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Hello everyone,
I am a survivor of HH, a spin off of the Rebekah.  When one of the homes in CC, Texas was closed 2 of roloff's followers the Palmers, Ray and Kay who worked for him moved the operation to Union, Mississippi.  The Palmer's daughter Cheryl was killed in the crash with Roloff.  I am seeking people who were in HH between 93 and 95, or any one who knows what we went through, with Licks, not getting your period for a year, the confinement, the cuffs to your bed, the thoughts of suicide, and homicide at the same time, the emotional torture, the supposed word of god being beaten into you, or fed to you forcibly, losing faith in everything, wanting to die, not speaking for months at a time, watching people go completely insane, Bible Memo for an hour a day in sync, jogging in place in 100 + weather in a skirt/dress for an hour, no contact with the outside world other than chapel, and church, being forced to keep your head down in shame daily, any of this sound familar.  These are some of the nightmares I have.  Holly, Angie, Amanda, Naomi, Carrie, Lacey, you guys are in my heart forever.  Not one day goes by I don't remember, especially Angie, Holly, and Amanda.  So many more girls I can't keep naming names on the internet.  Anyone who was in HH between 93 and 95 I hope you are okay.  This is M, from East Boston if that sounds familar.  write me anytime at [email protected]

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