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News Items / Re: Another Hell Hole
« on: February 16, 2014, 10:23:18 AM »
It will end when people are able to see through the lies. First they need to identify the liars. Most are Ex staff and their sick sexually frustrated friends who roam the internet abusing ex residents, pretending to care. It's not hard, they usually melt down and tell rape jokes and then disappear for a while and come back like they care, which they don't

Is this Fornits best advocates? These are two of the worst abusers of survivors on this site and many more. That's why no one comes here anymore.

Open Free for All / Re: Wayne Kernochan
« on: April 01, 2013, 06:22:48 AM »
liarsexposed wrote :
> Danny.. You are so fucked
> Another volley of insults and juvenile BS
> Dont you have enough threads you started in. Cant you play in those threads
> like a good little retard?
> I never read Wayne's book,but I cant think he would lie.. The truth is
> stranger than fiction
> Is it that Wayne is getting some attention that you feel you should get?
> If Wayne gets sued.. I will personally pony up whatever cash I have to help
> the guy out and defend his actions
> You sir,have been,continue to be,and will forever be, a FRAUD
> Got 250 threads about nothing ?
> You da man!

Art supports Wayne and then turns on him like an Elan staffer. Very Danny-esque

Liar (art) exposed

Nunez and Danny resurface again at the exact same time

He created his own nemesis to find out privately what people had on "his enemy"

Not a bad ploy considering he's a fucking moron

I knew Bill Diamond would take the cowards way out

He took money from Elan

Open Free for All / Re: Proof That LisaMarie is Danny Bennison
« on: March 05, 2013, 03:23:55 PM »
Art and Danny are the same shit in different packages

Art is a liar. He loved abusing kids just like Daniel san

Open Free for All / Re: Art Warshawsky the Scumbag
« on: February 26, 2013, 04:23:56 PM »
Someone should tell Angela that Art is a windbag. He won't sue because his actions as Elan staff would come into evidence, and his rape of an underage resident (before or after, it doesn't matter) would be as well

Elan staff are a bunch of toothless tigers, threatening and abusing people. Danny was full of the "I'll get my lawyer and sue you" shit until Wayne's book came out. Then, he shut his stupid face. Art is full of shit, let's get his name back up. He worked there, he abused children, he saw children abused and was mandated to report it, but didn't, and he still abuses Elan survivors to this day online

That said, I do understand why Angela dropped it, but I'm sure she can be convinced to readd him

Art and Danny are confirmed. I have a survivor from 88-90 who says a girl in his house told him that she was sleeping with Joe Ricci and she was 15 at the time. What more does the state of Maine need?

You really do sound like Danny, with better spelling. The team of lawyers and prosecutors, and five branches of the law enforcement, ready to bust Mark for calling you a poopyhead on Fornits Lmao

Vintage ex staffer bullshit. Yawwwwwwwwn


March 28Danny Bennison
Yvette Portella
Just some inside information, Yvette and I had a thing while we were residents, while I was in re-entry and while I was staff. Which is one of the reasons why I left E-7 so abruptly. Yes we did hook up after she left, her brother almost killed me along with her cousins they did not like white guys in New Haven.
This is the truth, I loved her a great deal. I got my heart broken big time.
Hey I don't want to fight with you. I am asking for forgiveness for crimes I can't remember, honestly Wayne. I have had sleepless nights trying to remember you, I don't. I have a family and a business so I am very careful about things that would harm them. I know you can understand this.
Lets just lay the swords down and let this go for a while and work at shutting Elan down. Maybe in time we can see more of each others souls through our writings here. Many of the people that support your book are my friends some are not. But they asked me how I felt about them supporting your book, I said go for it this is between Wayne and I. Ya see Wayne no one else has wrote a book we could show people so they could read what went on in Elan. Not as explicit as yours. You know your not done writing there is so much more to tell. You are a great writer and Elanians need someone like you to tell their story, please collaborate with others get the real info and get it out there. I believe until Sharon, Jeff and Marty see their names written out their they won't shut down Elan.
Thanks for reading if you did,

Take care

Yvette was an underage resident in your care and you had the power to beat and torture her. She had no choice but to be "in a relationship" with you. That's called rape you fucking piece of shit.

In your mind it might not be, but in legal terms it is.

The same as your "relationship" with Cathy and Willie

Go ahead and deny it you child molesting turd. I reported this PM to Face Book when you sent it.

Who else were you "in a relationship" with when you were the ass director?

Is that why you won't call the 108 precinct and report me for criminal libel?

If I'm lying they'll throw me in jail and your name will be cleared Dan.

You're guilty. There's no doubt to anyone reading

For those who don't know, Danny stood Yvette in front of a GM and asked the men "If I walked out of here and let you people do what you want, who would rape this bitch? The guys all raised their hand, including me, because if we didn't we would have gotten tortured and beaten

This was also shortly after the rumor that Joe Ricci and Jeff Gottlieb let a girl and a gay kid get raped and beaten by two convicted sex offenders.

So, Dan, where did Yvette live most recently? Mark can find her and clear your name

We can get to the bottom of this

Wayne Kernochan wrote:
To sum up

Douglas Hannah
when i was in elan i was there from 1972 -1978.yes i do know yvette portella,she was in 7 with me.i do remember her.
Wayne Kernochan
How old was she?

Douglas Hannah
when yvette portella ,came to elan 7 she couldn't be no older then 15ys if some one had sex with her its called "RAPE ".how do i no because pam told me if i had sex with her i was going to jail,she was to young.
Unlike · · Share · 8 minutes ago

Douglas Hannah

there no reason to thank me those are the facts,she was to young hell i was just about 18ys i knew better,plus she from right here in Bridgeport .
Douglas Hannah
what grown ass man would want to have sex with a kid,now if a person held a position in elan as staff an did this they would be in big big trouble with the law because that resident was under there care.
49 minutes ago ·

Wayne Kernochan
Danny Bennison would and did. There are more victims. Now, maybe they'll speak out.

Thank you again pal
14 minutes ago ·

Douglas Hannah
HOLD UP,what are you saying.
Wayne Kernochan
Danny admitted to it
13 minutes ago
Douglas Hannah
there has to be a mistake,i will try an ask Danny myself did he rape Yvette.i was wandering why he told me i did not no her.when she was there with me.i need to show this to her people .
8 minutes ago
Wayne Kernochan
He admitted it three or four times on Fornits. But he said she was 19.

Douglas Hannah
there is no way she could have been 19,not in way.

Douglas Hannah
wayne i thought you an danny were best of friends.together fighting the good fight,willing to take on rapist,kids that are being,WOW just blows my mind.

Wayne Kernochan
Doug, I was playing him. I was after information about his sex crimes and I got it. I sent you a private message, check it out

Wayne Kernochan
Hang on, what do you mean by "I have to show this to her people?"

Douglas Hannah
well don't you want her family to know what was done to her.
Wayne Kernochan
You know her family?

Douglas Hannah
Edwin rodriguez,knows yvettes family,willie bentenzes,knows her family,an they were both in parsonfield when danny was they both live in P.T.Barnum apts.right here in Bridgeport.

Wayne Kernochan
Edwin was in 7 with me. He left when I was new.If the family can get you in touch with her, have her call me would you? Danny put her in front of a GM and asked the house if he let the house do what they wanted, who would rape her?

I raised me hand. We all did because we knew he would beat us for not raising our hands.

She looked scared out of her mind. I never forgot the look on her face. I want to say I'm sorry. Yvette was one of the few good things in that fucking place and I've never forgiven myself for that. If she doesn't want to talk to me, tell her I'm sorry.

Douglas Hannah
i will be out in the streets so i will run into some one who can put a hand on this .so lets find out were she is .tuesday is a good day to start.


How can this man claim to be an advocate for sexually abused kids when he helped Elan cover up abuse and sex crines?

Art Warshawsky, Daniel Lee Bennison, Marc Rosenberg, Peter Rowe and Joe Ricci are child sex offenders who operated ubder his watch. Even if he didn't know then, he knows now

What is his response to this? I'd like to know

You didn't get to Elan until 1980 Art

Why are you posting Danny's words? Is  he giving you money?

You're worse now than you were then

Open Free for All / Re: Daniel Bennison & Diane Drzata
« on: January 18, 2013, 02:58:38 AM »
I like that picture better

BTW, you shouldn't call a child a waterhead. It's discrimination LOL

Open Free for All / Re: To anyone
« on: January 15, 2013, 09:47:21 AM »
Danny is impersonating a dead woman now. What a fucking sleazebucket you are Bennison

The sad thing is no one is shocked or surprised. Your a sick, sick man

Open Free for All / Re: To anyone
« on: January 13, 2013, 09:50:16 PM »
Horatio/Danny. You really are the Fornits idiot Hahahahahahahahahaha

Open Free for All / Re: To anyone
« on: January 10, 2013, 05:51:15 PM »
"Then you're welcome to kill yourself. Please don't get any blood on the rug, the service crew has to clean it up"

I forgot about that. Elan used to encourage us to commit suicide, but told us not to get any blood on the rug  or the service crew would get stuck cleaning it up

What a bunch of depraved assholes. The people who still yap about how great Elan was and how it saved their lives are depraved assholes to this day

By the way Nunez, care to introduce yourself to the group? I have proof Wayne was in Elan and it's all yours for your name. You're the one nobody knows. Many of us know and like Wayne. Half the people here think you're an Elan troll

Not one person has been harmed for using their real name here. The only reason you would withhold your name is if it's true. Marc Rosenberg would be my guess. That junkie pedophile loves to stir shit. Marty isn't smart enough and Jeff  has one foot in the grave, so I'm going to assume you're Marc the heroin addict who molested young girls while staff at Elan

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