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As scary as the deaths at these hellholes are, are the "graduates" who beleive they were helped at these places. You would think being kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured for lengthy periods would leave  a negitive impression of the experieince

But thats actually not true!
Did you know Japanese college students were kidnapped/brainwashed by North Korea to make them realize the badness of Japan and their former capitialist selves. After a bit, they were allowed to visit their family for a "vacation" and afterwards they  fought to go back to North Korea. They had to be restrained by their families.

Girls who were imprisoned in Magdelena asylums for "promiscuous" acts like kissing, or being raped, willingly lived there until they died. They spent their entire existances toiling in silence (speaking forbidden) at laundry! From age 11 to 75.

After I left my bemod I thought I was helped and my abusive parents were da bomb. What really happened was that I had been convinced that cruelty was love, I was bad,  my spirit was broken, and that my parents had the power to do anything to me so I better do whatever I needed to to make them happy- no matter how bizzare. No wonder why "parents" love these places. These places create "battered child" syndrome in a teenager who is in the process of moving beyond that becoming helpless, subservient and frightened like the child they used to be.

"i feel like I have my child back!"-uncountable # of parents giving testimonials about whatever program

Joe's Apartment / INVESTIGATION
« on: May 02, 2006, 03:49:00 AM »
hi my sister killed herself after cedu. She was there in the mid 90s. She wrote a couple of diary entries that are very imcriminating. And she told me alot of stuff as well. can this help?

hi im looking for info on the Cedu in the sierra nevada mountains in California...
is that the cedu you kids attended?

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