here. I didn't want to believe it

Now, I'm convinced

Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
Quote from: "Horatio."
Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
How do you know none-ya's real name?
Josh told me in a private message. Then I tracked his ISP. It was simple.

I'd tell you who he is, but I'm afraid you'd kill him
I wouldn't kill him

If he got prompt and proper medical care, he'd live

Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
Quote from: "Terry Kato"
You don't have to kill None-Ya. The condition he's in, he's liable to die any day now. Death is stalking him. He'll be dead and in the ground soon enough. He probably won't live out the year
True. The trauma of 4 surgeries is enough to bring him to the brink. You're probably right. He's on deaths door

Its something to look forward to

Quote from: "Ruaraidh."
Quote from: "Terry Kato"
Quote from: "Ruaraidh."
He's a child molester. He couldn't die fast enough for me
That hasn't been proven yet
There's enough circumstantial evidence to assume None-ya is the person Josh says he is, and I believe Josh's story

None-Ya is a child molester until someone comes here and says he's not

Elan School / Re: Does Juan Ferreira=IBcuy??
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:19:00 PM »
I believe it too. he's too comfortable making rape jokes. And what's this shit?

Quote from: "none-ya"
Quote from: "none-ya"
Wayne,have you even tried to figure out Why your shit don't fly here?  'Cause you're not real. Not a real writer. Not a real program survivor. But you are a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS. that's about it.
So fire away. Tell me to kill myself. Tell me to go fuck my mother. And then open up your gay porn collection and start posting away. We've seen it all before,and I'm not going anywhere.I'm still waiting to see a picture of your old feebled ass.

ps. just in case you still don't get it, nobody else seems to be offended by my joke. At least not enough to actually say anything about it.

So, because no one has actually subjected themselves to his abuse, by saying something, it's okay to tell jokes about children being raped in programs?

None-ya sounds like what that guy said, an abuser and child molester

Elan School / Re: ELAN school staff are well trained
« on: April 05, 2012, 08:48:54 AM »
Quote from: "none-ya"

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Froderik and Reddit TTI Pixie!!!
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:18:34 PM »
Quote from: "DannyB II"
Dragging His Relatives Into It

Postby Froderik » Yesterday, 17:58
As most of you know I'm no fan of Danny Bennison, but I don't see the purpose of any of this. What good is it going to do to post pics of his relatives, and all of this? Not much that I can see (other than maybe stooping to his level). I wish he would go away too, but I doubt that stuff will accomplish that. This shit has gotten so old -- the constant posts about him here saying pretty much the same thing over and over, the numerous sockpuppets of both Danny and Wayne.. and the sockpuppets of those sockpuppets (which, btw, are stupidly obvious anyway, with the fucking PERIOD after the name, like no one is going to notice that ::) )

Again, I am no way trying to defend Bennison or any of his horrible actions here, just wondering "what the fuck?"

Enough already....Maybe try a different tac, or something...

How dare you post something like this, Froderik. Really......are you really this lame. I have never posted a pic of any member or their family. I have never physically threatened or even insinuated I was going to cause harm. I have never called, emailed or tech messaged anyone here with death threats, threats of any kind, or sent nasty filthy messages. My family in the last 3 months has gone through all of this.
You know this asshole. You stood by while Wayne Kernochan posted pics of my dead nephew and posted newpaper accounts of his mothers grief. You sat back and watched Wayne attack my sister and her daughter.
The audacity for a piece of shit like you to act as if you have the respect and admiration of this site that you could start your own thread talking about what is right and what is wrong. YOU SAT BACK FOR MONTHS LETTING WAYNE POST DEATH THREATS YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE......YES YOU ARE A  HYPOCRITE.
Who gives a shit if you want to hang on to shit that happened almost 2 years ago. Why because they were Straightlings, your buddies. Froderik you are fucked, if you haven't noticed you are the only one here from Straight running your mouth and supporting this lying fraud who calls himself Wayne? He never went to Elan, get that through your head. The only reason you are supporting him is because it is me. You really think no one here knows that? That everyone is blind?
My only problems I have had here in the last year is fighting with Wayne and I try very hard to stay out of that. I also laugh my ass off watching you post that the friends I have who post here are all me. They are not and everything in due time will be revealed. Till then say what you must.
I am not the problem here nor will I allow someone like you to relate to me in such a way that is disrespectful. I don't care if you like me but I have earned respect. I have never visited the levels this guy Wayne can go. All of my actions I have made against Wayne were a counter his attacks. I have never initiated an attack on Wayne.
BTW......go back 18 months and you will see a pic who everyone thought was me...remember? Sharon McCarthy thought she was posting a pic of my house....the list goes on. You want to talk about levels people stoop too. Why because I finally lost it and got so angry that Inculcate, Seiko, Anne and other Straight friends of yours caught shrapnel from my explosion. Dude if you want to hold that over my head fine.
Concerning Wayne, Matt ect....fuck em. That is my business not yours. I will not be held to the fire anymore because I was staff/Ass. Dir./Staff again, from 17yrs. till 19 yrs. old. This is ridiculous.
Froderik I really at one time had a lot of respect for you because I thought you were fair and honest. What the hell happened?
::fullofshit::  ::fullofshit::  ::fullofshit::  ::fullofshit::  ::fullofshit::  ::fullofshit::  ::fullofshit::  ::fullofshit::

Your an abusive ass Danny Bennison. Go sell your lies to Juan

Open Free for All / Re: Musing from the Fornit Idiot; DANNY BENNISON
« on: February 18, 2012, 10:21:39 PM »
Quote from: "I want to eat Jillian Doles Pussy"
Jesus Christ Danny, that's your niece. Do you have any hint of decency?

Open Free for All / Re: Musing from the Fornit Idiot; DANNY BENNISON
« on: February 18, 2012, 08:27:48 PM »

I could shove tree fiddy up that nose

Open Free for All / Re: Danny Bennison Raped his Sister
« on: February 18, 2012, 08:25:21 PM »
Quote from: "Administrator."
We have a strict policy of not banning anyone. If we start, where would it end?
I think fornits should make an exception for Danny because he is abusing victims of abuse and is working with Juan Ferreya to reopen Elan

He makes jokes about raping children. WTF?

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