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It would be to Roloffs parents, for i truly believe it was the raising of him that turned him bad, what was it that was lacking there in the home life?
I suppose in those days they didnt talk about bi-polar or ADD or any mental issues, but i feel that he definately had one of them.
Did you beat him black and blue, the way he did to so many others? Was this taught to him?
Physical abuse is not somehting you just pick up and do. So was this taught to him?
Did you raise him on a pedestal also?
Did you instill the vainess in him?

Did you ever notice that in the dorm there were no pictures of Jesus. Yet there were 25 pictures of Roloff? Werent we taught not to have false idols? Explain this to me,Roloff!

have you ever been in an odd place and all of the sudden for no apparent reason a rebekah memory will pop in your head?
I am sure i a not the only one but just today i remembered some issues i had at the homes.
Was it the dorm parents evil ways? or were they like that because of Roloffs teachings?
i think a little of both.
any comments?

by the way my pet monkeys name is FUFU

ya know we could charge people to come see my monkey playing his little organ for pennies
Watch out he bites

why cant we all just cuddle?

Now before any one pounces on this girl for being pro roloff please let us remember, she hasnt had 20+ years to do healing like we have, and maybe being in favor of the place is all she knows right now. I repsect her for being honest in here.

fact or fiction: granny panties made a great shower cap

fact or fiction: pine-sol cleaner made a great shot drink.

Fact or Fiction: the hamburgers they gave us were made out of sawdust?

i am loving these! crack me up!
throw out some more!
ok, FACT or FICTION: roloff really wore womens panties?

hi Blue! its Tom. how may I get on your nerves?

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