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Title: Bottom Line
Post by: Anonymous on February 08, 2006, 08:46:00 PM
Different people.  Different things.

A friend of mine checked out the place a few years back looking for help.  He was sitting on one of the Daytop couches, when one one of the youths came up to him and said, " When you starting?"  My friend said, " We're just checking the place out."

The kid responded," Yeah.. Okay.. See ya tomorrow.", wi6t5h great pride and a sense that he had greater understanding then my friend.

The kid was beat, he knew it, he was proud of it, and he beleived in it.  This epitomises my entire experience there.

Some people enjoy this type of environment.  They focus on the decoration, and dressings so to speak and see a happy place.  Some people would rather be beaten cause it takes the effort off their backs.

Me.. I detest such places.  Many other people who share my values detest such places.  

and that is it!

Noone should be forced to go there and broke down to accept this way of being.

Nothing for nothing.  There are still people who can give you very postive memories and even convincing memories of Nazi Germany.  To each his own, but noone should be forced into laziness and ineptitude.

Paul St. John
Title: Bottom Line
Post by: Paul St. John on February 09, 2006, 06:31:00 PM
this was meant to be a reply to the poster in the

" abusive cult" thread