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Elan School / Hi Peter,you use to be so big and bold!?????
« on: January 04, 2004, 03:21:00 PM »
What Happened?You will not answer the phone you got guilt? Think you do.Was I a state check?Wendy put it in my head that I deseved your number.That was crazy Peter MCann. I will say that its sad that your body is being taken apart yeah Ken told be months ago .all I wanted to say was from my heart  and I was sorry for your problems and wanted to thank you for saving me from jeff and marty and DAVIDDDDDDDD remember that sick guy?yeah I think I heard you liked him?
You know better cause you and I no what you did for me when I was at elan and you know I was so fucked out on.One look at me and you took me ?why?and I never got messed with agin.I was 13 years old?Remember?I think i was to be pats made and I was cleaning when I collasped and had to have my spine operated on cause I could not breath Rember that?my lugs and my heart were being crushed my  the abuse of digging ditches and scrubbing floor all day long and you all new I had sever curviture of the spine .Yeah Thanks Elan for Medically neclecting me .and many thanks to Joe for deniying me operation when I was 13 not 16 when I got it
Ya know what peter you suck and god is making you pay ,just like the rest of you that are dead.yours will be painful has you know.well you were a junkie came from shit and did many sick things to kids .I just was loved by you you never came out sick on me.

Elan School / Paul M Saint john
« on: January 04, 2004, 02:46:00 PM »
Is way smart and cool people so,go play with your toys you baby Please go away you sicko

Elan School / Over it!,its just the truth
« on: January 04, 2004, 02:30:00 PM »
My name is Diane Verry and I have to say I am not aT ALL SHOCKED that this site may be shut down I will say that Ginger is a good person maybe to good cause I would have booted many this site helped me to be honest with me and to heal!There are sick people in this world and they are on AOl too.What does that have to do with Ginger ?she can't control people?Thats the internet.Elan ha ha You are not a GOOD SCHOLL thats the truth and I got nothing out of being there.I did get low self and I can't be me Elan damed me you beat me so bad inside and out that I question my evry thought and you just recked many souls and you know it!I will forever have night mares as I do but,I live a good life full of love and thats good but my mind was forever dominated by your control and abuse and its scary.Elan was a cult and was run by Junkies which I was not and still don't tough drugs.The pain of being humilated and run by kids my own age is devastaing to this day.What was the learning in being lol at?and being told your a septical for mens come ?can you Elane's answer that?and wearing tampons dipped in ketchup.I was a walking real period!Am I over it yess I am fine just would like to say it ass.

Elan School / It's all wrong
« on: December 02, 2003, 10:06:00 AM »
From Elan to Straights to Newyork to Florida its all wrong I had lot's of problems with my older son.I didn't throw him away to a bunch of sickos who have no right to be in charge of anyone.I get so angry at the abuse kids and adults go through just cause they have some problems.They should all be treated with respect.Marty I will see you out of there if it's the onley thing I do this new year and Jeff your right behide him.You can have many who say your good.Great your still answering to many who know what you did
and who you are.Yeah were still alive (not all dead at your hands)I got state behide me who you got?
Joe is dead can't say you ya now and you can't kill me either
lol lol should have killed me when you could
I meant what I said when I was there.I just needed Jow to be gone cause he would have had me killed and you all no it

Daytop Village / Marty you don't remember?How convenient.
« on: November 21, 2003, 09:42:00 AM »
Hi marty :wave: how the hell are ya.I was wondering were you hitting the peace pipe or are you completely out of your mind?I'm the ghost from your past and I remember you all to well.If you think I am angry and messed up think again.You were there you little man and you will answer to your abuse that you inflicted on many.The game was and still is to have a select few on your side so you can have a balance.It won't help you though in the long run.If you had it your way you would have come out sick on all!Elan has to watch there back though and you were taught well cause your not smart enough to have figured that out on your own but,you are sick enough so maybe you did.I will give you that glory.In the end you can't hide the truth.Later to refresh you mind.have that wonderful day.

Elan School / Dr Gerald Davidson Was Jennifer's uncle?
« on: November 05, 2003, 12:41:00 PM »
That is messed up!Part owner with Joe. Marty and Jeff were you still high? Really I wonder?What was her learning experence for? making her a mummy in front of the house,she could not move her arms,legs nothing.Then you made 120 kids or so run through the woods acting like wild Indains
throwing her off the dock pretending you would drown her .was so theroputic and ,that's not the end of her GM we all went back up to the house and she got hours more of your General meeting! I am going to keep repeating all her GM's every day until the right person reads and, it will happen Ken. unlike what you think people do care out here and the sick shit you all pulled will be told that't all I ever wanted not money, ass.Lets not forget all the goofing you did on penises and size.?yeah your healthy men in a pigs ass.

Elan School / Staff at Elan got security 24, oh are you afraid of the tru
« on: November 05, 2003, 11:55:00 AM »
So many years and finally you give a dame enough to feel you need protection, GOT GUILT, Marty and Jeff you to sick individuals have any clue how many Children you destroyed and messed up. Many of my loved ones are dead beacuse of your way's that society will never understand .BET your ass they won't!Jennifer's story will be publicly told, you too are going to answer to that! If I die trying.

 no longer dwelling on the unreal or unattainable I must strive for my positve goal! And as I got my ass kicked by you both for having the nerve to say I would tell back then.I would have done it in  1981 but back then you stood alone.I stand not alone today .Hope someone hangs tampons on your forhead and much much more.

Elan School / Childrens Constitutional right's violated at Elan
« on: November 04, 2003, 09:45:00 AM »
I looked at my husband and threw the news paper at him,read this, I told him.I was so blown away. It read the department for children vewed Elan para military and like the moonies They violate childrens rights (phone call screening and letters)The ring was frowned upon.Child Advocate at the Rhode ISLAND OFFICE SAID THEY WOULD NO LONGER SEND THEIR CHILDREN TO ELAN.bUT THOSE THAT WERE THERE WOULD REMAIN.I called him on the phone this made no sence to me.I got no where fast.Today I wonder was it money? a legal contract they were avoiding? how dare they   see the truth and leave them there to be abused.In 1981 A study was done on Elan. Here are some quotes from that study.A child can be damaged by exposure of relentless confrontation,critisism and control that marks the Elan approach.ILLinois team found the Elan program abhorrent accepted standards of child care.The treatment model seems predicated on suspension of each childs liberties; they become automations who CONFORM to acceptaable behavior patterns after they are hopeless to resist the will of their masters.

Elan School / The abuse you brought on us,the shame is yours.
« on: October 21, 2003, 12:34:00 AM »
I bring no shame on myself.Shame for what?For sharing my memories and knowing right from wrong.I have more compassion for the other souls you tried to destroy.  all I watched and lived through. You both beleive your good and its all in the name of helping children.Where did you get your Degree,Marty and Jeff? See you have been there so long you beleive your good and we are mental.I am very much alive and well.I would not have nor will I give you the satisfaction.Remeber jennifer S?I do, how was it you were helping her?making her beleive she would drown in your lake gasping for air and unable to move because you had her tied up like a mummy.Hey did you get that from a movie?Well, I didn't enjoy the show and you lept having repeats of the same ABUSE.yes guys thats ABUSE!Remember, all that read this.This learning experence and ,thats what it was called. was giving to her BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT SHE WAS ACTING CRAZY.Remember the DOG HOUSE wonderful staff that you were.Yet another wonderful learning experence for her.This time she got to live in the dog house on the stage everyone Had to bark at her.GEEZ that was so helpful for her mind.I'm making soup and its late.You all are abusers and so twisted.HEY, news flash for you both ,out here in the real world it's healthy to relate honestly and very healthy to write.(writing your feelings down on paper?)knock on this fucking door!your words not mine.Never ever say we bring shame upon our selves.It's a statement that you think by telling your self will help you with your guilt!THATS REALITY FOLKS.

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