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We have a new group for roloff alumni, would love to find some of you all.It is under yahoo groups,then do a search for roloffalumni
Membership is granted upon approval.
This is a group for having a laugh, venting,and basically moving on after what we have been through from the effects of being in the homes.
Any other groups can come on in too if they were in the homes as well.One thing for sure they can never take away the common bond we all share of the roloff homes.
Feel free to join the group. We are all real nice and a little insane so you will fit right in!!

Lighthouse of northwest florida (fka VCA )/ Rebekah / Roloff ) / NEW CHAT
« on: September 02, 2005, 04:58:00 PM »
Hey anyone who went to Rebekah or any of the other homes on the farm come chat with us. password is freedom

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refresh my memory, what did they did for us when we were sick? I remember tiny little paper cups with liquid but not sure what it was for but we took it quite alot. There was med call, but i dont know who all went down for it, i cant remember alot about our health issues for some reason. Maybe someone could shed some light.
During my stay at Rebekah I never saw a nurse or a doctor.

It would be to Roloffs parents, for i truly believe it was the raising of him that turned him bad, what was it that was lacking there in the home life?
I suppose in those days they didnt talk about bi-polar or ADD or any mental issues, but i feel that he definately had one of them.
Did you beat him black and blue, the way he did to so many others? Was this taught to him?
Physical abuse is not somehting you just pick up and do. So was this taught to him?
Did you raise him on a pedestal also?
Did you instill the vainess in him?

have you ever been in an odd place and all of the sudden for no apparent reason a rebekah memory will pop in your head?
I am sure i a not the only one but just today i remembered some issues i had at the homes.
Was it the dorm parents evil ways? or were they like that because of Roloffs teachings?
i think a little of both.
any comments?

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