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The day of infamy lives on in my memories as always on this day...

May 17, 1986... 5515 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA... A nice sunny Saturday in May... I remember walking in through the front glass door... Seeing the photo of Princess Diana and Nancy Reagan on the wall... Being led through a hallway to meet Mr. Kniseley and listening to his lies... Then being led across the hall to Kenny Washington and Mike Riddle... Then the coercion began... 6 hours later, and my bladder finally emptied, with a small amount going into a plastic cup, and a strip search to boot... Being led into that barren white room, with all of those blue chairs, and a few different chairs... The sea of people flailing their arms in some trance-like state... Let's have a song... You've entered the Twilight Zone... Nope, it's Stalag 5515... and it's for real.

It seems like a dream to me which I know was long ago, but is so fresh in my head...

Fast forward to today: Am I really still caught up in something which happened almost 20 years ago? Is there a reason why I still seek to understand my thought reform as a hindsight, or am I just trying to figure out what happened to me so long ago? Will I ever return to a state of normal thought patterns? Or am I just in search of other people who have experienced the same thought reform I have experienced, and glad to know they are still alive and trying to make it past each new day?

Many thanks go out to the people which I have recently reconnected with via e-mails. I do hope to hear from more Springfield survivors in the future. Also, my thanks go out to the people who post on this site and to Ginger for maintaining it and not charging us any money. You rock!  :nworthy:

"Thanks for letting me share." - I couldn't resist...  :smokin:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / GO BUCS!!!! SUPER BOWL XXXVII CHAMPS!!!
« on: January 26, 2003, 10:30:00 PM »
Here's to the Bucs and the awesome performance in today's game!


I'm sure somebody somewhere mentioned the filming of this WAMI special. In fact I remember reading about it on Wes Fager's site. But, I never saw a link to where I could watch it. Well, I found this aired on of all places. However, the actual footage from the WAMI special on SAFE is aired in its entire 2 part series in their archive section from Dec. 12, 2000.

WARNING: The WAMI footage should stir up some severe nausea in ANYONE who attended either Straight or SAFE! The commercials will stir up uncontrollable laughter as you hear the classical music playing in the background, and the good Marc Emery advertising his stuff!

You will need a decent bandwith (80Kb/s stream RealPlayer Feed) and RealPlayer to watch it!




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Hi everyone,

I saw this article and just got shivers thinking to myself the violation of privacy and civil rights which will never cease!

Most interesting was the reference in the end of the article to the DFAF (Drug Free America Foundation) and its receival of contributions DIRECTLY from the Bush administration. Also appalling is the mention of the current director of the foundation, Katherine Ford, and her reference to being "a nut when it comes to drug testing", having her 17 year-old daughter regularly tested. This Supreme Court decision truly disturbs me. To think the children today are going to be accustomed to the denial of the right to privacy, only further impresses the possibility soon nobody will have anything private. As I am sure many of us are aware, drug testing does not prevent people from doing drugs, it merely helps to feed the machine and the companies which provide this testing with MILLIONS of dollars, all in the name of the "War on Drugs".

Meanwhile, many of us active and productive adults, are able to maintain usage and "pass" our test in order to get the job we need to give us work. I have finally reached my limits with the whole testing issue and have decided to refuse to ever work for any company which demands you to urinate in a cup, before you can work here.
I will also continue to promote the ACLUs 29 page special report which they prepared back in 1999, entitled "Drug Testing: A Bad Investment", where they clearly outline the history of drug testing, the negative aspects of drug testing, and how it has affected America today. I highly recommend this article for anyone who has ever had a beef about drug testing. The article can be reached on this page: ... g1999.html Go to the bottom of the page and click the link to view the report. (Note you will need Acrobat Reader to read it.) If you like the article, and would like for your HR Director to read it as well, you may anonymously ask the ACLU to actually send one to your place of employment's HR department. I know if enough people out there would wake up and say something about this continual abuse of our government's power to dictate what the people should do, we MIGHT eventually get to live in that land of freedom I remember being told about when I was a kid.

If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.
-- Thomas Jefferson


I can't believe 16 years ago, May 17, 1986 sitting in a room at 5515 Backlick Road, being beraded by two oldcomers Mike Riddle and Kenny Washington. This day would be a day that would live in infamy. My following 20 months of Hell which followed along with the four escapes (cop-outs), and three succesful returns, without a doubt forever changed my life. I think I was most saddened to learn yet the fate of another good man, Glen Steepleton. I read on this other site that he took his own life on Sept 18, 2000. Glen was someone I always liked and I definitely had my fair share of run-ins with him both during my incarceration and for years after as well. I must say the most unbelievable part of this whole thing is that my Father-in-law took his own life on the EXACT same day as Glen. Both men had good hearts and weren't afraid to give of themselves. My thoughts will be with the Steepleton's tonight as I have learned of this most uynfortunate incident. I am sure many of you who experienced a stay at 5515 Backlick Road, will definitely remember me. Please feel free to e-mail if you'd like to catch up on times gone past.

Thinking of you all,
Brent Lewis

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