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Well, reading about LGAT, I would have to say no. We did not do anything like that. All we ever really did for improving ourselves was a group session, I believe it was every week or twice a week, but I can't really remember, where we all sat around in the living room and talked about things like what people need to improve on or what was getting on people's nerves about other people. we actually never really talked about our personal experiences at home about why we were there, though. Every month or so, each boy would go in with Matt and Ramona and talk about that kind of stuff, but that's about it.
The basic way that the program worked while I was there was this:
When you got there you were level 1. You had very limited rights and hardly any responsibilities. Every few weeks you would be evaluated in the group sessions that I spoke of earlier by Matt, Ramona, and the other boys, then they woul;d tell you if you could move up another level. Once you got to the end of level 4 and they said that you were doing good, then you graduated.
Many kids graduated without even getting to level 4, myself included, just so they could tell parents "this many kids have graduated the program, so it works".

DJ, I won't be telling the authorities anything about the program because they fixed those problems. I don't know who Ms. Sudweeks is. If she is the new houseparent, I've never met her. While I was there Matt and Ramona Slover were the houseparents and they were not good. Apparently they left for reasons unknown to me. See, I left the program, went home to New York, then came back to Idaho to live here because I like it here. I heard from a couple of reliable sources that they no longer work there. As far as the drug thing goes, Matt Slover is the one who reccomended Robert to Larry Bauer. Larry did not know anything about him until it was too late. The problems that were occurring while I was there had I'df say 80% to do with Matt and Ramona Slover, who are now gone.
HOWEVER, Larry Bauer, who is the one with the actual psychology license, had almost absolutely nothing to do with the kids who were in the program. If he did, then he would know about all this stuff I mentioned earlier. ALSO, Larry ordered Matt and Ramona to make the program look good when Sue Scheff was coming, so again, Sue Scheff did NOT know about these things, but she should have looked further into the program when she came.
The problem, I think, is that both Larry Bauer and Sue Scheff are both not comitted enough to what they do. Larry, I believe is just in this job for the money and expects everything to go fine and doesn't want to be bothered with the kids and other problems.
Antigen, I don't know what LGAT is. If you tell me, I'll be happy to answer your question.

While I was there, she actually visited once and Larry and the houseparents were scrambling to make the place look ok before she came. She gave a week advance notice. They did the same thing whenever one of our parents came also. Actually, I shouldn't say that they were scrambling. They made us do all the cleaning work. Cleaning the house, making new activities so they could say that we did them.
I don't think that it's all Sue Scheff's fault because what she saw was ok, but she should check more thoroughly.
None of the kids ever said anything to anyone. Not out of fear, I don't think. Maybe it was because they thought it was ok, or they just brushed it off. Once you leave thew program, you don't really want to remember it anymore anyway. I want people to know what it's really like because I don't think anyone else will go to the trouble of finding a site like this and tell people what happens. I actually tried this once before. I sent an email to the editor of the site about the exact same things, and they sent an email back saying that they wouldn't post the info and that this is something that should be dealt with by the authorities. So I appreciate getting this out there on this web site.

I went to Glacier Mountain Academy for a little less than a year before my mother took me out because neither of us thought that it was helping me. My mother talked to Sue Scheff about this school so she thought it was pretty good.
Here are some of my experiences and things that I saw while I was there:
Larry Bauer is the head of the program and says that he councels us one on one every week or so. We all got counceled I think twice the entire time that I was there.
Ramona and Matt Slover were the house parents while I was there and I saw with my own eyes Matt hold one boy against the wall by his neck and yell at him because he ate the applesauce with sugar when he wasn't supposed to have sugar. I heard of other things from the kids but that's all I saw.
Robert was our martial arts "instructor" and eventually they let him take us fishing and on other excursions. On more than one occasion, he smoked marijuana in front of us and shared it with myself and the other kids. Matt later confessed to me that he knew that Robert smoked weed and suspected that he might be doing it with us.
Jack is the "teacher" at Glacier Mountain Academy and is good friends with Larry Bauer. Every day we did actual lessons for about 30 to 40 minutes, even though we were at school for 5 or 6 hours every day. The rest of the time was spent playing Nintendo and watching movies while Jack did paperwork or talked on the phone in the other room.
There were 3 bedrooms for the kids in the house that we stayed in. There were 12 people living in the house at the same time. 9 of them were kids (including myself) two were Matt and Ramona, and the last was their son, David, who lived in the basement.

There is more if you want you can email me at [email protected]. I'm sure that my mother wouldn't mind talking to you either about what she went through.[ This Message was edited by: hawaiianguy3 on 2006-01-09 13:24 ]

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