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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / St.Pete straight 1979
« on: August 25, 2005, 04:42:00 PM »
Hey Margeret, I was there the same period you were. I stumbled on this site recently. It is good to see so many people from our teen years still around and what they have been up to the past 25 years or so. I remember the donated orange juice we got. Bob Patterson has an astounding memory for for things that happened a quarter of a century ago!!!  Also is strange when Mike Sherman talks of being a grand dad! In my minds eye I still see him as the 15,16 year old I had remembered. Anyway welcome and hope you have a wonderful conclusion to a long and strange trip its been! 'grateful dead'

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Straight Inc's 1st Black Victim
« on: July 10, 2005, 12:07:00 AM »
Dion was my newcomer when he was there. I do remember those songs they sang. Real tacky!
He was a real nice and well behaved kid when he stayed with us. And I always treated him not just as a newcomer but gave him a break from all the straight crap he had to endure during the day. Didn't seem to need to be there. Parents must have had the money! I remember someone pissed him off in group and he hauled off and punched him out. Funny as hell! Wasn't long after his parents decided straight wasn't the best place for him and pulled him.(probably after hearing about those particular songs we started to sing after he got there.)

Mike Sherman I remember you. Nope don't recall you being on staff. Sounds like you're doing well these days. Damn good in spite of a lot of the jobs gone now in this "new economy". I worked at Lucent Tech for 6 years and was shown the door. Now have job with the Railroad. It is a trip reading alot of these posts but aside from that its good to see alot of you doing so well at "middle age?". Thats a trip too!!

I don't get down to Florida near as much as I'd like to Dave but raincheck that bowl for sure!!
I would like to move back down there one of these days. [ This Message was edited by: mbell1960 on 2005-06-02 06:04 ]

Hey Margaret, I remember you and probably Lynn.
This is M Bell And was in straight at the same time as you were. I am glad to see old names and hear they are doing good. I think I saw a post where you helped Sue Cookson after she got out of prison. That means alot in this old world! Say hello to Sue the next time you see her and tell her to cool down her jets a little. Now is the time to keep a low profile and under the radar! Straight was a trip no doubt and it is interesting that so many people still have such after-effects from it. I just thought everybody(staff included) knew what bullshit it was. For me I have had to deal with emotional issues because of my Mom and step-dad over the years. Straight never was a mind bender for me compared to family issues. I looked at it as a reprieve in fact at 17 years old. Any way best of luck to all of you and I hope life offers its best to you.

I was there for the new years explosion. I remember your dad had a used disposable bazooka from Nam.
I remember the Cassidys well. I liked all of them. I hope Liz is still married to Steve Gay. They were both good people to be caught up in the straight daze! I went and saw Jean and Scotty about 15 years ago in Memphis at their program Second Chance. Scotty had cleaned up,shaved and had on a sharp suit! I think the world of them personally but God!, they had incorporated christian slogan and memory verses overlaid on the Straight program. What a nightmare it must have been to go through that program! Jimmy Cassidy had moved there also and was working for the gas dept for Memphis.
Speaking of Jimmy, He was funny as hell! He was best friends with Jeff Ross (remeber him?) When I started drinking beer again after the 6 month followup they thought I was crazy as hell. Of course after a year they were back to burning weed. Liz had a great sense of humour also.

Steve Howe was the first oldcomer I had.
He was a good one for me because he always said "Take whatever good you want from the program, and disregard the bullshit." I think he made staff trainee and then screwed up. Probably thought Fuck this I'm young and want to enjoy life a little! Any way I also remember Doug Daley. Wonder what lifes path took both of them.

Just got back in town. I have been remembering a lot more from almost 30 yrs past.
Mr. D if I remember correctly you were one of the people that was subjected to the straight treatment that was truly unfair. You seemed to me to be completly normal and your parents wasted alot of money and your childhood for whatever crap was sold to them by the staff!
Bob Patterson, If my memory banks are not totally corroded you were not related to Brett and Scott but had a brother named Mike. If I'm correct your username is quite appropriate because you were stubborn as hell!
Gotta go now, be back soon.

Well Scott you certainly bring back some memories from that time. Hope you are doing well.
Just looked at a post that showed Sue Cookson's prison picture. Her life has faired alot worse.
Could barely see the young Sue in the picture.
On a lighter note I haven't talked with Brett Patterson in 15 years. Although I moved down to Bradenton in 87 after a divorce. I rented his Grandmothers Trailer she had next to her house on the Bradenton river. I ended up getting a DUI and wrecked my car in St. Pete. Brett bailed me out and had a cold Bud and a joint waiting for me in the car. I later moved back to Atlanta, had some ups and downs ( Its called Life people!)
I worked at Lucent technologies as an Engineer for 6 years until laid off. Now working for the Railroad. My only advise about the Straight time we all endured is that no one can tell you what is right or true in going through this life. You pretty much know inside what is the correct path to take. As I've said before I gave up a couple of summers to go through the program (pretty hard choice at that age!) But I don't regret some of the people I've met there. I will probably run into some of them again along the way. Until later Mark

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Milton Roy/Morgan Yacht survivors???
« on: April 29, 2005, 01:58:00 PM »
Yup, Probably was there same time as me.
Mark Bell 78-79 14 months on program 6 months
graduate to comply with rules.(just to show I could do it). Had a beer following day. One reason I stayed the whole time there was the people I met at straight as well as some of the staff members there. Alot of good friends I met there.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Response from KHK staff
« on: April 27, 2005, 01:49:00 PM »
Greetings from George Ross!
If you remember the toools I gave you, RSA's(rational self analysis) Then you will remember that thoughts create feeeelings. If you change your thoughts you will change the way you feeel about them. Of course there is at first cognitive dissonance which will make thinking the new way uncomfortable until repetition along with sleep deprivation, poor nutrition etc, the new way of thinking will take hold and you will become a happy straightling.
George Ross- psycho-logist

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