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Post by: Roy on March 14, 2005, 11:58:00 PM is owned by the ex CEDU enrollment person who was paid on comission, Lon Woodberry. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

When a Cedu escort drugged and raped a girl, his wife Denise Woodberry $$$$$$ was the Boundary County Prosecuting Attorney. Though the rapist, Armstrong, was clearly guilty. He was not prosecuted by Woodberry, Can you guess why? $$$

I think it was because Denise's husband was making a lot of money $$$$$ at CEDU, and prosecuting a CEDU escort for rape would lose the school enrollments and thus lose her husband Lon Woodberry money. $$$$$$$

These so called educational consultants are mostly ex cedu program staff. They know little about kids or education. They know a lot about money.

What are the qualifications to be an educational consultant and make referrals for cash to abusive boarding schools? A high school diploma and some experience yelling at kids in rap sessions will do.  

Thanks Ginger for starting this topic.
Post by: Anonymous on March 15, 2005, 12:28:00 PM
It is very interesting that the Association of Independent Educational Consultants accepts donations from Aspen, CEDU and other programs, and many Ed Cons are active members of NATSAP.
Post by: Antigen on March 15, 2005, 02:06:00 PM

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Post by: Anonymous on March 15, 2005, 02:31:00 PM
National Association of Theraputic Schools and Programs....Check out their website.
Post by: Anonymous on March 15, 2005, 10:52:00 PM
Roy:  read this and all I can say is- Damn...this makes me sick. Thought we had problems with the Whitmore mess.
Post by: Anonymous on March 15, 2005, 11:51:00 PM
I think it is very evident that the entire system works in concert to assure their individual profits. Their bottom line is increased with each poor baby soul they sell, for this is all about trafficking helpless children to hellish places. I do not for one minute believe that these parents are hapless victims, unaware of what they are doing. They send their children away, not to be helped, but rather to be abused in a manner that they would get arrested for doing themselves. None of these parents are stupid, most of them are highly educated and know fully well what they are doing. Let's be realistic, people from the barrio can't afford to abuse their children by proxy. These parents should be held accountable for what they have subjected their children to. I am a gramma, and not computer took me about a month to educate myself on the child abuse it certainly does not take a rocket scientist. I am sick of hearing about how these programs "duped" the parents. These parents know exactly what they are doing and should be held accountable for what is happening to their children.
Post by: Deborah on March 15, 2005, 11:52:00 PM (
NATSAP's creation was funded by a man who is an educational consultant and owns a TBS and Wilderness Program. His programs operated for 7 years and 2 months respectively without proper licensure. The TBS is still not licensed as such. The members agree to abide by the 'ethics' established by the organization. I would not put much faith in that. ... t=10#64525 ( ... 9&start=10 (
As I've learned in my research, BM facilities are attempting to self regulate. They are creating Industry Associations like NATSAP to give the illusion that there is adequate regulation. ... ews01.html (
This meeting was the result of an earlier exploratory meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia, November 8, 1998 the day after the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) conference in the same city. The Atlanta exploratory meeting had been called by John Reddan, who had written a paper outlining the size and scope of a possible association and asked for and received $5500 from Len Buccellato and Hidden Lake Academy in Dahlonega, Georgia to travel to ten programs in nine states and to host the meeting at the Atlanta Hilton.

Members pledge to follow rules that were created by other members-owners/manager of programs. How ridiculous?
And they present this organization to potential clients as an independent entity to give the impressions that they are regulated.
Look at their BODs:
Michael Allgood, Cascade School, California, 3-year term
Tim Brace, Aspen Youth Services, California, 3-year term
Len Buccellato, Hidden Lake Academy, Georgia, 3-year term
Bobbi Christensen, Crater Lake School, Oregon, 3-year term ... rt=0#29235 (
Kimbal DeLaMare, Island View, Utah, 2-year term
Gary Emmons, Brush Ranch School, New Mexico, 2-year term
John Mercer, Mission Mountain School, 2-year term
Jan Moss, Spring Ridge Academy, Arizona, 3- year term
John Santa, Montana Academy, Montana, 3-year term
Rosemary Tippett, Three Springs, Alabama, 3-year term.

The facilties that are members of NATSAP appear to want to distinquish themselves from the lowly types like WWASP. But they are no different, just more covert with their abuse. Policies are very similar.
Other links to NATSAP: ... ews03.html ( ... een02.html (
?NATSAP is a 501(C)(6) trade association of one hundred and ten (110) boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, and group homes in twenty-eight states.?

Their real purpose is to advocate for public policy that enhances their operations. They fought against regulations for "escort services" in Ca. ... een03.html (
A section at the end of the bill would ensure that the only way an out-of-control youngster could be transported to a program to get the kind of help that is needed, is with that youngster?s permission.

Funny, I sent a complaint to NATSAP about the facility I had dealings with. Little did I know the program owner facilitated the creation of NATSAP. Any surprise that I never got a response?

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Post by: Anonymous on March 16, 2005, 10:48:00 AM
This information needs to get to the public. Is there any way to get it to pop up when people look for schools on-line? It's really hard to determine who is worse, the facilities themselves, the Ed Cons who recommend them, NATSAP which covers and lobbys for them or the parents who fall for the snow job.
Post by: alternativa on March 23, 2005, 11:47:00 PM
Three Springs took over New Dominion School for Boys and New Dominion School for Girls in Va. Courts are ordering kids to these facilities and the state pays for it (at least very often).

My step-daughter (who teaches in the public school system) has a friend from college who recently started working at New Dominion. I would be more than happy to e-mail her to e-mail him, but is there something specific or pointed I should ask? She is a very progressive educator and wouldn't go for this type of thing. Moreover, since she's recently out of college, she might know someone who teaches at Carlbrook.
Post by: Antigen on March 24, 2005, 01:34:00 AM
No, I'd say just get in touch and make yourself available.

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Post by: Watchaduen on April 21, 2005, 11:28:00 PM
I do not for one minute believe that these parents are hapless victims, unaware of what they are doing. They send their children away, not to be helped, but rather to be abused in a manner that they would get arrested for doing themselves. None of these parents are stupid, most of them are highly educated and know fully well what they are doing. Let's be realistic, people from the barrio can't afford to abuse their children by proxy. These parents should be held accountable for what they have subjected their children to. >>>

I am hear to tell you that you are WRONG.  Not all parents know about this underworld of legalized child abuse/cult homes.  In my small, uppder middle class world I truly didn't know something like this could even exist.  Once I did, I rescued my son immediately and have since filed a lawsuit.  We, as parents tried all the legal avenues with the State of Miss. justice system, but the corruption runs to deep.  These places need to be shut down to save those poor kids, but also for the parents who honestly don't know these kinds of places existed.
Post by: Curious John on April 23, 2005, 09:08:00 PM
Can you find this page with Google??

I will start by saying that I use Struggling Teens website quite frequently to try to track certain peoples' progress through the industry. On their main page they offer both a link to their archives and a Google search of their website.

Not that I have ever been a fan of the company or their business, I always counted it as at least a qualifier that Lon Woodbury kept himself above the deception and lying that seems to plague the industry. In short, at least he believed he was doing the right thing.

That belief of integrity was shattered this evening however when I went to do a simple search for Kevin Warner who has recently disappeared from the Sagewalk staff page. Even though I didn't expect to see anything this soon regarding new employment for him I was really surprised to see that "Kevin Warner" turned up nothing, even more surprised to see that "Warner" by itself did not turn up a single page referring to Kevin Warner.

To make a long evening of searching brief, I do have a saved copy of the page linked above from Struggling Teens that does mention Kevin Warner, and to Lon Woodbury's credit he has left it on his server. However, I have yet to find a search criteria that will bring up this page from either his website or even the regular Google engine.

I am not saying that Kevin Warner was the reason this page disappeared, but it does bother me that any publicly published page that was supposedly available in archives would be removed from availability to the public. I know I initially found this page through a search on either Google or the Struggling Teens page and saved it for one reason or another. As it stands now, if I hadn't saved it before, I would not have found this document. Someone has obviously made the determination that this page should not be included in Google's search results.

Here is the page again:
http:// Please tell me I am wrong.
Post by: Anonymous on April 24, 2005, 06:53:00 PM
"(May 21, 2004) Kevin Warner, [email protected] (http://mailto:[email protected]), Program Director of SageWalk the Wilderness School, Redmond, OR, 800-877-1922, 541-316-4800, ( stopped by Woodbury Reports on their way through north Idaho to give us an update on changes to their program. SageWalk now has a stronger parent component, as well as improved aftercare/ transition planning for their graduating students. For more information, please contact Brian."

 Is this it?
Post by: Curious John on May 04, 2005, 08:47:00 PM
I am not sure if it was just a temporary glitch that kept that page from being retreived by a search or if the power of Fornits' has convinced them to put it back up, but the page I originally asked about is once again available to the Google search engine.

I do still wonder how many other uncataloged pages have gone missing from the search engines even though they still technically remain available on their web server.
Post by: shanlea on August 17, 2005, 12:34:00 AM
I just hashed it out with my Mom about what CEDU was really like... over 15 years later.  There really is not a whole lot of awareness.  She was referred by our family therapist who were also pastors.  The brochure looked idyllic. CEDU marketed itself as a school (joke #1) and an emotional growth environment (joke #2).  My Mom simply believed the "experts."  
I JUST told her everything that went including the fact that the staff lacked qualifications and it was really authorized as a group home. (Although she believed my story 100%, I think she resented me for telling the truth more than the school for their transgressions.) There was no individual therapy, and frankly, it was an emotionally abusive cult that STUNTED emotional growth, rather than promoted it.  
Why was I sent there? I wasn't a druggie, or a liar, or a threat to anyone. I never even stole anything except a pack of gum when I was three.
What I was was a very depressed girl with very low self esteem, a sleep disorder, and some trauma from sexual abuses.  NONE of these issues, and I mean, NONE were ever dealt with at CEDU. Not a single one. They wouldn't even know how to identify it.  And there was no way in hell I would share my story when I saw how CEDU abused or exploited victims of abuse.  

When Mom told me where she was taking me, I was so weary from life, I didn't even care. I knew I needed help, but I didn't get it there.
Post by: OKB4RMA on March 04, 2006, 07:35:00 PM I'm reading I found something to be quite funny.

First...let me preface what I am saying by letting everybody know that I have my B.S. in Economics.

The post I was reading was a few years old but I still found it somewhat amusing.

There was a single mother of an 18 year old boy asking the forum how they afford the schools. She was already working two jobs and stated that the tuitions at the programs were out of reach for her.

Lon chose to post a reply to her query.

He first noted that there were a number of schools that have scholarships...yet he went on to tell the poster that "the chances of getting one of those is a little like the chances of being hit by lightening, since there are so many parents looking for financial help"

so much for that avenue :roll:  

then he goes on to explaining how she can possibly get the state or health insurance to pay for it...and even goes so far as to state that there are even public programs that may be helpful if her child fits a certain criteria.

here's the kicker

Lon then states that "One common mistake parents make is to start by looking for something they can afford. That automatically eliminates many options that with determination, might work out."

finally...the punchline

"Often also, parents do what I did, and take out a second mortgage on their home to afford the tuition. This is often the unthinkable when parents first start their search, but if there is a possibility there, its worth weighing the pros and cons. In my case, my daughter graduated about eight years ago, and with luck, I'll get the second mortgage paid off by the end of this year, and it was worth every penny."

For anybody that is considering a second mortgage...I suggest that you brush up on your knowledge of the economy.
Post by: Anonymous on March 04, 2006, 07:40:00 PM
 :wstupid:   ::puke::  ::puke::  ::puke::  ::puke::  ::puke::  ::puke::
Post by: Anonymous on March 04, 2006, 07:41:00 PM
Does that speak to any of you?
Post by: Anonymous on March 23, 2006, 01:50:00 AM
I know your message is a little old but I wanted to offer my support of your version.  I am a parent.  My daughter was in the jr. hi program after taking an overdose.  Her "family head" ( joke #3) betrayed her.  After she graduated her father, in a fit of rage and just to punish her, had her kidnapped and put in the harsher high school torture cedu concentration camp.  I was able to get her out after three weeks but the damage was done and she never got over it.  I hope you are doing well and want to tell you that you are soooooooo right on!  Those schools should be closed down and all the teachers jailed.
Post by: rayjax on September 24, 2007, 09:37:17 PM
Post by: Anonymous on October 05, 2007, 05:43:14 PM
These programs are very good at selling their product. Even seemingly honest psychiatrists appear to get sucked into the scam. I can't see how a reasonable person can let their kid be in one of these places for a year or more without smelling something foul.  These places stink of abuse very quickly. At some point, it has to be a conscious disregard for reality.
Post by: ABOUT TO SNAP on October 30, 2007, 02:11:55 PM
ohmigod that's true.
whatta crazy world. poor me poor parents. let's blame the system...the matrix. phuckers.
Title: Re:
Post by: Anonymous on October 18, 2008, 05:41:01 AM
Dear Hanlea,
      I agree that many CEDU programs are destructive emotionally.  I went to Sagewalk, A.K.A. Brat camp, four years ago and had a similar experience.  I was not on drugs, involved in the law, or with the wrong crowd.  Low self esteem and anger problems, due to watching my father die less than a year before being sent, were the reasons I went.   The camp staff initially told me that I was to be there a month, however when that month rolled around they said that I was not allowed to leave until I started making "progress".  I was forced to talk about things which, by doing so put a damper on my emotional development.  I felt embarressed, exposed, and especially guilty by the tactic of "speak or stay indeffinately".  No one should force their presence so much as to skip trust forming, bond making and friendship building steps in trying to help a teenager who recently lost a father. After reviewing the brochure, I do see the deception involved in creating them.  There was no education that I recieved outside of emotional growth packets,  the "professionals" had little or no training if any, and the environment for emotional development was, most definately, not fertile soil.   What happened after this experience?  I was left to deal with issues created by the camp, and my relationship with my mom has suffered greatly because of the poor decision to fall into believing  the trickery.  It is hard not to blame her, however, I do believe that she was scammed into believing this program and her money (over twenty seven thousand to be exact) were going to help her child during a troubling time.  Such CEDU programs have hurt many kids emotionally, and I am one of them as well.
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I guess Lon is upgrading to a more lucrative style for his website...

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Aww, business not looking good Lon? Your ed-con business fell through the fucking floor so now you're seeing to make your money on somebody else's?