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Was a "student" from '96-'98 when it was just Glacier Mountain Expeditions.  The place was.... shady. I dont have much to say about Larry, he was a decent enough guy and I have very little real contact with him.  John, however was just a grown up version of the "clients" only he acted nice while he screwed you over.  He employed both his sons, JB, and Owen while I was there, both of whom assaulted me.  The dog and pony show I remember quite well as I had to put up with it for two lousy years.  I believe the only thing that kept the place from coming apart was Jean (who I think was the only one on staff who had proper training and certification).  I also remember when GMA came about and when work first started on the camp at Johns home.  Anyways been a long time since anyone checked up on this forum, I just looked up GME to see if it was still around and decided I should kick in my two cents since Hguy took the initiative to get this information out. I can be contacted at [email protected].

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: glacier mountain academy
« on: August 16, 2010, 08:55:36 PM »
I am a former student of GME (glacier mountain expeditions) was there for the conversion to glacier mountain academy etc etc.  Larry was a fairly stand up guy, calm, and imperturbable.  his former partner John was... pardon the expression, a douchebag.  John employed his sons both of whom assaulted me.  In one incident the older son (whom I now believe is there "psychologist" broke a kids arm.  I can attest from experience that when JB (the older son) uses a restraint he intends harm and will lift your upper body repeatedly to smash you face first into the floor. The younger son, Owen, wasn't so bad, but the time he restrained me it was out of anger not out of need.  He just cranked my arm up my back until the shoulder dislocated. I know this additional information wasn't needed I only provide it so that you can see what happened beneath his nose.

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