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Quote from: ""psy""
Quote from: ""FunkyChild""
this is all fine and dandy, it's okay that y'all are pissed, i'm not saying that daryl is the best guy to grace the earth, but if you're mad at him, criticize his actions and not his skin color. how hard is that?

I don't disagree, however, I didn't create the content.  Somebody came to me saying "hey.. this parody site on hla I made got a request to be taken down... do you have room on your server"...  I checked it over with the relavant people who said "sure" and it's now hosted with us.  I haven't even had time to review the whole site.

look.  The ACLU defended neo-nazis rights to free speech.. it doesn't mean they approve.  The person who made the HLA site is now doing another one for Aspen.  He realized he went a bit overboard with the HLA thing (his words, not mine) and has decided to make the other less of a "shock-site" as was intended to be.

I know the guy personally and know that he is not racist.  He meant it as over the top satire and if it came out as racism..

Look.. there is a certain internet subculture that finds entertainment in over that type of over the top humor...  Often people who aren't familiar with that subculture are offended because they mis-interpret what was intended to be funny..

See an article on jews written by jews here:

Or an article written on blacks by the one of the Sysops on the site (sheneequa)

It's a different culture, and completely different humor (geeky, with subtle subtext).

You defend the racism and anti-Semitism shit sites and speech, but you don’t seem to care if someone like thewho gets booted for flooding because you don’t agree with his position.  I know the guy and he isn’t the ass hole everyone thinks, although he is one most of the times.  We don’t get along on most issues but he stands behind what he believes and is outspoken.  According to him he was banned without any warning and doesn’t believe he was flooding.  His posts were deleted and altered, by moderators (which we all now know to be true).  Even though it was stated previously that they didn’t have the capability or authority without leaving an edit trail.
Thewho replied to the ban via email and never got a response or a reason for being banned.  It is obvious, to the regulars, why he cannot post here anymore and no one is fighting the “freedom of speechâ€

Web forum hosting / Altered and Deleted posts
« on: August 01, 2007, 01:19:45 PM »
Just for the record, only:  Posts are being altered and deleted in the “Hidden lake forum”  under this IP#.  
I have responded by reposting my original wording (as I remember it, after reviewing it for anything that may be offensive)and/or entire posts.  I didn’t want this to be viewed as me posting redundantly.  At first I thought my posts were being lost and then realized it is probably intentional.  On a few occasions I have reposted in the wrong thread or my post ended up out of sequence which makes for a difficult read and I apologize for that result.
I have stayed on topic, I will try to eliminate the reposting unless the post is altered to the point where my original message is unclear.  If my reposting is placing it out of sequence I will mark it "Repost" if that helps.
The Who  ::hatter::

This is for the dumbass we know as "Who".....

Wow, thanks for the information, I think.  Probably a good guess that you are not employed in any form of teaching capacity.

If the school has 160 kids there is no way they are going to hire 40 master level counselors (in my opinion).  This would be way over kill in the counseling department.  The way I read it is each group (13 kids) is assigned 2 master level counselors and under these counselors would be assistant counselors.  The master leveled counselors would oversee more than one group, while the assistant counselors would be more one-on one.  This would make more sense from a financial and therapeutic stand point.  I cant see why HLA would want to dedicate 2 MS to a group of 13 when they have assistants to help them.  So each group would have 2 counselors, but the counselors would have more than 1 group.

I am not saying this is how it is done, but I would have the master leveled counselors overseeing more than one group with the assistance of the undergraduates , if the standards allowed.
Does anyone have any state or federal guide lines that may shed some more light on this?

So to summerize my thoughts:

1)  There is a little disagreement on the interpretation of the counseling oversight, which is understandable based on the wording.
2)  They don’t appear to be violating any standards.



Quote from: ""Guest""
BUT why in the world would these HLA staff members accept that BS? If the pay remains the same and you are having to do three different jobs, why the hell would you do it? It is A JOKE. Kees de Vente is listed on HLA's website as the Spiritual Coordinator and yet they have him trying to reconstruct these children's final transcripts that have left HLA. The transcripts are coming signed by Kees de Vente and under his name it says Assistant Director of Academics.  How does being a minister give you the qualifications of being Assistant Director of Academics?

I wouldn’t be too concerned its fairly common now a days,  we can thank our Japanese friends.  Companies like Toyota, Sony and Nippon steel started this trend of efficiency back in the 1960’s and that is why they kicked our butts in the 1980’s and continue to do so in almost any industry.  If you ever call and ask for the “Quality Manager” for example you will never hear “He is not in today”.  Instead you will be transferred to the person above or below him who will address himself as the “Quality Manager”.  The Japanese instituted “cross training” which allowed the company to move along efficiently if someone left the company or called in sick.

They train each employee to learn the job above them and below them so people can be moved, if needed, more easily.  They don’t pay you anymore in salary if you do your bosses job for a period of time but at the same time they don’t reduce your pay if you move one step lower also.  So it works out over time.  Of course it works out better for the company than it does for the employees  (I am sure that doesn’t surprise anyone) and allows the businesses to keep their head count lower, thereby reducing their salary base.  Many midsized companies are starting to integrate this system themselves in the US.

The Troubled Teen Industry / ME so gay!
« on: May 11, 2007, 09:03:10 PM »
The next 3 numbers are 449

Quote from: ""Pooschie""
Hey Y'all! Its Porsche again...Yesturday i posted an apology to HLA, HLA staff and students for sneaking onto this website and using it to bash HLA. What i forgot to mention was that i was not asked or forced to do this by HLA at all. They did NOT make me send that apology. It was my choice, therefor it WAS NOT coerced. After talking with HLA staff, my friends, and my family, I realized how much hurt i have caused them, so i decided to make the apology. it was the right thing to do, and again i do apologize for my actions.
      Porsche Taylor

P.S. I know now that i should wait to voice my opinions until i am free and to voice them in an appropriate way.

Porsche, Sounds like you are growing up and maturing.  That was nicely put.

Aspen Education Group / Split from Lone Star Expeditions
« on: April 10, 2007, 09:56:56 PM »
Who specifically are you fingering for pointing fingers, Who? This is precisely what we are doing- lookinig at laws and regulations. WE will not determine 'cause of death', that's the coroner's job. And a few comments have been made about psych drug withdrawal, based on the mother's claim that staff denied him his biopolar drugs and that he lay vomitting for 15 minutes before anything was done for him. I'm goin with the mom's claim. I just don't believe she'd concoct such a story if it weren't true.

You contradicted yourself.  You agreed that we should wait for the authorities to decide but you say “. I'm goin with the mom's claim”,……” time was lost due to the so-called counselors letting the kid sit and die”….” Raise their arm and drop it in/near their face. If they flench, they're fakin”….” the imbecile in charge of his well-being hid behind a bush waiting to catch Ian in the act.”

Doesn’t sound very impartial to me or someone waiting to see the facts emerge.

If you feel you are fair and impartial then lets add the facts you forgot:

“everyone I ever knew at LoneStar was there for the love of children”…” we did NOT neglect their health, we had kids in and out of the doctor and ER every damn day”…” half our staff was coming out of wilderness first responder class”…” There were about 20 medical professionals with Matt that day.”….” Matt's autopsy revealed that he died of an unknown heart defect that no one could have found prior to his placement with LSE, and that it would have killed him that day whether he was hiking in the Texas heat, or sitting home in the AC watching TV.”

Deborah, why do you always leave out part of the story and present only the information you feel is true?

Look, Deborah, we are talking about licensing and you stated:

Any facility that warehouses kids 24/7 must ensure those kids receive an education. They certainly don't want the kids attending the public schools in their districts- must keep them contained in the bubble to protect the illusion. Therefore they must provide some semblance of education.

We all know the TBS provide their own education (atleast the ones I am familiar with) and you indicate that they don?t want them attending a local public school (implying licensing may force this on the TBS?s which they don?t want and is a reason to avoid licensing)?.  Why bring it up if this not what you meant?

I replied with:

This is precisely why many of these schools don?t seek licensing. I know I wouldn?t want to have the school put my kids into the local public school system?.these are the type of requirements that antiquated regulation can impose and drag a school back to the 19th century.

Of course the schools want to provide their own education, why do you have to paint this as something evil.  You only want see a small part of what is going on?. If these kids attended a local public school and their SAT scores dropped down future parents would not want to send their kids there and the schools reputation would drop.

Why does the cost of $6,000 seem to be such a big deal?  Would everyone feel better if it was $2,000 a month?  Remember the schools don?t set the price the consumers do.

So its all about absolutes with you, all one way or all the other, every parent is the same, all schools are the same , okay.....

So because I don?t believe in unconditional love then all program parents don?t either?.Hmmmm .  Why would I predict this conclusion from you DJ?

I may be unique who knows?  ?.. I don?t take my daughters love for granted and expect her to love me unconditionally because I am her father, never have never will.  If you don?t nurture it and feed it then it could die? you may expect your kids (if you have any) to love you just because you brought them into the world but I just don?t believe this.  I feel sorry for you if you take that bond for granted.

Web forum hosting / Clock
« on: March 01, 2007, 11:52:43 AM »
Not a large issue, but worth noting the Fornits clock advances 5 hours after I log in.

Web forum hosting / Data Storage
« on: February 27, 2007, 07:50:41 PM »
Ginger,  the site seems faster after the switchover.  
I am in the process of pulling together data categorizing kids deaths in the industry.  Is there a place I can store the data so that it is easy to find/reference, easily retrievable and accessible (link to)?  If so, could that place be safe to allow others to update the data besides myself (i.e. Deborah etc.) so it can't be destroyed?

The Troubled Teen Industry / Table Data File
« on: February 26, 2007, 08:28:03 PM »
I think you will see that after you eliminate the state run hospitals and boot camps the numbers look pretty good.

NCES still has not released their data for 2004-2005 year..... as soon as it becomes availble I will add the figures in.

You can click on the program type to get more detail if needed.[/b]

July 1, 2000 thru June 2001   -------There were 1,466 Homicides and 1,493 suicides   , 2,959 Total  

TBS ---------------------There were 0 Homicides, 1 suicides, ----- 1 Total

Wilderness -----------There were 0 Homicides, 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total
Total Industry -------There were 0 Homicides , 1 suicides, ----- 1 Total

July 1, 2001 thru June 2002   -------There were 1,468 Homicides and 1,400 suicides   , 2,868 Total  

TBS ---------------------There were 0 Homicides, 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total

Wilderness -----------There were 0 Homicides, 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total
Total Industry -------There were 0 Homicides , 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total

July 1, 2002 thru June 2003   -------There were 1,515 Homicides and 1,331 suicides   , 2,846 Total  

TBS ---------------------There were 0 Homicides, 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total

Wilderness -----------There were 0 Homicides, 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total
Total Industry -------There were 0 Homicides , 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total
July 1, 2003 thru June 2004   -------There were 1,437 Homicides and 1,285 suicides   , 2,722 Total  

TBS ---------------------There were 0 Homicides, 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total

Wilderness -----------There were 0 Homicides, 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total
Total Industry -------There were 0 Homicides , 0 suicides, ----- 0 Total

TBS - Therapeutic Boarding Schools
 NCES National Center for Education Statistics
CDC -- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
* - Data found here on fornits, internet news articles (,, posts and PM?s....  All deaths are verified thru local news articles.
X -- Incomplete or unavailable

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Astigmatization
« on: September 21, 2006, 03:31:09 PM »
I have a number of private messages requesting that I please explain whether or not I intend to injure them. Raspberry smears darker than strawberry, that is all. I wanted a dark, blood-like color. Sorry for any confusion caused by the switchificationability of words. An exploded strawberry cake? Too much like strawberry SHORTcake, and then I have all the short people sending me private messages wanting to know what's up, do I have a problem with them.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Right, Left, Male, Female.
« on: September 16, 2006, 02:21:36 PM »
I am looking for the information of whether or not all Straights segregated the sexes to the same sides. That is, if everyone faced forward (disregarding the fourth phasers who sat on the front wall and faced everyone else), which side are the males on and which side are the females on. Please state location and approx. time of your incarceration in Straight.

I am also looking for the information of parallels to this sex segregation in other times and places, for example, in cultural rituals and in other institutions, if anyone happens to think of anything.

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