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In reply to all of you

I was a victim of Cedars Academy in 2007/2008

there was no neil wats his face or mary whats her face

there was how ever a Tom, and a Fran that I remember who where very strict and the pe guy name I don't remember but he was a ex marine and would torture us by doing marine pe training

we where never tortured by being forced naked in the woods but I was jumped by other students while staff did nothing but watch

My parents did the right thing and dropped me out of the program

(see my post on cedars academy closes)

I am 20 now and Bi polar I will never forgot the hell I went through back there

Aspen Education Group / Re: Cedars Academy Closes
« on: April 26, 2012, 01:05:48 AM »
when I was 15 I went to this scum hole of a school with Bi polar and a Seizur(spelling) disorder and I was jumped daily for a year by bullies in the school program for being EMO  :soapbox:  so here is my 2 cents

I am glad that they closed down I hope the freaking ACLU burned that place to the freaking ground the kids there taught eachother how to be manipulative to get there way and how to steal from there parents

and the older kids where there for REHAB from DRUGS and ALCOHOL  :poison:  and some where in gangs

I witnessed in my 1 year of being in the program 2 rapes at the school and I don't give a F if anyone from that hell hole gets on here and reads this and finds out who I am
I wont let my story of torture be unheard

 :soapbox: in my opinion the food tasted like shit the chef couldn't cook worth a damn and all of the "house parents" where conseeted(spelling) two faced bastards who wake you up at 4 in the morning when school doesn't start until 9

I became suicidal several times at that school and hade to be medically released from the program in DE back home to GA atleast 6 times idc what you think about me or if you even read this I just want to be heard

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