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i meant 7 posts back

Again, I didnt write the post 5 posts back.
I do not care what goes on for I am so done with all this.Just wanted to clarify about the posting, I wont be posting again.
Oh yeah, did you know, that using ones full name like you did with me Amy is defamation of character? Illegal.

would the person who wrote the post Amy is referring to , please stand up? Amy I havent been in here all day until now, you really look stupid when you assume things and i can assure you it wasnt me who posted in this group today.You also must have lost your memory because you said things about alot of people, but i wont go there .I never have aired to the public
 and wont do it.I wont try the he said she said stuff because then I would be doing the same thing you are doing.I have been accused of things by you and thats ok, what remains a mystery to me is that you honestly make yourself believe that you have not done wrong in any of this? The stuff you said about me,and my family, are repulsive.
I must say, at least I only had 6 months of my time invested in you.Listen people, if she can do this to her so called "best friend" then she is going to do it to you.Now I have responded to you Amy, but the post you were referring to above was not me, you must of made an enemy with someone else.[ This Message was edited by: mitzy on 2005-11-10 15:38 ]

Do you understand that the Camerons are banned from working with children in Texas?
Did you know there have been lawsuits filed by parents whose children were abused to the point of broken bones?
Educate yourself before you tell us how to live.
I myself am a Spiritual person with a personal relationship with God.I believe in spanking.
NOT BEATINGS. Did they really have to go to those extremes? Are you saying every member of this group is making this up?How dare you.
As for getting help in there, maybe for some....
I feel like those that abused us need to stand up and realize how many THOUSANDS of minds they twisted up and had power over.If the place was so great, then why do some  still need therapy to this day over it? They were master manipulators and they knew how to beat us into thinking we had to bow down to them to survive in there, that is not what i call helping someone,i call that scaring someone into being good, cant make a person want to be good by threats or beatings, that just screws them up more.

i was in under the barretts, what is your name?
the camerons i think are running a home in florida
barretts are retired i think

in response to "I have two questions"
(5 posts up) boy angie you spell as bad as i do!

are you posting to MY post? learn how to post and who to post to idiot! I am 100% agknowledging that the place sucked, was evil, and cruel.
How could you ever think i was saying it didnt happen to me? Getting raised welps on my ass sure didnt tickle.Kneeling on rice was the worse ,
believe me PAL, i am all for putting closure on things but i too agree it can never leave our minds, we have been cursed.Dont pull a hip out now!! GEESH...........

wouldnt doubt it at all, these homes are real sneaks

putting closure and forgetting the bad is a healthy thing to do. Good luck.
Ihave trouble forgetting the bad, its like they etched it into my brain permanently!

AH ha ha...Blue strikes again! LOL

Lighthouse of northwest florida (fka VCA )/ Rebekah / Roloff ) / Med Call?
« on: September 13, 2005, 11:55:00 AM »
sounds like you had nice dorm parents.Whos reign were you under?

good response, and thank you for pointing all of this out. There are people out there that need to know this

well, that was 80-81.YOU did not have the Barretts over you then. See there was this special program there, it was called friday night licks.Depending on how many demerits you recieved for that week is how many swats(licks) you got.I hope you are speaking of a wonderful place from YOUR era, because you dont need to be my voice or other peoples voice that endured the abuse.
Hooray for you.Should we take a freakin poll in here to see who suffered abuse there? I promise you that you would be suprised.I will tell you this much, I have spoken to Mrs. Barrett 3 months ago and questioned her on it and it felt so damn good to hear her admit a wrong doing.

We have a new group for roloff alumni, would love to find some of you all.It is under yahoo groups,then do a search for roloffalumni
Membership is granted upon approval.
This is a group for having a laugh, venting,and basically moving on after what we have been through from the effects of being in the homes.
Any other groups can come on in too if they were in the homes as well.One thing for sure they can never take away the common bond we all share of the roloff homes.
Feel free to join the group. We are all real nice and a little insane so you will fit right in!!

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