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oh how i know.people say to me god its been over 20 years,when are you gonna let it go?you can never really do that.its always with you :wave:  :wave:  some how or another.i am so glad to finally have found someone who knew dorothy barnwell or aunt hitler as i used to call her.

i good thing that has come out of all that stuff has been i am a stronger person because of family also thinks its time to let go.and for the most i have.but the thought of more homes like that out there scares me to death for all the girls and boys.if you have any information i would be glad to help shut these places down.thanks for listening.i can be reached at [email protected] :wave:

hi my name is sarah and i live in looking for anyone who was in ruths home of compassion in georgia from    81-82. i was placed there by my parents and to this day they still cant understand what happened to me was anything but 35 years old and i still have nightmares.i would really like to talk to anyone who was there.thank so much.

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