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Once again Wayne Kernochan is abusing someone half his age. Eric is still in his 20's and has done more for the TTI in his young years then this idiot (we call Wayne because he will not come clean and tell us his real name) will ever accomplish.
I for one have sat back and watched this abusive tyrant (Wayne Kernochan) beat up on young people enough. He did with a young gal on a Aspen site earlier this year he went so far as to call her a cunt. The young lady at the time was 21 yrs. old.
Hey, you are 50 years old and have no right to act this way. Grow up and put your self centered ness on hold.    
This is a site for survivors of the TTI, I know you can't relate because you never were in a facility. Please don't remind us of your fabrication (memoir) you wrote using stories you found here and accounts supplied to you from Albert Beauchane and a women from CT/Chicago who went to Elan.
Oh!!!! That's right the name of this thread is your attempt at gaining notoriety. I know any news is good news so long as it is news...Riiiiight PIMP!!!
Wayne you are tolerated by most people on this site and by the women you get to feel sorry for you on facebook, you are a pathetic soul, no one would lose any sleep if you went away with your stupid ness.
Wayne, you really are going to have to do much better then this. The email you posted concerning Danny liking Yvette "SO WHAT" everyone must believe you because you say he raped her. You want everyone to believe that Danny raped Yvette because he said he had a "THING" for her. This word "THING"  translates into rape. They were in the program together and they were the same age you freaking sick SOB.
Second issue, after 2 years of being around on these sites with Danny and sharing as Co-Admin on a facebook site with Danny and introducing Danny to most of your friends, most of them women. You now want to say Danny raped you too. Yep just after Danny and several others here on this site exposed you for the liar you are and showed that your book is a fake.  You were exposed you to be a fraud and you retaliated by calling Danny a rapist. Wayne every one went by the facts when they called you a liar and a fraud. It was honest investigative work. You then react as you usually do with vulgar accusations.
Wayne please listen up, just because you go on a very small blog radio show and fake being all choked up and vomit out of your mouth that Danny sodomized you. It doesn't mean it comes anywhere near close to being truthful. Not one person including the host of your radio show Susan Schofield believed a damn word you said. Your actions in the previous 2 years with Danny and the timing of your accusations are very suspect. In other words, yes, you lied. But then again that is all you do. Because for you getting to the truth calls for work and as we all know you do not like working, at all.
Wayne you have no credence here anymore. You belong in the OPEN FORUM. You are nothing more then a sideshow like your friends Mark Babbitz and Felice Eliscue. Please get where you belong.

Hey you want to really impress us all take these comments to the CAFETY, Redditt, Redditt Red, TT Super Group, Jani Foundation, Susan Schofield's, SIA and WAASP's Facebook sites. Maybe Kelly's new Blog. Come on big man go on these sites and talk this bullshit. This is where his news clips are posted.
You are so jealous that someone other then you is garnering attention for his cause. Wayne the guy is legitimate, You are not and never will be.
Bring Eric's name up to Kat on her site CAFETY and talk about him like you are here.
Naww!! You won't because you are a ball less punk Wayne. You abuse people, talk like the white trash you are and act like a all around asshole over here on Fornits where you know no one is looking. But maybe we should take your filthy words and actions and spread them around on the sites I mentioned. So everyone can see just how sick and abusive you are to people.

Try this sit back and let the survivors who are mature and focused do their jobs. Watch and learn.

So because Danny still believes Wayne is a liar and I would say with just cause. You have to bring up a disgusting abusive act that is happening frequently I might add and hurl it at Danny. Just so you can stand up for yourself.
No!!! Don't answer the charges asked of you just deflect with disgusting remarks about children being abused. Real nice.
Not one person believes any of this Wayne including Susan Schofield.

Just so everyone knows these two sock puppets here are Wayne Kernochan. We have already verified his IP address. It isn't hard to do if you have someone capable.
Please check the registration dates and number of posts for both sock puppets and that will explain everything. Look particularly at the registration date of DannyB II and the
number of posts.Strikingly different.

Re: A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School --????

New postby DannyB.II (PARODY)
» Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:46 pm

Eric and I are on the same page. We're very much alike.
Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win~Stephen King

Re: A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School --????

New postby YV23
» Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:53 pm

DannyB.II wrote:Eric and I are on the same page. We're very much alike.

Did Eric sexually abuse children in treatment centers? I don't see the resemblance

Eric, thank for starting the Danny and Wayne saga again. We haven't had enough of that here :suicide:

Open Free for All / Re: hi, cuntface.
« on: November 05, 2011, 07:17:27 PM »
God would I so love to encounter this Danny Bennison ASSHOLE in real life!! Then I could take care of him for good. Afraid of this shit-eating clown who comes on this board talking shit day in day out??? I think not! Sure and I'd like to beat the living fuck out of him though...really sick of hearing about what he's done to people...and on top of that, he can't SHUT THE FUCK UP and quit while he's behind....Come on, Bennison, you jackass internet tough guy, let's hear from you!!! It's about fucking time you were DEALT WITH once and for all!!!!   :fuckoff:

If we had $10.00 for every punk who stepped up and talked the nonsense you just said. We could sail the Mediterranean for years. Gosh I personally would love to do this.
We have on several occasions given are locations to folks only to be rebuffed a the last moment. if you are serious then contact me through email and we can set it up. You will personally get to meet Mr. Bennison and have your way, if you can manage that.
Or you can shut your mouth and realize Danny was also a survivor, probably for much longer then you ever were. Endured abuse for most of his childhood and finally was able to break free of the mind fuck at 19 yrs old. That was 1978 and he never returned to any program. If you really think Danny and his friends are going to lay down and let this shit stand what Wayne and his mindless subjects posted, you are crazy. There is a audience out there that wants to hear about you freaking rejects and how you screw over survivors.
Oh and we are sick and tired of nameless idiots like you coming on to sites and sounding off with bullshit like, "really sick of hearing about what he's done to people", please cite actual evidence where Danny has abused anyone. All we see is Danny defending himself from people like yourself. Just ask Matt H., Felice E., Mark B., K Lynn C., Mary W. ect....they know personally how Danny rolls when he is attacked.
Try this stop lying about Danny and remove all the bullshit you have posted and we will gladly go away. Other wise bend over because you are catching big boy.
Yes that is a sodomite and rape joke.

Open Free for All / Re: Wayne Kernochan Molester and Liar??
« on: November 05, 2011, 01:36:10 PM »
The lying that goes on between survivors is pathetic at times. Wayne and Al two of Elans finest trying to expose another survivor... :moon:
Guys when you are trying to do something as noble as uncovering abuse...

Feed Your Head / Re: Sunday News
« on: September 18, 2011, 11:20:40 AM » ... Y.facebook

The Week in Review

"Is Poverty a Death Sentence?"

Chairman Bernie Sanders asked at a dramatic subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, the same day the Census Bureau reported that poverty in America is the worst it has been in decades.

Feed Your Head / Sunday News
« on: September 18, 2011, 11:17:09 AM »
Living in America with the Tea lovers, Democrats and Republicans (and of course their horde of lobbyists) ... tion-data/

Leaked Documents Reveal Major Speculators Behind 2008 Oil Price Shock: Hedge Funds, Koch, Big Banks, Oil Companies.

Sembler is working with Mitt Romney on his campaign. Get this story out.

Quote from: "none-ya"
I think that good will come out of this if he can do more shows. Didn't he say that he was also on tv? Well I think if wants to pusue the TTI, he'll find an audience. I am greatfull for his enthusuiasm. I hope he follows up on this. Maybe if he were to get a flood of e-mails,he can cultivate an audience. I did send him a nice one thanking him for taking up this cause.(And no I didn't correct him on anything). I hope there is more to come.

None Ya follow his facebook page, he is being overwhelmed with emails, call ins shut down his server twice on both nights of the show. This radio show was a huge success with survivors, parents of survivors ect....the inspiration this created and the ripple effect can not even be measured right now. Five new sites and groups sprung up right after the show that I know of, survivors are flocking to these places to be heard like never before.
Get out there be a part of it, there is a WWASP protest happening in Dallas this October, who cares if you went to a WWASP program or not be a part of.

Feed Your Head / Ritual Abuse
« on: September 18, 2011, 10:50:45 AM »
Article I ran across I thought it would be interesting to some of you folks here.

Excerpts from article:

Impacts of ritual abuse on survivors

Ritual abuse has profound effects upon the lives of child and adult survivors. The range of psychological symptoms and emotional effects survivors may experience include:-

    *Trauma related symptoms such as flashbacks, dissociation, amnesia and triggered flight or fight reactions to circumstances which in some way remind the survivor of abusive experiences;

    *Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD);

    *Self harm and eating issues;

    *Suicidal thoughts and attempts;

    *Confusing concepts of good and evil;

    *Preoccupation with death;

    *Memories of ritualistic practices such as Black Masses and sacrifices to Satan and those which involves gang rape, murder, the abuse of animals and being buried alive;

    *Memories of symbols and ceremonial objects used in rituals such as inverted crosses, swastikas and chalices.

    *Memories of perpetrators dressed in ceremonial and bizarre costumes;

    *Memories of being tortured and/or deprived of sleep, food and water;

    *Memories of being drugged during rituals;

    *Phobias of symbols associated with rituals, blood, certain colours, drugs, incense, candles and being confined in small spaces.

    *Shame, guilt and blame;


This list is not exhaustive, but simply gives us some idea of the immense impact that ritual abuse has on survivors. It also illuminates the tremendous strength of those who survive ritual abuse.

"Added to the immense impact of ritual abuse on survivors, is the frustration and despair of attempting to survive within a wider culture where ritual abuse experiences are disbelieved and denied."

Thought Reform / Re: link to article on OpEd News about brainwashing
« on: September 17, 2011, 10:28:37 PM »

Open Free for All / Re: Dissenting Opinions on Fornits, Can There Be.
« on: August 21, 2010, 06:50:40 PM »
Quote from: "RobertBruce"
Why all the name calling Whooter? You seem to attempt childish attacks whenever left no recourse. Considering that you've never contibuted anything and routinely spam and troll the boards, I find it odd that you would try and criticize someone else. You seem to forget, I've been on this board a lot longer than you have, and have done more for these kids than you ever will.  That aside I'd be happy to accept your challenge provided you can accept one of mine:

I will discuss my experiences at HLA and answer any question put to me other than those pertaining to my identity. In exchange you will answer all outstanding questions, and back up your numerous claims/positions.

Let me know if you think you can handle it Whooter.

I would like to hear your experiences, concerning HLA. I hear that program was a tough one for kids. Is that the same program that had the shed out back and placed kids in there that misbehaved. I heard about this.

Hyde Schools / Re: HAPA -- an LGAT
« on: August 17, 2010, 08:00:37 PM »
Some of Texas's influential people that have attended MKP, that Ursus left out. Just shows Ursus has a problem with posting everything, which is why I am questioning his interests in posting information here on this subject.
Here are some of the dignitaries alum,
Becky Arnett (Michael Scinto's), his sister, took off from work and was able to access the group's internal Web site using her brother's password. She got a copy of the organization's local membership roster, which includes prominent doctors, lawyers and businessmen, as well as therapists and addiction ­specialists.
Some of the more surprising names included El Lago Mayor Brad Emel; Houston Ballet Foundation Director of Marketing and Communication Andrew Edmonson; artist Brooke Stroud of the Menil Collection; Marty Kelly of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; and University of Houston Chair of Anthropology Norris Lang.  
Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle's name was also on the list. When contacted by the Press, he declined to comment.

Several days after Ralph Scinto buried his son, he began flipping through The ManKind Project's Houston membership roster, filled with names, phone numbers and addresses. Suddenly, he saw an address he recognized. It was a Roman Catholic church. As a Catholic himself, Ralph was stunned. Michael's entire family then began searching all 2,904 entries on the 2005 list to find out who it was that belonged to this secretive group.

They discovered that dozens upon dozens of priests, ministers, therapists, heads of companies, doctors, lawyers and people involved with addiction rehabilitation all had at one point attended The New Warrior Training Adventure.

"We said, 'Oh my God,'" recalls Kathy Scinto. "We couldn't believe it. All these people who belonged were in powerful positions. And they all deal with vulnerable people who could be convinced to go to this thing. It was really scary."

Of course, merely being listed is no indication of what exactly anyone who went to the retreat did. For instance, one of the people who talked with the Press said he didn't engage in the nudity.

The Scintos came to believe that the group seemed to target vulnerable members of 12-step recovery groups and that its leaders appeared to practice psychology without a state license.

They were especially upset to find the names of several Roman Catholic priests on the roster and contacted the ­Galveston-Houston Archdiocese with this ­information.

Now, two years later, Scinto's parents, Kathy and Ralph, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Harris County against The ManKind Project Houston and Charles Kimberly Sawyer in an effort to uncover and expose once and for all what happened to their son, and why.

It almost sounds like the lead-in to an old joke: What do you get when you cross an ex-marine, a therapist and a business ­consultant?

Answer: The ManKind Project.


Even so, in the years leading up to Michael's suicide, the 29-year-old plumber had been struggling with cocaine and alcohol. As far as his family knew, he had been clean for almost a year and a half up until the week of his death and was putting his life back together after a rocky 2004 during which Michael had bought a boat and a townhouse, only to have the bank foreclose because he was spending money on partying instead of making payments.

"He had psychological problems like anyone has who goes to AA," says Ralph. "He was drinking and drugging. He'd earn $5,000 and spend $10,000."

By the early part of 2005, it looked as though Michael had turned a corner. He was well into the Alcoholics Anonymous program, and had registered his new plumbing company with the Better Business Bureau, bought a new company truck, started a Web site, and had company pens and T-shirts printed up. Michael was forced to rent a less expensive apartment in Webster, but the upshot was it was closer to the Pearland Regional Airport, where Michael indulged his true passion in life, flying.

"He loved flying planes on the weekends," says Kathy, "and he was so optimistic, trying so hard to get his business going. But after the MKP weekend, it was all over. Something had changed."

Two days after Scinto returned from the retreat, he sought psychiatric help at Ben Taub Hospital, complaining of nightmares and painful memories since attending a men's workshop. According to the hospital report released by his family to the Press, Scinto began feeling better soon after checking in. The doctor wrote that Scinto claimed to have been sober for 16 months, but that he requested a tranquilizer. The doctor then scribbled the phrase "drug seeking" at the bottom of the report.

The Harris County Medical Examiner conducted Michael Scinto's autopsy, and concluded that his thoracic blood-alcohol level was 0.24, three times the legal limit to drive, and that he had used cocaine within an hour of his death. Kathy says that her son only began drinking again one week after returning from the retreat.

Still, Kathy Scinto believes the last words of her son, penned in the letter to Adams.

"It breaks our heart," she says, "to know that Michael tried so hard to get help and everybody turned him away."

The last time Kathy ever saw her son was two days after he had secretly sent the letter to the sheriff's office. It was also eight days before she would learn of his death. Scinto was supposed to serve as best man at his brother's wedding in two weeks, and went to meet his mother at a Schlotzsky's for lunch to discuss the upcoming event.

But that Sunday, she says, "Michael told me something he had never told me before. He said he thought he was sexually abused by several boys when he was about six years old."

Kathy Scinto had been in the dark about this, but apparently Sawyer was not. According to the police report, Sawyer said that during the retreat Scinto told him about the abuse. It was then that Sawyer told Scinto it would be best to share his recently unearthed memory with the group. Sawyer also told Scinto there was a licensed psychologist on hand that could help him if he wished. Sawyer told police that Scinto made the decision then to remain at the retreat.

But Ralph Scinto doesn't buy any of that.

"Michael felt anxiety after being forced to give over some deep secret in front of all those men," he says. "He couldn't handle it, or thought he shouldn't have told all those strangers. He was embarrassed and ashamed to divulge his secret. It made him feel bad, and he left there feeling even worse about himself."

Kathy Scinto then went to speak with a priest who was initiated the same weekend as her son.

About five months after the suicide, Ralph Scinto says he became short-tempered and difficult to live with, so he separated from his second wife and moved into a motel near Bush Intercontinental Airport. He is still there, as if frozen in time.

"I'm just floating, just existing," he says, chain-smoking menthol cigarettes inside an office at the motel. "I try every day not to think about it."

"I asked him, 'If I told everyone that you were dancing around naked, what do you think people would say?'" she recalls. "I asked him, 'How can a Catholic priest who is supposed to serve God go into the woods and do these pagan rituals?' He said he was invited to attend and that he doesn't have anything to do with it ­anymore."

The Press contacted several priests who were on the roster, all of whom declined to comment, referring questions to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Bishop Joe Vasquez then issued a statement condemning the organization. In an e-mail, he wrote that the archdiocese became aware in late 2005 that priests were members of The ManKind Project. The then-archbishop, Joseph A. Fiorenza, "was concerned that elements of The ManKind Project and its New Warrior Training weekends seemed to reflect a New Age philosophy and were not in harmony with traditional Roman Catholic belief and practices," Vasquez wrote. "Archbishop Fiorenza issued a letter in January 2006 asking priests to refrain from being actively involved in the group or promoting" it. Vasquez says the current archbishop, Daniel N. DiNardo, maintains the same stance as his ­predecessor.

Mel Taylor, president and CEO of The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston, a publicly funded organization providing resources to people adversely affected by drugs and alcohol, is listed as a member. He did not return phone calls requesting comment; however, attorney Wade Quinn, also a member, speaking on Taylor's behalf, said the Council has no connection with the activities of The ManKind Project.

However, some therapists and ad­diction specialists actively recommend the organization to patients and ­clients.

George Joseph is a licensed chemical dependency counselor and founder of The Right Step drug rehab center, with locations in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana. He says he has recommended The ManKind Project to many people.

Hyde Schools / Re: HAPA -- an LGAT
« on: August 17, 2010, 07:19:20 PM »


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The Rick A. Ross Institute

Open Free for All / Re: Suicide
« on: August 17, 2010, 05:47:39 PM »
Quote from: "Ursus"
Quote from: "T-Rex"
Children on the other hand don't make their own decisions, their parents do. Thank god for that because I believe there would be many more suicides.
What about the kids attempting or committing suicide specifically because of what happened to them in program? Outside of court-mandated placements, it was the parents' decision(s) that put these kids there.

I don't wish to imply that this is totally the parents' fault here. We live in a society which seems to take as a given, despite evidence to the contrary, that emotional growth programs and residential placements are an appropriate answer.

Other countries would appear to be less inculcated in that respect, and yet they are still making progress in reducing their suicide rates:
Quote from: "reformed12stepper"
Between 1997 when the issue was at its peak and now the [suicide] rate has fallen steadily every year not just in young people but across the board. Not one of the measures taken involved taking anyone against their will away from their community or being forced to attend an emotional workshop that they were uncomfortable with.

What has to happen here is to analyze whether the program has directly caused this suicide and discern this information with a proper case study, by professionals.
Which by my studies one has not been done officially yet. I may be wrong on that but my bet would be I'm not.
Many posters here have mentioned they believe such in such committed suicide because of his incarceration in Straight, Elan, Benchmark, HLA ect......but we have not had a psychiatric forensic study done on any subject, yet. I would love to see a extensive study done on at least one person without all the hub-bub, so I could see if it was just the program consequences.
I believe everyone here knows that for maybe 98% of these people who committed suicide in the program or after had serious mental and emotional problems prior to even entering the program. Most had already been prone to suicidal tendencies.

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