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Three Springs / Re: My Time at three springs paint rock valley boys
« on: July 24, 2009, 12:10:14 AM »

You did 9 years @ 3 Springs as a resident? Jesus.... That's rough man, I have a friend that did 4 Total @ Duck River. I did 1 year @ Duck River myself, probably the most hellish experience of my life. At the time I was at Duck River in 97-98 they couldn't use mechanical restraints, but had perfected a technique called "PMAB", which they would use as punishment as well as to quell violent situations. I personally witnessed physical abuse, particularly to the state custody kids that was extraordinarily horrific to watch. I was abused physically by staff, once for no reason at all just because the counselor felt like being cruel. They change the indian group names for these groups, so that none of us are ever able to piece together a hierarchy, or have any permanent pride in what we experienced. This place was truly a concentration camp/soviet style gulag of sorts. God help any child that has to go through what I went through in that place.

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