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Title: WWASP - Testimony on Tranquility Bay
Post by: Antigen on September 28, 2002, 04:19:00 PM
See ( for the first 71 pages of testimony about life at Tranquility Bay
Title: WWASP - Testimony on Tranquility Bay
Post by: FaceKhan on September 29, 2002, 12:32:00 AM
I get to the table of contents page, but when I click on the link to the testimony I get a page with next page link images and a blank image box with the guys name. Clicking next page link sends me to your "page not found" page.

Never mind I figured it out. The one thats been Posted is Violante's testimony not Kravigs. If you want to read something go to (

Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for anyone who wants to know what really goes on there.

I almost (emphasis on almost) feel sorry for the program lawyer, he does not exactly have much to defend with. The most he is able to muster is a weak attack on Violante's credibility since he was convicted of assualting his stepfather. His parents came up with a year in (he was 17) Tranquility bay as opposed to two years in jail. I can't understand how a competent judge would actually send a kid to an alternative without checking it out.

I could start a program called "Chill Out" and advertise as the latest tough love bullshit and have it just be a regular private school with a party every night out in the woods. Kinda a tough love meets free love thing/come as you are thing. What do you guys think? It has an ironic appeal to it, everyone always talks about falsifying a birth certificate and sending themselves to one of these places with a hidden camera but I think if your gonna infiltrate the industry you should really infiltrate.

There could be levels too, but they would have better names like

1."scared cause you were kidnapped in the middle the night"

2 "relieved that everyone is having fun"

3."Glad to be away from your parents"

4. "Laughing at your parents expense... literally 3 or 4 thousand a month"

5."Relaxing and Having Fun"

6. Perfectly Normal Teenager thanks to a few months without people trying to control every aspect of your life."

No need for strip searches cause we will be out in the woods and they will quickly run out of drugs if they bring any. No need for parent visits to the facility cause you can go home whenever you want. Letters? Bah we can email. Phone Calls? As long as its "collect"?  Points? Awarded, for smiling, laughing, dancing, being alive, bathing regularly, getting a tan, using sunblock, doing your own laundry, smoothees, and justifying to your parents why the school needs donations so we can buy moonbounces, jet skis, go karts, couches, chaiselounges, soft serve ice cream machines, horses, video games, classic rock, techno, and speaker cabinets.

Now I admit that I will have competition, they call it "college "  

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Title: WWASP - Testimony on Tranquility Bay
Post by: Antigen on September 29, 2002, 12:28:00 PM
Somehow or other, I managed to switch out the first few pages. The whole time, I thought I was reading Violante's testimony but it was really that of Aaron Kravig. Those few oddly numbered pages at the beginning, though, kept nagging at me.

I've got it all sorted out now and will start on Lindsey Wise's testimony today.

I like your idea for alternative school. Jodi James had a similar notion for court ordered drug treatment. She wanted to coop with the Seminols to establish a treatment camp for opiate and coke/speed addicts using medicinal quality MJ as a paliative to ease withdrawal symptoms. I thought it was a pretty good idea, except that the Seminols are already in bed with the zero tolerance whackos.
Title: WWASP - Testimony on Tranquility Bay
Post by: FaceKhan on September 30, 2002, 01:33:00 AM
The way they don't print the witness's name when he is speaking makes me wonder how lawyers or jury members ever keep that straight when they have to go through hundreds of pages of it.
Title: WWASP - Testimony on Tranquility Bay
Post by: Antigen on September 30, 2002, 02:47:00 PM
I think it's easier if #1 you have a paper copy in front of you. You can flip to the index and check if you get confused and #2 if you were there to see and hear the witness in person.
Title: WWASP - Testimony on Tranquility Bay
Post by: kel78 on May 21, 2003, 04:55:00 PM
Ohh.. I like that idea!  For some of us, that's better than college was!  Just had to insert, and put my name first on the list for admission, think I need some weed, I mean, help. LOL!
Title: WWASP - Testimony on Tranquility Bay
Post by: Antigen on May 21, 2003, 05:36:00 PM

I had missed that really excellent story from that German gal about the cultic college. Thanks so much for bumping it up to the top.

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