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Title: blue
Post by: kosmonaut on November 07, 2002, 03:22:00 PM
Feeling especially blue today about the election results.  What the hell is wrong with people in this country?  Why is everyone so dead set on hurtling straight into war, environmental catastrophe, and repression of personal freedom?

Sorry to rant...
Title: blue
Post by: kaydeejaded on November 07, 2002, 03:58:00 PM
:sad: the republicans really swept it. We are on some sort of hell ride to planetary distruction. Is it the end of the world?
Title: blue
Post by: Carmel on November 07, 2002, 05:42:00 PM
People just seem to want to hurl us back to the old days for a while.  To hell with freedom, honesty and liberty.  We want someone to "fix it" for us.  There has been no resoultion for the Sept. 11 attacks.  Largely because of the government.  But now W is touting War on Iraq, which me may or not ever see materialize, but its a promise for an answer....and right now people want to feel safe and stay in denial.  We may attack Iraq a little, some bombs here...there...Saddam will stay in power, people will suffer and 10 more years from now when someone wants to puff out their chest in this country to win votes, we will pretend to go after him again.  Look at Castro.
Title: blue
Post by: Tampa survivor on November 07, 2002, 07:18:00 PM
I think they will win the battle for Iraq, and loose the entire war against Islam which will result.  Israel is a mess with that shit...were next.
As a libertarian, Ashcroft, Cheany and club scare me, but not as badly as a weak kneed modern liberal with the way the world is today.  France can go to hell, we want stable oil prices and a safer Israel.  I LIKE my Cherokee. My kids like to waterski. I do not want to drive a eurobox because oil is $80 a barrel 'cause Sadam or anybody else wants to fuck with Persian Gulf Oil politics.
Beginning under Clinton, and more so under Bush, Castro is now striking deals with American farmers and PAYING the bills on time and in cash.  Everybodies happy.  In Florida, shrewd biz types are already grabbing thier slice of the pie in Cuba.  Hell, the mayor of Tampa went, met with Fidal and ate dinner with him.
I think Castro won.  Whatever he won.  Cuba will join the 21st century soon.
Iraq is a bigger mess waiting to be uncorked.