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@Ajax13, it looks like you are in the right city.

“Even in a place like this us inmates don’t put up with sex offender,” said one of the letter writers. “When he came to our unit, my first reaction was to kick his ass.

“Instead we told him to check off the unit which resulted in him to be moved out of KRCC.”

“I hate sex offenders,” said the last line of the other letter.

Link to more info

Why is Ajax admitting to molesting his son on the web like this?  That is nuts!!  You are a serious fuck up Ajax and the joke is that you never went to a program so you cant blame the industry for this.

What is your problem?  Why are you obsessed with this JD guy?  First it was Vause, then his son and now this.  Are these obsessions a coverup for what you do to your son every night?  or a result of your self hatred?

Distance yourself from your son before I do it for you you sick fuck.

Ajax13,  you should try to get help for your problem.  The first thing you need to do is get your son to a safe place like a family member before the authorities find out.  If you don’t do this you could lose him for good.  The next step is to try to get legal advice.  If you wait and this person JD notified the authorities then you will be removed from your home until you get help and you may never have unmoderated contact with your son ever again.  Personally I think this may be best for your kid anyway because you are sick for forcing him to watch pornography films in your basement like that.  Just think about it.

Call this person:

Therese M. Lavallee

1014 Franklin Street
Suite 108
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone: (360) 750-5607
Fax: (360) 699-2218

She specializes in helping sex offenders like yourself and can give some good advice.

Quote from: "ajax13"
All those posts JD, and your kid is still dead because you were a shitty father.  That's a fact.  Next week, if you can suck it up enough, you can try to contact the papers in Vancouver.  You could try and find some of the former AARC clients I have spoken to, but that will take some effort and you have so far proven yourself way too fucking lazy.  As to the statement made by anonAARCgrad that it will be interesting when the media ties the criminal acts of former grads together and makes the connection with the facility from which they have graduated, we shall see.  In the meantime JD, try to face up to the fact that you killed your kid.  It might help you to salvage some kind of relationship with the one you haven't killed yet.

Wow, Ajax13, you and this JD person are really going at it.  "The battle of the shitty fathers!"  I think what JD did was horrible, but I think that you too have a problem, Ajax13.  You shouldn’t expose your son to porno movies and forcing him to watch them like that, you could be arrested for that and its a sickness.  The guy you are talking to whether it is JD or not has contacted the papers and spoke to the people who wrote the articles and proved you wrong.  Your MO when proved wrong or frustrated is to attack the people personally (not address the issue, which you should).  You did the same thing with Vause when you attacked his kid and peoples weight conditions when AARC proved they had an 85% success rate.  You couldnt fight the facts so you attacked the peoples family and kids.  But that aside what you should be worried about more is if he said anything about your crimes against your son.  you should think about what you have done and try to protect your son by getting help for yourself.  Maybe there is a family member that can take him while you are getting help for yourself.
Its not something you can run from.

Or, you can carry on embarrassing yourself here.  Either way, you can have no influence on the outcome of this.
I am a firm believe that everyone has an influence.  I believe you feel the way you do because you are frustrated that your personal attacks on people has not yielded results.  You should change your strategy to a more fact base approach.

You can make as many posts on here, and disrupt the communication of people with real information about AARC, but it gets passed along eventually.  Between 1992 and 2009 JD, there were over one dozen references to AARC in our Provincial Legislature.  in 2009 so far there have been half a dozen, and all but one were in regard to illegalities at AARC.

Now your talking, see no conspiracy, Ajax, when you stick to the facts like this you may be able to pull yourself out of the haze of deception you have created around yourself and reputation for being a nut.  Just toss up a link to those references and WaLa... you start to regain some credibility right away.....  I knew you had it in you.

The tide has turned JD, and your kid is still dead.
Dont forget his wife and there is a rumor that the other kid is missing... on another note you should get rid of your porn and stop with the kiddie stuff with your son Ajax13 or you will be sharing a cell with JD.  You have a sickness that is not treatable except to toss your butt in jail.  Think about it before you are caught.  Your a sick puppy dude, get yourself some help.

Quote from: "Guest"
Thats funny!!  Ajax was bagged.  Seems hes got some splanin to do on his choice of movies with the kiddies.

Wouldnt it be funny if Ajax13 and JD ended up in the same cell together!!  Oh Lordy what a time they would have exchanging stories with Ajax and his picture of the wiz on the wall and JD with his family Aspen tapes playing all day!!

Thats funny!!  Ajax was bagged.  Seems hes got some splanin to do on his choice of movies with the kiddies.

So ajax13 said:
Somebody stepped in to control coverage of this story

When he was confronted with a request to back up his statement with facts he resorted to his usual personal attacks in an attempt to change the focus from himself onto various other people.  So based on first hand information from both the Vancouver Sun and the Province. Both Laura Payton and Gerry Bellett reported their stories openly and freely without any pressure from anyone to alter it.   So based on Ajax;s own statement about Andrews involvement in AARC  “either it wasn’t a fact or it wasn’t relevant to the story!”

Quote from: "ajax13"
Lazy, lazy, lazy JD.  Was it laziness that resulted in you foisting your kid onto the program that led to his demise?  Were I in your situation, I would attempt to salvage some kind of relationship with your surviving offspring.  That will take a lot more work than sitting in front of the computer, JD.  You would have to actually communicate with him, the way I did with the journalists discussed earlier, or the way I do with my own not dead son.

Quick movie, Ajax13!!!  You really shouldnt expose your kid to those 8 minute films.  Your a sick person and should be put in jail.  

So based on your response I take it you never persued the facts in this case.  So we can agree that there is no conspiracy by the papers (Vancouver Sun nor the Province).  They printed what they felt was relevant info.  Maybe you are better off if you go back to calling people overweight and question why they decided to persue a degree you will get more people to believe you

Quote from: "ajax13"
Lazy, JD, you are just lazy.  You cannot find Laura Payton at the Vancouver Province, you stupid fuck because that article was written in 2007 when she was an intern.  She left very soon after I was in contact with her to pursue work in another medium.  Her editor, with whom I was also in contact was not Sharon Gerth, regardless of spelling.  Had you actually attempted to speak to Laura Payton, you would have known that.  Lazy, lazy, lying sack of shit.  Oddly enough, I was in contact with Bellett back in 2007.  He's very defensive due to his previous fawning article about AARC, and in fact his paper has not even reported on this trial at all.  I'm going to a movie with my son today, JD, yours is still dead.

Let me answer for JD again.  He may be at another funeral of a dead relative he did in.  I think he has killed off most of his family, he is a morbid fuck.  He saves the price of a ticket at the movie theater... so there is an upside for him, there always is.

So it is good to see that you are attempting to base your posts on facts.  This is a big step for you from just personal attacks on peoples weight and choice of college degrees etc.  If you had really spoken to Laura as I have you would know that they didnt intentionally avoid Andrews past.  She felt it wasnt a significant fact that related to the murder.  If you bother to speak with with Bellett again you will get the same answer.
I would also try to get a little more current information then 2 years ago if you intend to bring your discussion current.  I havent persued the info since then myself but if you are going to speak about it again then do your homework, you make yourself look a little silly.

Quote from: "ajax13"
Who specifically did you speak with JD?  Which former AARC clients, and which editor?  It's 9pm in Vancouver JD, and you made no mention of ever having communicated with any of the aforementioned people until a few minutes ago.  And JD, that reporter isn't with the Province anymore.  Where is she working now?

I will answer this for JD, if you dont mind me jumping in.  Here is what I would suggest you do, Ajax13.  Its before 8 am here so you need to wait a few hours but give a call over to the Vancouver Sun and ask for Mike Sampson or Gerry Bellett.  You wont get directly through but leave a message and a call back number.  When you speak with either one of them explain your concerns about the news coverage of Andrew Evans and ask for an explanation of why his past employment was not mentioned in the news article.

Jot down your findings then give a call over to the Vancouver Province and ask for Laura Payton (you may get sent over to Sharon Gerth (sp?) initially but that is okay and express your concerns to her also.

Then, after you hang up, give yourself a few minutes to stop beating yourself up for being paranoid and then come back to fornits to post your findings and recap on the phone call.

You need to try to get this conspiracy theory crap out of your head, Ajax13, its not healthy.  All the news papers are not withholding news just to make your life miserable.  They print what they believe is relevant to the story.  Instead of sitting there and writing what you “think” is going on get out and gather some facts and base your decision on that.

Quote from: "ajax13"
What link JD?  You just can't stop lying.  Did your dishonest nature lead to your child's estrangement from you before you killed him? I asked you if you were aware of such a link, and then, because you are not smart enough to twist what I say, you have to pretend that I said something else.  But again, I have stated for anyone reading here what I was told by those individuals who were directly involved in this.  By all means JD, let us know what the editor said to you, and the reporter, and the former AARC clients.  If what I said was untrue, then you will be able to tell us what those people said to you.  Now what did they say to you JD?

Aw, for a minute there I thought you would break with presidence and provide some proof.

If you had spoke to them as I have then you would know:

That no one stepped in to control the coverage!  They didnt find any connection to AARC worthy of following up on.  They are not in the business of printing out every job a person had since they were a teenager when covering each news story.

What they found to be relevant to the readers is that he was currently playing rugby for the University of BC and voluteered as a counselor.  They may mention previous employers if the story expands but at present there is no interest or relevant connection.  If he worked in a chocolate factory, Mcdonalds or AARC they may get around to mentioning it but these jobs did not contribute to his behavior as far as we know.

But keep reading as the info keeps coming out and maybe there will be a connection.  The story is still ongoing so maybe your story will come true.  Dont be disuaded by all of this.  There may be a relevant connection at some point,just need to be patient.

Quote from: "ajax13"
Did you speak to the editor JD, and did you speak to the reporter, and did you speak to former AARC clients?  JD, are you aware of a website that one can link to that somehow records all communications that I have had?  If you didn't speak to the reporter, the editor and the former AARC clients who were in AARC while Evans was there,  then you are a lazy sack of shit, in addition to being a terrible father who killed his own child.

Finally a link!! okay link us up to you communications that you had with the media and where they said "Someone stepped in to control the coverage".  Then I will link up mine which tells a story that the media didnt see any relevant connection to AARC at all..... Just a kid who volunteered as a counselor and played for the University of B.C.

Seems you are the only one trying to make the stretch.  The rest of us are basing our decisions on facts... but we are open minded that things may change after you provide your link.

I kind of see your point “who”.  Take Jeffery Dahmer.  He worked in a chocolate factory yet the journalists didn’t make a big deal out of it or try to make it seem like the chocolate factory caused Jefferey to act this way and cannibalize other kids.

Maybe working the night shift might had pushed him over the edge.  But most people believe he was fucked up before he joined the chocolate factory. How does anyone know if a person is screwed up or not? Or what caused it?

Quote from: "ajax13"
JD, the fact that I was communicating with the reporter, and later her editor, myself, and then relating the information from those communications, is the exact opposite of talking about people I know nothing about.  Now you on the other hand, are so fucking lazy that you are commenting on what I say, but you don't seem to have contradictory info from the princples in the story.  What did the AARC clients who were in with Evans say to you?  How about those who were in AARC when he was on staff?  What did the reporter who first covered the arrest in 2007 say to you JD?  How about her editor?  Today JD was a very good day for those trying to stop the abuses at AARC.  But you don't know a thing about it.  You have no idea who, or what I'm talking about.  Something happened JD, that you won't hear about for months, because you have absolutely no involvement in this other than your wretched attempt to screw with people who want to put an end to this particular cult.  To coin a phrase JD, you're like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie.  Although unlike such a child JD, you had the power to look after your kid and you didn't, and now he's dead.

Look sorry to rile you up so much, Ajax (not my intent).  Just proving my point that you have no evidence (your 3rd post without a link).  You are so hyped up trying to discredit AARC that you would say anything (we all know that).  How about if I say I spoke to the editor and he said AARC is a non-relevant piece of news.  How do you know if I spoke to him/her or not?
So you see it is all a conspiracy with you.  You have no proof, no links to post up for others to see... just the hope and a prayer that people will believe your bull.
I have read the articles and his connection to AARC is the same as if he worked at McDonalds for a few months.. who cares?
Here is what we know and what is relevant.

" He played rugby at the University of B.C. and volunteered as a counsellor"

I know, ajax, facts are boring.  But its what makes us all believe...... try posting some, see what happens.

Facts can be very boring as opposed to your colorful stories filled with attacks on people you know nothing about.  I know it may be a flaw with me but I prefer facts over colorful stories.

The piece you don’t understand is that journalist write about what is important, they don’t ignore it like you would like readers here to believe.  If there is an interesting connection then the journalist will write about it because that is exactly what they do… it interesting that you throw around the word ignorant so loosely at others yet you struggle like this.

This little conspiracy theory that people are stepping in is a little odd to say the least.  If you could provide at least as little proof to support there is a relevant connection and the press is ignoring it this may play well in increasing the credibility of your story.

Again most readers are open minded and if there is a conspiracy we are willing to listen to the facts.  But you need to start providing some proof first.
Maybe as starters a link to the story which lead you to believe there was a conspiracy.

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