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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Video and Audio Tapes of The Conference
« on: December 31, 1969, 07:00:00 PM »
Video and Audio Tapes of The Conference
Jim Turney of has provided the following information for ordering audio or video tapes from the Conference.

"Saving our Children From Drug Treatment Abuse"

A conference presented by The Trebach Institute

in association with survivors of harmful treatment programs.

July 21 and 22, 2001  *  Bethesda, Maryland

Saturday July 21

12101        Welcome - The Mission of This Conference and Project - Arnold Trebach and Leigh Bright, Kathy Martin-Moya, Wesley Fager

12102        Straight History: Ancestors-Relatives-Descendants - Wesley Fager

        Fighting Back: One Success Story - Fred Collins (from video tape)

12103        Realities of Treatment Abuse: Panel One

        Kimberly Fee, Matthiam Hoffman, James Felton, and Ginger Warbis

12104        Realities of Treatment Abuse: Panel Two

Leigh Bright, Kathleen Martin-Moya, Ian Reight, and Kamal Manoly

12105        Legal Action: Successes and Obstacles, Part One

Phil Elberg and Peter Georgiades

12106        Legal Action: Successes and Obstacles, Part Two

Arnold Trebach

12107        Open Discussion (2 tapes for $14)

Arnold Trebach will moderate. Topics might include:

· Promoting congressional hearings and legislation

· Helping survivors deal with post-traumatic stress syndrome

· How do survivors maintain good relations with their parents?

· What is the best way of filing criminal complaints?

Sunday July 22

12108        Key Ideas Defining the Boundaries

Between Good and Bad Treatment

Jeffrey Schaler, Maxie Maultsby, Jr., Ian Reight, Jon Gettman

12109        Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

Stanton Peele

12110        Q & A on Treatment and Recovery Issues

Stanton Peele, Jeffrey Schaler, Ian Reight, Jon Gettman

12111        Future Action Panel (2 tapes for $14)

1) Helping survivors and their families put their lives back together, emotionally and legally.

2) Building the organizations and alliances for broad social,

political and legal reform.

3) Plans of the Trebach Institute and the survivors of

Straight and other harmful programs.

Arnold Trebach, Kathy Martin-Moya, Ginger Warbis, Wesley Fager



$9.ºº each or Save 20 % - Order a complete set for $85.ºº

$19.ºº each or Save 20 % - Order a complete set for $180.ºº

Make checks payable to Jim Turney

PO Box 467 * Lorton, Virginia 22199

(703) 550-7474 - make payment to

Hello everyone,

The conference in D.C. was informative, fascinating, sad, fun, funny, and aggravating.  A total success!!!

It exibited every sign of growing pains associated with a first run event and I am very proud to have been there.  Fred Collins couldn't make it but sent a very well made video that was shown on a large projection screen.  Maxie C. Maultsby was ill and unable to attend but is OK and doing well.  Arnold Trebach acted as fascilitator/director/organizational supervisor and kept everyone on schedule, insuring that we focus on the pertinent topics.  Phil Elberg's speech reminded us survivors to be free of guilt;  "Straight (and Straight-like programs) was cult, the kids were the victims and the parents were the unsuspecting cult members".  All the speeches and speakers were great.  I went there with an open mind, and at least, that's my interpretation.

There were a variety participants all there for their own particular reasons.  We all agreed upon one issue.  Child abuse by "Drug Treatment" facilities must be stopped.  The conference was of course, titled:  "Saving our Children from Drug Treatment Abuse".  A very nice gentleman named Jim Turney was there documenting the entire event.  His company: can provide audio or video tapes of the various events.  His number is: 703-550-7474.  At least one freelance writer was there uncertain to whom she would sell her story.  A writer from High Times, and (I think) someone writing for NORML was present.  There were supporters of SAFE, Program Survivors, Lawyers, Parents, Siblings, and others.  There were around 50 or 60 people total.  We were all reasonably cordial given that some of us had entirely opposing viewpoints.

Personally, I wish the New York Times had been there.  I ordered a few tapes from Jim so I can review the material later.  Needless to say, I went through a lot of emotion, especially when listening to the survivors' accounts.  I remembered that place in vivid detail, memories of others came back.  The worst part was hearing of someone kept in a similiar program for something like 13 years.  It was really riveting to hear Fred tell of the night he threw the kitchen table through a window as a last resort.  I ate in that kitchen with his younger brother George for a month or so after that with plywood covering the opening.  I really miss him too, I was reminded of that.  Fred has gained a very healthy amount of weight and I couldn't believe how much he looked like George.

I would tell more, but I'm tired as I just drove home today.  I figured that many would be curious so I wanted to get some info out to you as soon as I could.

I also received a call from an associate here at home telling me of how one of his customers just paid someone to come kidnap her 13 year old daughter for "intake" somewhere.  It's still going on folks, that's why we were there.  We must never forget that.

Reid Martin [email protected]

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