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Hello everyone, I heard of this place as a teen in high school at Oak Grove.  We went there several times to snoop around hearing about these old horrible stories not ever really thinking they were true.  But in reading this site gives me goosebumps finding out that it was all real.  Well, a few days ago somebody set fire to the school and it has been burnt to the ground.  I thought all you ladies would be glad to know this knowing that it was such a horrible place.  Here is a link to a video of the building after it had burnt down.  I am so sorry you all had to go through what you did and maybe this will help with closure or something.


We always heard of these wildy horrible stories and would go thinking it was haunted after hearing of some girls being killed many years ago.  And like I said, I don't think anyone really believed it to be true but it is so chilling to find out otherwise.  Once again I am so sorry to hear of all of these stories on here.

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