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Title: Locomotive Breath
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The game of chicken continues.  Funny to see a few of the names on the guest list.  No one who saw Vernie in action back in the era of Electric Ave. can fail to see the irony.  Meanwhile, CPS continues to lend their support to the unlicensed, unregulated quack lock-up.  Not much wonder the criminal investigations undertaken by the late, great Supercop Rock came to naught.    
Word is AARC is now up to six lawsuits against former employees and clients.
Title: Good causes and good shopping light up the week's social...
Post by: Ursus on July 06, 2011, 10:59:21 AM
All in the family, eh? Are those smiles through clenched teeth?

Here's that article copied out for posterity's sake...

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Calgary Herald
Brooks: Good causes and good shopping light up the week's social calendar (http://

By Bill Brooks, Calgary Herald · June 25, 2011

From left, Jane McCaig Waller, Emma Waller, Rich Waller and AARC board chairman Ann McCaig at the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre's Annual Message of Hope Gala.
Photograph by: Bill Brooks, Calgary Herald

Hopes high after million-dollar event

The Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre's (AARC's) 14th Annual Message of Hope Gala Benefit Dinner held recently at the Telus Convention Centre was one for the record books.

More than 1,000 people attended the fundraiser and succeeded in raising more than $1 million for AARC.

In the past 19 years, AARC has graduated 464 teens along with more than 1,600 family members.

Highlights of the evening were numerous including: emcee Dave Kelly, who did a superb job hosting the event in a talk show format; AARC graduates Andrew M., Greg M. and AARC graduate parent Diane C. who shared their journey of crisis, despair and ultimately hope; honorary speaker Rick Hansen, Chief of Police (and Rick, should you ever decide to run for political office, you've got my vote! Your candid views on drugs and crime were spot on); hundreds of AARC graduates taking to the stage to thunderous applause; and superb live auction items as varied as a VIP experience at Churchill Downs in Kentucky to a cage dive adventure for four to get up close and personal with great white sharks.

Who was not at the event would make a much shorter list as a veritable who's who in the community attended including: Remington Developments' Randy Remington with his wife Donna and their son Ryan (kudos to Remington on its role again this year as exclusive title sponsor); AARC board chair Ann McCaig with her daughter Jane, husband Rich Waller and their daughter Emma Waller; AARC executive director Dean Vause and his wife Joanne; National Bank's Mike Kennedy and his wife Cynthia Moore; hockey legend Mike Vernon and his wife Jane; renowned orthopedic surgeon and executive director of Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute Dr. Cy Frank with Helene Levesque; Remington Developments' Cody Clayton and Jamie Cooper; WestJet Airlines board chair Clive Beddoe and his wife Ruth; AARC board member Jan Brenneman and her husband Ron, former executive vice-chairman, Suncor Energy; Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation president and CEO Saifa Koonar with her husband Jerry; Gaia's Tracy Thomson and Avni Soma; McCaig Institute's Dr. Dianne Mosher; Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute's Deborah Marshall; Dr. William Cochrane and his wife Phyllis; philanthropist and media celeb W. Brett Wilson; Foundry Communication's Zahra Al-harazi; and Bobby Libin with his daughters Eda and Nora.

Petroleum Club welcomes East Coast brethern

This writer believes that when you meet someone and are taken with their charm and generosity of spirit, said someone is invariably from either Alberta, Saskatchewan or Newfoundland.

And the Calgary Petroleum Club was overflowing with charm and generosity recently as more than 300 Calgary business leaders gathered for the fifth annual Newfoundland Affinity Dinner.

The perennially sold-out event has raised more than $350,000 for Memorial University scholarships and bursaries.

Retired general Rick Hillier, who is now the Chancellor of Memorial University, gave the keynote address. He shared highlights from Afghanistan, noting Memorial University was named after fallen soldiers of the First World War and giving an emotional recounting of the July 1, 1916, battle of Beaumont Hamel. Fellow Newfoundlander, well-known comedian and Emmy-nominated actor Jonny Harris was the emcee. Others supporting the affinity dinner included: Asim Ghosh, president and CEO, Husky Energy; Ed Martin, president and CEO, Nalcor Energy; Jeff Lehrmann, president, Chevron Canada; Lorraine Mitchelmore, president and country chair, Shell Canada; David Collyer, president, CAPP; Lars Christian Bacher, president, Statoil Canada; Karl Smith, president and CEO, Fortis Alberta; Dr. Gary Kachanoski, president and vice-chancellor, Memorial University; Dr. Wilfred Zerbe, dean, Faculty of Business Administration; Paul Masschelin, senior vice-president, Imperial Oil with colleague Laura Bishop; Nexen's Angela Chan; Bill Sembo, vice-chairman, RBC Capital Markets; John Maher, president and CEO, Leprechaun Resources; Johnson Inc.'s Ivan Tolentino, Sara Schmidt, Nicole Nyenhuis, Marguerite Nobrega and Randy Pearson; Suncor's Leon Sorenson; CAPP's Dave Pryce; and Prospex Resources' Marlene Mitchelmore.

Toasting Chinook Centre's new expansion

Those of us born in Calgary (and old enough) will remember when Chinook Centre was at the outskirts of the city. Fifty years later, the iconic mall is now considered "close–in." The largest enclosed shopping centre in the city (125,883 square metres if you were curious), Chinook boasts more than 250 stores, a professional building and a major theatre complex.

And its $300-million expansion/renovation campaign ensures the complex will be a coveted place to shop for years to come.

A select group of guests gathered recently at Newport Grill On Lake Bonavista to toast Chinook's success. Hosts with the most, general manager Terry Napper and marketing director Peggy Lim ensured all in attendance were well taken care of including: Cadillac Fairview's Kevin Redmond; Dialog Architects' Susan Carter; Bunt and Associates' Ryan Martinson; PCL Construction's Ryan Schmidt; and Calgary Herald's James Green, Lorie Armstrong and Kathryn Shimbashi.

© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald
Title: Re: Locomotive Breath
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I do dectect a bit of shuufling madness there.
like the time I went down on betty sembler....goddamn my breath smelled like depends for a month.
Title: Re: Locomotive Breath
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Quote from: "seamus"
like the time I went down on betty sembler....goddamn my breath smelled like depends for a month.

Damn, Seamus, you really should go get tested.  I mean, damn, who knows what kind of diseases you could have got from that nasty cooch.
Title: Re: Locomotive Breath
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Quote from: "seamus"
I do dectect a bit of shuufling madness there.
like the time I went down on betty sembler....goddamn my breath smelled like depends for a month.

Did I ever mention the time I fucked Miller's wife, Ruth? I was on 3rd phase and going to school at Mirror Lake in St. Petersburg, when one day, after school, I heard an older female voice call from behind me. I turned around, surprised to see Ruth Newton.
"I'm giving you a ride today", she said, flashing that sexy smile of hers and indicating a large Cadillac with tinted windows.
"Thanks Mrs. Newton" I replied, holding her door open for her. I went around to the other side of the car and was shocked to see a bottle of Cutty Sark and a couple of shot glasses in plain sight, right next to a tray of sensimilla and a mirror with two fat, white rails laid out on it.
"Don't be nervous" she said, "we'll just have a little party here. It'll be our little secret." She uncapped the Cutty and took a long pull, then passed me the bottle. I tilted my head back for a long draw of scotch, and heard her snorting up a line as I felt her hand groping at my cock and balls. I took another deep draw from the bottle as fear, revulsion ,and a sick sense of desire filled me.
"It's OK" she said, "here--do a line"
I took the mirror she handed me, and the rolled up $100 bill, and bent down to see my wild-eyed reflection in the mirror as she unzipped my pants.
"I've never done coke before" I said, kind of nervously.
"Oh, that's not cocaine, silly boy, that's PCP. It's very decadent. Miller and I like to do it when we watch bestiality movies we made on our honeymoon".
"Oh", I said, feeling my dick reluctantly getting hard to her touch and a buzzing noise in my head.
"Why don't you roll us a joint?" she said, right before she bent down and swollowed my engorged prick and began skillfully fellating me.
"Sure" I said, feeling hazy yet strangely aroused as she continued inhaling my shaft.
Suddenly she stopped sucking, sat up, and told me to light up the joint I had barely been able to roll. As I lit it up and took a deep toke into my lungs, she pulled down the black polyester slacks she was wearing to reveal that she had no panties on. She took the joint from me, hit it a couple of times, thenthrew herself over the seat, with her ass in the air.
"FUCK ME ! FUCK ME IN THE ASS LIKE THE SLUT I AM!" she screamed, and I plunged my drug-crazed dick into her bung hole, feeling her convulse with joy as I buried my dick in her ass.
She passed the joint back to me and I hit it again and again as I continued probing her anus with my johnson. Sweat poured down my face and I continued to pump her butt as I wiped the perspiration of my forehead. She began screaming again, making wild animal noises, and just as I was about to cum, she yelled out "Look over your shoulder RIGHT NOW!"
Startled, I did as she said, and what I saw when I did was a sight I will never foget. Over my shoulder I saw Miller Newton, dressed in a torn Girl Scout uniform, furiously masturbating himself as he watched us. Then he pulled out a bible, and opened it up so he could ejaculate within it's pages.
I guess it was the PCP, maybe the weed, or the scotch, but I statred laughing. Ruthie slapped me across the face and said " You just got yourself a 3-day Away From Home, Druggie".
Title: Re: Locomotive Breath
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Figures with all that money she would buy cheap blended scotch. Couldn't spring for a single malt huh? Wouldda' made for a better story.
I guess Charlie stole the handle.
You know the rest......................