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Title: New Here
Post by: Anonymous on June 23, 2012, 10:45:46 AM

I am new to this board.  I am 37 year old survivor of Straight in Detroit. I was there from 89/90 - 93 (long time).  As a newcommer I held the record of escaping (or copping out) six different times.  The last time I escaped my family decided I would complete the program or become a "Ward of the State" (in Detroit that would be really bad).  I eventually was re-programmed and became a "Straightling" and spent the next 26 months moving up through the phases to graduation and finally JR. staff.

Sometime during the (6) months of "Aftercare" I left Straight behind and started to build a life.

I haven't thought about the program or my experences there in many years, as its almost like a bad dream that I left behind or somebody else's life but I found my grad pin a couple weeks ago and now this is all I can think of???

I remember the "Raps" and "Movating" and helping other kids by restaining them, WTF was that??

Are there any other "Straightlings" out there who has or is going through this?
Title: Re: New Here
Post by: Anonymous on June 23, 2012, 12:06:10 PM
Cool man C-ya, I found this link on a Straight Survivor web-site, I will let them know to take it down