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consolidation - see previous post.

This is good - The pro-active feminist input. These stanely steamers not only know how to  heat treat carpet fiber - they don't take shit from the status qou.

We've a common interest and a long road ahead of us.

While Prostiitution / lap dancing is simultaneously a degenerate and undeniably welcomed distraction to most folk

This is a topic for another day -

Forced LGATION upon teens is the issue at hand.

Top down - bottom up

Bottom up - top down

it doesn't fucking matter

Let' s get to brass tacks.

Take MBA's golden rod, their holy grail of emotional salvation and shove it up your ass.

Then and only then can you understand the process.

Let the specter of groupthink penetrate and remedy modern day parenting.

Pay to play.

Open Free for All / Re: Teachers Blame Parents in UK
« on: April 19, 2009, 12:12:35 AM »
Sad but true.

Core issue:

Children are now arriving at school socially undeveloped,
increasingly unable to dress themselves,
unable to use the toilet properly
and unused to eating at a table,  
Instead of taking responsibility themselves, too many parents expect teachers to control their children's behaviour and wellbeing, she adds.

This degeneracy makes the outsourcing of parental duties obligatory.

How is a degenerate, ill repute, parental tsunami deserved of my taxable income?

Band aid  everything ?


Everyone gets paid....

no one gets fixed

Open Free for All / Re: WHO v DISH
« on: April 18, 2009, 06:01:49 PM »
Why not tolerate both sides of an issue ?

Congratulations on your full impact philabusterazation.

That's the point -

We lived and experienced  the "2 1/2 year remedy 24/7.

We've tolerated your side of the issue.

We've tried to

"move on"

 for the past 20 years using your broken moral compass.

It's broke my friend.

Open Free for All / Re: WHO v DISH
« on: April 18, 2009, 05:39:41 PM »
Exactly,Dish, what is there to take action against?

Plates of Chicken Shwarma.

Open Free for All / Re: WHO v DISH
« on: April 18, 2009, 05:30:50 PM »
double post

Open Free for All / Re: WHO v DISH
« on: April 18, 2009, 05:10:57 PM »
When is the last time you opened the snot valve from your left nostril to the Mel Wassermen carpet fiber ?

Did Rey and Sharon Kreider scream their head off at you ?

Were they trying to force feed CEDU dcotrine into you ?

Brett and Lisa ?

They know how to yell.

Open Free for All / WHO v DISH
« on: April 18, 2009, 04:46:23 PM »
I have read some of your posts also and have not seen the administrators take action against you.

Fornitian administrators have beef with me?

Action against me for what?

Am I allowed to recount and testify to the truth ( vis a vis my experience )?

No ?



Fuck it all.

Let's just forget about all this bullshit and hang out with the who.

Hey Guest...

Everyone loves support..

However - a message out to everyone

let whooter reply in full before you add your 2 cents.

Otherwise you're just introducing noise to the equation.

Stand by and be patient.

Open Free for All / Re: New Take on Somalian Pirates
« on: April 18, 2009, 03:42:08 PM »
I hope the CIA and the Obama administration are considering this somalian situation as a possible diversion from other critical areas.

Sure these somali degenerates need a swift and final kick to the groin but it smells fishy to me.

Ah swell - it's our ol' pal the whoolio.

Philabustration ad nauseum.

The administrator's allow you to subvert and divert attention here as you please. Apparently, Fornits needs to tolerate theWho like the Pope needs to tolerate a Croatian prostitute performing pulpit auto erotica throughout a Sunday Mass. Fine.

Do your self a favor and don't attempt to speak, on any level, about issues directly related to post program suicide. That would require direct experience with losing a peer from your program to suicide. While you might fancy yourself a crafty, effective hired gun you're actually the most transparent pawn in Aspen's repetoire.

No, I don't think "Programs cause suicide" but it's clear as day that their 1 size fucks all approach doesn't help. People on the verge of committing suicide don't advertise it. They plan in silence. They move from planning to acting when they feel completely out of control. When there is no better option than a silent heart.

Experts say that pressuring trauma victims to retell their stories against their will tends to increase stress symptoms rather than alleviate them. And brain research associates feelings of shame and humiliation to stress responses that exacerbate depression and anxiety and may contribute to physical illness.

"There is absolutely no role for shame and humiliation in the treatment of youth," says Christopher Bellonci, medical director of the Walker School, a nonprofit serving children with serious mental, behavioral and learning problems. "I know of no clinical rationale for treating youth for any condition in that fashion ... They are engendering new trauma, not repairing it."

Most mental-health experts today strongly disagree with the use of brutal confrontation or humiliation as therapy — particularly for vulnerable youths who have troubled pasts. Research suggests that feelings of being out of control characterize the typical patient's response to traumatic life events; consequently, recovery requires the avoidance of coercion.

This is what the MBA case is about. This is what Fornits is about.

Forced, "pay us an arm and a leg", LGAT teenage mindfuckery is:


In case you weren't paying attention - I'll repeat Fornit's core message (which happens to be congruent with the APA)

brain research associates feelings of shame and humiliation to stress responses that exacerbate depression and anxiety

They are engendering new trauma, not repairing it.

Eventually, this theory will be proven fact. On that day, you can pay a stranger $300 a day to raise your kid and rectify your 13 years of botched parenting


they won't be allowed to yell at them and debase them in the name of 'teen salvation'

(aka program profit and faculty self-grandization.)

That will be a good day.

MBA will take the first blow. It will cripple, and soon after,  eradicate their runaway Prineville train.

Can you imagine the damage control flurry going on at Aspen right now?

Do yourself a favor Aspen - short your own stock. May I recommend First 10 stock trades are free.....

Brett and Lisa Carey, Rey and Sharon Kreider first worked at MBA circa 1991 and then went to ASR in 1992ish as a


"hey CEDU RS cloned out a Bonners Ferry, ID RMA school in the early 80's"... let's do the same !!!

Hyde Schools / Re: R.I.P. - Carol Anne Brown
« on: April 17, 2009, 11:52:42 PM »

CEDU to MBA Linkiage?

1990 - 1992

Tim brace  - MBA headmaster

Family head drones

Brett & Lisa Carey

Rey & Sharon Kreider

Bretts Clan and Ray Clans went to SWR (massachusets) in 92 to convert the heathen and fullfill their dream of being a CEDU demi god in the post modern world.

The end result?


Where are they now?

Under an south pole iceberg .

edit - double post

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