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Title: Hi
Post by: Anonymous on January 31, 2005, 05:02:00 AM
You are all sadly pathetic. Aarc has done so much for so many people. Of course drug treatment isnt going to be easy, so stop whining. The simple fact that you devote this kind of energy to complaining about a place that saved your ass is indicative of how sad and pathetic you are. I pray for you regardless of your retorts. God knows the truth, and so do you regardless of how much you have lied to yourself. This sounds like a group of people who fell back into denial, abandoned their step one and repeatedly try to convince themselves they are different. Read this, laugh and delete it but dont deny that it rings truth in your thick skulls.

I mean, how can anyone be mad at you? Your disease has won you over again.

Remember it is never too late to get better.

Also know that I am saving what I typed so that I can keep reposting when you delete it. The truth will be heard regardless of whether or not you chose to cover it from the eyes of the people.
Title: Hi
Post by: Anonymous on January 31, 2005, 08:58:00 AM
If these people were from kids... or straight etc. I could see them going off. It was AARC. Its borderline country club for god sakes. I think they are simply trying to fit in.
Title: Hi
Post by: Anonymous on January 31, 2005, 02:05:00 PM
If AARC has done so much to help so many, why bother name calling to those that feel differently than you do?  Why do you find it so compelling and important that you must come here and start trouble?  You only open the court up for a mad flame war that goes on and on ad naseaum.  You aren't the first pro-AARC joker that insists on stirring up trouble here.  It makes me wonder why?  If AARC works/ed for you and your family, why can't you just feel good about what you percieve to have been a healthy choice for you and yours and continue to live your sober trite life in absence of trolling for trouble here?  Are those that do not share your opinion inadequate or inferior to you for thier beliefs?  Don't you think the "truth" is really only relative to what you choose to believe for you and your particular situation?  Truth is highly relative and "The Truth" to you and yours  may not be "The Truth" for someone else.  You find "truth" in comments such as "fell back into denial" and "abandoned step one" not to mention..."Your disease has won you over again".  I wasn't even in AARC, but that is the same cultspeak I have heard over and over for well over 20 years!!  You may say that AARC is a country club next to KIDS or STRAIGHT, but the words that fall from your mouth onto my computer monitor are identical to cultspeak used in both of the aforementioned abusive programs.

Don't call me "sadly pathetic" and then say that you will pray for me.  Please save your prayers for tsunami victims or petition for someone else's soul.

""Remember it is never too late to get better""
You say.  I am just fine, sounds like you are the one that needs the work.  
Now stop lecturing and pass the microphone.  
Love ya, have a seat.
Title: Hi
Post by: Anonymous on January 31, 2005, 04:59:00 PM
As a person who was helped by AARC, I must say I aggree with the above post. Truth is a very personal thing, and I don't see the need to go off on someone who feels there experience with AARC was not positive. I understand that not every place that provides a normally positive experience will be 100% positive for everyone. For me, school sucked, I felt was I was badly treated. It has taken me a long time to learn to respect others feelings and opinions regarding their negative view of AARC. I am personally glad this forum is here. I do not consider myself better or worse than anyone who posts here. I do not like the nasty, personal attacks that have been posted by anyone - it is abusive and makes the poster look foolish. I wish everyone well who reads this.

As far as AARC being a Country Club, I have to say it looks like a lot more fun there now compared to when I was there. But for me it wasn't about the stuff or the activities, it was about the good people.
Title: Hi
Post by: velvet2000 on January 31, 2005, 08:54:00 PM
By the way the first two posts were made by "big joshua p" the same person who anonymously started this thread: ... 22&start=0 (
Title: Hi
Post by: BigJoshuaP on February 02, 2005, 02:38:00 AM
On 2005-01-31 17:54:00, velvet2000 wrote:

"By the way the first two posts were made by "big joshua p" the same person who anonymously started this thread: ... 22&start=0 (

Hey uh... Marnie, I havent been to this site in about 3 weeks. Again, nice try. So you see a post you dont like and blame it on me? Time for a life. I think the person who posted that simply wants to make sure anyone who sees this mess, that maybe they should ask some more credible people. Have to admit... I agree with the person.
Title: Hi
Post by: Antigen on February 02, 2005, 03:23:00 AM
Have you scanned for trojans? Cause somebody sure as hell use your IP to make those posts.


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