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Quote from: "psy"
Based on the posting history, it does look like that poster is automated.  Removing it and all posts now and moving this thread to the CEDU forum (if I remember correctly, BCA is a CEDU>RMA derivative).  Welcome back, BTW.
Thank you, Psy.
It was my hope that Adam McLain would never have the opportunity to abuse other children the way he abused my child  at Peninsula Village viewforum.php?f=62 before he was fired in 2009.

Quote from: "Che Gookin"
1) I'd just love to know where you get your intel.

2) Who are they detaining at that awful place? I mean what kind of kids are these for christ sake?

I also kind of wonder what they term as an assault. Further, I wonder if they are exercising the de-escalation principles properly? You can't close in on an angry person and expect anything good to come out of it.

Are the staffers being overly aggressive and instigating these "assaults'? Are they being huge pussies and crying about having a kid lash out after they got into the kid's face? Lot of questions here... you won't find the answers in the paperwork either as most of the time the contributing factors are obfuscated in vague generalized terms to gloss over the facts that make the staff look bad.

1) I would love to say something mysterious like phone calls from beyond the grave, but I live close enough to Acadia Village that sometimes it is as simple as eavesdropping at the checkout line in the grocery store. Also my hatred of the joint is well known and sometimes the intel just comes to me. Sometimes I go looking for it.

2) Acadia Healthcare's profits are good, ... djusted-e/ but I don't think the Village is doing very well.
I don't know who they are detaining these days.While Acadia rides PV's coat tails claiming they have been in business for 27 years, they don't seem as eager to proclaim themselves as "a world class treatment facility" like PV did. Also I believe Adam McLain considered himself Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas, or was that Idi Amin? I get the two mixed up.

Also, this tidbit from Glassdoor ... 294209.htm indicates to me that they are desperate for people to take those $9/per hour "mental health associate/behavioral health technician" jobs. See "Interview Question – What do you know about The Village?" If you want the job, the right answer is "nothing".
I read in a PV group on FB that they park the kids in front of a TV all day now-don't know if that is true or not. TV was forbidden at PV.
Che, I used the term assault when I called BCSD to report the famous five cow pile up on my daughter in August of 2006. They didn't utilize proper de-escalation techniques before, so I doubt they do now.
There are lots of questions. I know local advocates have tried to get visits to Acadia Village and have been turned down.

Staff at Boulder Creek Academy are role models for the children and lead by example????

This is spam and it would be a terrible shame IF it were true. See viewforum.php?f=62 Read carefully. Adam McLain former unlicensed head clinician at Peninsula Village  is CEO of Boulder Creek Academy AND Northwest Academy. Both are now owned by UHS. These facilities have a new name, but a rich history.
They are located in the area of the Ruby Ridge shootout
A while back I read an article that described "feeling the energy" of the Ruby Ridge confrontation as one walked around the grounds of the facility for troubled teens located there. I would prefer not to feel that energy, thank you.
I am sure Adam is much more comfortable at this location than he was in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.
What is this??? ... -our-team/

According to Sheriff James Berrong

Stunned that Berrong is still Sheriff in Blount County. He was a very good friend to Peninsula Village. When I called the department in 8/06 to report that I had witnessed my daughter being assaulted by staff at PV I was told by officer Alan Grundston (sp) that they could only take a report if a staff member had been assaulted.

Since Acadia Healthcare took over and assaults on staff are at an all time high, there must be more members of the BCSD  whose asses are less than two axe handles wide.

For more information on Northwest Academy and Adam McLain, Psy.D. Chief Exective (sic) Officer of Northwest Academy see CAN Peninsula Village Thread.

Northwest Academy is owned by UHS Inc.

Northwest Academy wrote :
> Northwest Academy character development
> Core Values/Milliue Counseling/ Workshops
> Our personal growth curriculum teaches older adolescents to identify and
> resolve their individual issues in order to develop positive, healthy
> lives. Through peer-accountability discussions, personal-growth workshops
> and faculty counseling and modeling, your child will examine behavior
> patterns and learn to make productive choices.
> The personal growth curriculum is structured into phases, with a cumulative
> curriculum designed to build on lessons learned in the earlier phases. The
> focus on issues through emotional growth experiences is individualized to
> each student.
> The program emphasizes accepting responsibility for one's behavior and
> feelings, building healthy meaningful relationships, developing a positive
> value system based on honesty, learning how to set and accomplish goals and
> dealing with and resolving underlying feelings and fears. Our students
> learn to resolve issues and come to understand the power their choices have
> in creating a healthy lifestyle.
> Leadership
> All Northwest Academy students participate in regular peer-group counseling
> along with periodic personal growth experiences. As students progress
> through their personal growth curriculum, they are invited to take on
> leadership roles on the campus, utilizing their newfound skills to help
> other students. With the confidence that comes from our personal growth
> program, Northwest Academy students are able to develop plans and set
> future goals.
> Agreements
> Glossary of Terms
> Northwest Academy offers and requests as part of your students program,
> your attendance in the Parent Workshops. Through this forum, we provide a
> learning experience that is designed to complement your child's program.
> Workshops are designed to provide support to our families and are open to
> all parents, step-parents, guardians and extended family. Participation in
> these important aspects of the program demonstrates to your child a clear
> commitment to their therapeutic journey.
> Parent Workshops
> Parent Workshops progress from the sharing of common parental experiences,
> problems and solutions, to more individual introspection and interaction
> with others. The workshops are filled with practical concepts and tools for
> building and maintaining healthy relationships. The structure and content
> of the workshops allow for maximum group support and interaction. We
> greatly promote as parents and other guardians such as step parents and
> grandparents who provide or have been of direct care to the students.
> Additional family members who wish to attend must be approved through the
> Student Enrichment Team prior. Upon enrollment, Clinical Services will send
> out a calendar of events outlining the Workshop dates for the year.
> Invitation and registration packets will be mailed approximately two months
> prior to the event.

Peninsula Village / Re: Two Girls ESCAPE from Acadia Village 11.12.12
« on: November 21, 2012, 12:35:32 PM »
Che Gookin wrote :
> One only hopes they spend a few days in a much safer Blount County durance
> vile versus Acadia's Rocky Mountain Horror Show of a Program.

Che, I don't know about much safer in this case. I have never heard a story about The Blount County Jail and detention facilities being reasonable.
I have heard (and believe) they especially don't like minorities-here is one example,unfortunately done pro se, but I don't think the out come would have been any different.
PV kids knew better than to do what these two girls did, and we have the stories on this thread about trying to swim across the lake etc...
From what I have heard and read, the Acadia experience is much looser and less restrictive.
I have been trying to keep this thread up to date with the info I get. A lot of people don't know about the Acadia Healthcare/UHS connection although I saw that Zen brought it up a few times on the Keep and Eye on PSI and UHS group of FB.
Good to see you back on Fornits. Facebook gives me hives.

Peninsula Village / Acadia Healthcare Fat Cat Joey Jacobs
« on: November 12, 2012, 06:17:59 PM »
The Nashville Post keeps a good chronology of Joey Joe Joe Jacobs accomplishments. Perhaps Acadia Healthcare needs a thread of it's own?

Peninsula Village / More Bad News for Joey Jacobs and Acadia Healthcare
« on: November 11, 2012, 04:50:29 PM »
Acadia Healthcare purchased Peninsula Village from Covenant Health in November of 2009. According to reports, Joey Jacobs, CEO projected several billions of dollars of profits to shareholders by 2014. Acadia Village has already had it's share of trouble and when Peninsula Village was sold in 2009, it was known as "the most abusive program on American Soil".

Arizona CPS pulls kids from Parc Place
By Craig Harris and Rob O’Dell The Republic | Tue Nov 6, 2012 10:04 PM

Arizona Child Protective Services has removed an undisclosed number of youths from Parc Place, a Chandler-based residential treatment center with a history of allegations of sexual and physical misconduct involving troubled young people who live there.

Acadia Healthcare, Parc Place’s parent company in Franklin, Tenn., confirmed Tuesday to The Arizona Republic that CPS had removed some children from its supervision. The company declined to provide additional details and would not say how many kids were removed. However, state officials indicated late Tuesday that the children would soon be returned.

Calls to Parc Place Chief Executive David Polunas were not returned. He did, however, report to the Arizona Department of Health Services, which licenses the facility, that children were removed Friday because of a court order. No other details were provided to the ADHS.

It is unclear what prompted CPS, which is part of the state Department of Economic Security, to remove the youths. Eleanor Andersen, DES spokeswoman, declined to answer questions about the reason for the removals or how many kids were taken.

However, in a written statement late Tuesday, Andersen said, “Over the weekend, the Department of Economic Security responded to safety concerns raised by the court regarding children at Parc Place. The department took necessary precautions to address the court’s concerns, including the removal of children. After (a) closed proceeding this afternoon, the (Juvenile) Court ordered the return or retention of children at Parc Place. The department will comply with the court’s orders.”

Earlier in the day, Andersen said that the DES contracts with Parc Place to provide services to foster children who require residential treatment and that they had been removed “out of an abundance of caution and in light of recent allegations.”

Andersen did not elaborate on the nature of recent allegations. However, 12 News, a media partner of The Republic, aired an investigative series late last month in which three Parc Place employees were alleged to have been involved in sexual misconduct with patients. The company denied wrongdoing and said it reported the incidents to appropriate state authorities.

Parc Place houses up to 87 children in Chandler. Along with a 32-bed Acadia-owned juvenile residential treatment center in Casa Grande also called Parc Place, the company received at least $2.8million in state funds to treat troubled children in fiscal 2012, state records show.

It was unknown if any children were removed from Parc Place in Casa Grande.

Children may be brought to Parc Place in Chandler by their parents or be ordered by the courts to live there for therapy. Typically, those residents are ages 11 to 17 and have serious problems, including substance abuse, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or mood disorders, according to former staff members. The facility also treats sex offenders in a segregated unit.

Parc Place in Chandler has a history of reports to various authorities alleging that youths have been involved in sexual and physical misconduct, records obtained by The Republic show.

Parc Place, as part of its licensing agreement with the state health department, must report all allegations of physical and sexual misconduct. In addition, it must report suicide attempts, runaways and other serious safety issues.

The Republic found that Parc Place during the past three years has reported at least nine instances in which staff members were alleged to have been involved in sexual misconduct with patients.

The reports do not indicate whether the allegations were substantiated.

But in at least three instances, Parc Place fired the employees alleged to have been involved.

The Republic also found that Parc Place during the past three years has reported about 100 allegations of violence among patients.

One of those cases was an April 26 riot involving at least 10 girls who were fighting with staff and each other, according to a Chandler police report.

Three teenage girls were charged with rioting, a felony, while one of the girls also was charged with two counts of assault, a misdemeanor, for punching one staff member in the face and biting the finger of another staffer.

During the riot, one of the girls began kicking a television and VCR, and one of the girls told police she “just wanted to act crazy” and “no one has control over her.”

The Chandler Police Department, records show, has responded to at least 210 calls for service at the facility during the past three years. The department about a decade ago was critical of Parc Place for a lack of control over activities there.

However, Chandler Detective Seth Tyler said the Police Department “does not suffer any strain from the volume of calls for service at Parc Place.” Tyler said Parc Place, 2190 N. Grace Blvd., is in a small police-beat area where calls can be handled by officers patrolling that beat and by officers in neighboring beats.

Reach the reporters at [email protected] or [email protected]

Watch the 3 part investigation here:

Corporate Headquarters
830 Crescent Centre Drive, Suite 610
Franklin, TN 37067
Tel: 615-861-6000
Toll-Free: 855-526-8228
FAX: 615-261-9685

Peninsula Village / Re: Acadia Village Reviews
« on: June 24, 2012, 02:55:33 PM »
Just adding this to my previous post. Looks like people leave Acadia Village ANGRY and enter asking questions. ... 443650.htm

Behavioral Health Technician at Acadia Healthcare

Posted Jan 21, 2012
2.0 Easy Interview    Overall Neutral Experience    Received and Accepted Offer
Interviewed Jan 2012 in Louisville, TN (took a day)

I saw an ad online for openings, decided to go there and fill out an application. There were multiple other people applying that day. I gave my application to the secretary and had only intended on turning it in & leaving to see if they'd call. She asked if I had a few mins & that someone could talk to me today. The Interviewer I saw was very nice, saw that I had been at my previous job for a long time, but didn't really ask me too many questions. I was very surprised when she said, "so when can you start?. I told her 2-3 wks & she gave me a urinalysis form to go take the pre-employment screening. I havn't started the training yet, not sure if there's high turnover or why they were hiring so many people that day. I'm hoping for the best.
Interview Questions
What do you know about The Village?

That's an interesting interview question. Here is the right answer if you want the job..." Nothing, never heard of The Village"

Peninsula Village / Re: Acadia Village Reviews
« on: June 21, 2012, 11:39:50 PM »
Glad you find this info so F*KKKing disturbing Mysteria!!!! IT IS!!!!!

Quote from: "??????????"

 :sue:  :sue:  :sue:  :sue:  :sue:  :sue:  :sue:

Peninsula Village / Acadia Village Reviews
« on: June 21, 2012, 04:14:08 AM »
Looks like the "EXPERT" isn't answering any questions of taking interest in comments...A simple query to the proper authorities indicated that the child was actually hospitalized for several days with broken bones. Judge Denton of Blount County who ordered the child to Acadia Village was "very disturbed" by the incident.
Support from management is almost non existent, always short staffed, staff are in potentially dangerous situations with little help and at times single staffed when they shouldn’t be.
Judge Denton can be seen here ... wamp/5338/ with former embarrassment to the people of TN Zach Wamp. I would never shake hands with Zach Wamp, but if I had to, or did by accident I would be looking for the nearest HAZMAT Decon Shower.

ask-the-expert ... comment-79

ConcernedCitizen   June 12, 2012

I understand a youngster who was court ordered to the Village was severely beaten by another patient a few weeks ago. Apparently this happened while staff was “not aware”
How is this youngster doing?

ConcernedCitizen   June 21, 2012 ... 443650.htm
Acadia Healthcare Program Counselor in Louisville, TN:
(Past Employee – 2009)

“No management support, no morale among staff.”


If you enjoy working with troubled kids, then there are a lot of opportunities for you to counsel them.


Support from management is almost non existent, always short staffed, staff are in potentially dangerous situations with little help and at times single staffed when they shouldn’t be.

Advice to Senior Management

The kids are the ones who are suffering. It isn’t all about the money. That isn’t why the Village was founded and it is on a downward spiral.
Helpful Review?
Yes | No

Peninsula Village / Re: Yet Another PV Alumnus/Murderer
« on: June 06, 2012, 09:00:53 PM » ... andparents

Initially I couldn't place this kid in PV since the article said he was treated at Peninsula in Knoxville. But This article states it a little more clearly...
Not much has been released publicly about Brandon Fannin’s parents and his childhood before coming to live with his grandparents. There are reports that he was neglected and abused as a child and spent months being treated for mental illness at a Peninsula Hospital facility near Knoxville[/color].[/i]
Peninsula Hospital only did short term care and the Peninsula Light House facility was outpatient care so...that does leave the village and the time frame would have put him there before COVENANT HEALTH sold it off. Proper move Tony Spezia!!!! The kid committed suicide in jail a year later. ... ficer-com/

Sorry to keep resurrecting PV from its f*cking STINKING crypt, but for some reason I can't get it off my PTSD'd mind these days.

Peninsula Village / Tony Spezia TIGHT with the former PV
« on: June 04, 2012, 06:25:23 PM »
Never knew until I read this recent article that Tony "the boss" Spezia was with Peninsula. A few years ago he claimed ignorance of what went on at the village. ... uccess-in/

Eventually, Spezia was lured to Knoxville by banker Roger Osborne with the prospect of helping a well-established, local family, which was struggling with a lot of different business interests, one of which was Peninsula Hospital.
"I knew Tony would be a great fit," said Osborne, SunTrust Bank's Knoxville president who has known Spezia for more than 30 years.
Asked at the time by Peninsula's accounting firm, Pershing and Yoakley, if Spezia had a background in healthcare, Osborne replied, "No, but it doesn't matter. In six months, he'll know everything about healthcare."
"Tony could manage any company, any size, in any industry," Osborne said.
Spezia helped get the Greer family's businesses straightened out and began turning Peninsula's fortunes around by getting more patients, taking good care of them and getting them stabilized to outpatient care.
"We're still doing Peninsula. We've lost $20 million there over the last five years, providing those services. That's part of what we give back to the community. And we've got to run all of our businesses really well to be able to do that."

He knew what was going on at at PV the whole time...HE KNEW.

Peninsula Village / Re: PV Patint Application
« on: May 01, 2012, 05:16:58 PM »
Quote from: "SettleForNothing87"
Sorry if my typing isnt at its best.. I am a bit incapacitated....  :blabla:

Incapacitated? Know what you mean, feeling you there.
PTSD courtesy of PV...the gift that keeps on giving

Peninsula Village / Re: New PV / Acadia Village Video
« on: April 18, 2012, 01:10:38 PM »
Quote from: "ZenAgent"
The video creator highimpactsurvivor  didn't go to PV, apparently she did some reading, found the place repellant and wanted to expose it.  She was in 39 different programs and she's brave as hell for posting personal video testimonies and taking on RTC's.  I love this exchange between highimpactsurvivor and djakelysick:

holy? shit this song sux


didn't put the song in there just for u djakelysick... but thanks for your opinion. ill keep that in mind for next time. ill make sure you like the song for my next video before i make it so i can make you happy? :) (suck it)


I think highimpactsurvivor did go to PV, for a short time. Not short enough though because she still "found the place repellant and wanted to expose it."

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