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Open Free for All / Re: Resuscitation
« on: August 05, 2015, 11:14:03 AM »
Im a huge dick.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Who's around here now ?
« on: August 05, 2015, 11:10:57 AM »
I live.

Ping :)

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: We need a new thread
« on: July 01, 2013, 02:40:06 AM »
Im here;)

Open Free for All / I'd like to remind everyone.....
« on: June 03, 2013, 12:59:28 AM »
.....that Psy spends all his time pretending he is in France;)

Miss you guys!;)


Open Free for All / Re: Psy spends all his time pretending he is in france
« on: February 27, 2013, 03:01:18 PM »

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Aloha!
« on: September 03, 2011, 02:02:45 PM »
Nerp, never heard of it.  Thats on Oahu, I live on Maui.

I have to say though, I cant imagine Hawaiians allowing any bullshit to go on.   They are serious business about that sort of thing around here.  And secondly, my personal opinion is that regardless of the type or effectiveness of their methods, an over 18 treatment center, to me, is a whole different ballgame....because you can leave.

I dont agree with any "treament" really, but if its voluntary that changes things from what we went through.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Aloha!
« on: September 02, 2011, 04:38:36 PM »
From sunny Hawaii!

Been a looong time since Ive been on the board, I was just thinking how great it was that Fornits has come so far, and in general when you google Straight Inc now, there are tons more websites and loads more information about the program.  Way to go Survivors!

C :twofinger:  :twofinger:  :twofinger:

Quote from: "jessebaker"
My name is Jesse B. I don't recall the exact dates, but I was in Straight in Irving for well over a year and a half. I made it to fifth phase and then eloped, got caught and had to go
back. My parents had a host home. Does any of these names ring a bell: Donny roach,Ben cudney, will vaught, Pete hunter, Chris Calhoun, jason onufrank, John huntsinger.... Just takin a stroll down memory lane....

Yep, I was there when you were and I remember all these people.

Open Free for All / Re: New Forum Policies
« on: June 06, 2010, 01:53:34 PM »

Gone are the days when Fornit's was just, forum, and you could count the number of Trolls on one hand, and really we all ended up getting along anyways (except Animals;)....this place is a regular corporation now ;).

Ive always posted as myself anyways...never saw a reason not to, but hopefully this will at least trim the fat.

Love Ya Ginger! Love Ya Psy! Love Ya GROOOOOOP!

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Straight Staff - silent too long
« on: April 04, 2010, 03:48:37 PM »
Quote from: "Whooter"
Looking at it from a broader perspective restraints will always be necessary to keep social order.  The vast majority of us are able to utilized "self restraint".  But in those cases where people have not been taught or refuse to utilize "self restraint" then other types need to be used like chemical or physical.  We are all restrained every day of our lives.

The use of restraints should not be viewed as a form of punishment.  I am sure it feels like it to the person being restrained , though.  If someone flips you off on the way to work you can speed up and cut the guy off into a ditch or use self restraint.  Self restraint doesn’t make you feel any better and it may feel like it is not fair because this guy is able to flip you off and just get away with it, but that is life in society.  If you cannot restrain yourself then someone else will have to.

If someone were wailing on another person with a stick should we sit back and watch or try to restrain the aggressor?  Would you view this restraint as punishment or as helpful?

If restraints prove to be ineffective I could see calling the police, but typically overpowering the child with weapons and handcuffs and putting him in jail isn’t the greatest experience for a child and should be avoided and used as a final option.


I can appreciate the altruistic point of view here....however I think this is where the casual participant falls short of a real understanding of what a slippery slope restraints can become given the proper pressures and manipulation.

In Straight, the refusal to sit a certain way in ones chair could often constitute a full four point restraint that could likely result in injury.  Now, it could be argued that the person being restrained was doing harm to themselves by not participating fully in their own recovery by rebeling against the minor rule of maintaining proper posture.  In fact, this was precisely how this sort of behavior was viewed by the was "hazardous" to ones sobriety.  We were all modeled to believe that one day theyd be slouching in their chair, and the next day be sticking a needle in their arm.

The very idea may seem ludicrous to the casual observer, but this program model has effected tens of thousands of children over the span of several decades, and is still now in use in programs that have adopted parts of the modality.  You must go further back and understand the circumstances of a treatment or program core teaching in order to see how what seems to make sense to the rest of the free world, can become horribly twisted and remade into just sheer violence for the sake of control.  THAT is the reality, and no shoulda coulda attitude is going to make that different.

The sicker part of the whole thing, was that as participants of the group, we were conditioned to approve and commend the abuse...even participate when given the chance.  There was no one there to call foul on the technique.....and under duress of it happening to us too, you bet your bottom dollar our stories were all the same come time for investigations or inspections.  This was part of why I think it took so damn long to get them shut down.  Only a brave few came forward with their pain.  My girlfriend ran away and turned herself in to the police....they photographed her body from head to toe, because she was so bruised and cut from restraints for such things as not raising her hand in group or not sitting properly in her chair (I personally witnessed many of these involving her), took her statement...and then you know what? They SENT HER BACK. There was only one detective who attempted to follow up with her afterwards, and the program staff refused him entry or contact.....she was there for several more months until her parents pulled her out for having sexual contact with a senior staffer.  The program itself continued to run for close to another year.

"Summon empathy and compassion".....ugh, you can spot it a mile a way.

Benchmark Young Adult School / Benchmark Transitions / Re: Program Puds
« on: October 25, 2009, 12:49:16 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
I'm a little confused.  Is Psy a stalker or a motherfucker?  Neither I guess.  He is driving somebody past the edge of sanity, apparently.  Sweet Jesus.  Trolling or not, you puds have hit a shabby low.

Sorry for your family if they read what the pig wrote, Psy.  It should be some solace knowing it took a desperate and frustrated program pud to spin that weird sickness.

Psy is neither a stalker nor a mother fucker, because as you all may recall....Psy spends all of his time pretending he is in France.  

Love ya Psy..... :cheers:

Quote from: "Palin 2012. Bank on it!"
"You can actually see Russia from land in Alaska"

That's the quote from the youtube video you just posted. This is a true fact, you can see Russia from land in Alaska. She didn't say she can see it from her house, or from Wasilla, like SNL repeatedly repeated.  If you don't believe me, google it. As far as the supreme court question, she isn't a lawyer reading briefs on every case decided by the Supreme Court. How many Americans if asked this question would be able to quote a case without giving it some thought first? I'm sure if Sarah knew she was going to be thrust into the national spotlight she would of studied up. Do you think if you were interviewed a reporter would be able to construct a similar gotcha situation and make you look stupid? Of course they could, if they wanted to, they can make anybody look like a fool. The media hated Sarah from day one, and while they left Obama's family alone out of respect they dragged Sarah's family through the mud. could she NOT know she was going to be thrust into the spotlight? She was running for the Vice Presidency. Come on! And "studying up"? As a potential leader of my country I expect the candidate to be versed in the issues of law and politics...for more than just five minutes before a damn interview.

And I dont know what you saw, but Palin did a bang-up job of making a foolish radical momo out of herself all by her lonesome.  She is still doing it, with all this death panel garbage, etc.  Drug her family through the mud? Her family is comprised of every distasteful moral stereotype on the planet. Infidelity, teen pregnancy, religious radicalism, criminal history....Palin is straight outta Compton man!  If you follow your local supermarket tabloids, which I get the feeling you do, the most talked about celebrities in the media are those who are dishing out drama to be exploited.  She didnt run a tight ship, she wasnt smart enough to.  A person like that, man or woman has no place making decisions for the majority, shes not just stupid, shes dangerous.

She quit her post as Governor of Alaska.

I dont care who you are or what you stand for.....who has ever progressed politically into the biggest seat in the whitehouse by dumping their post ahead of schedule for personal reasons?  If she cant even hack being governor, how in all hell is she gonna take the heat in the white house?  Piled on top of the fact that this woman is ignorant and  ill-spoken....we;d have better luck getting Britney Spears in office.

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