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My mother was at Bethesda in 1979. I was born 05/21/1979.  I am looking for anyone who might have known a girl that was at Bethesda Pregnant from 01/1979 - 06/1979.

my email:
[email protected]


I'm looking for people that were at either home in 1979.  Specially around May of 1979.  My mother was at one of the homes in 1979, and I was born in May in Biloxi, MS> I believe she was on tour at the time as I was born several months premature.  I"m trying to find any information, if anyone remembers someone that was pregnant about that time.  I don't know her name or anything other than that she was 16 at the time that I was born.

please contact me if you know anything..

[email protected]

Thank you.

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