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If you had a few good books SC would be fine.

However it is not a good comparison. Granted cedu is closed -You can't just do a full time, you have to endure everything else that is cedu education. And that my friend is the hard part. However you can do 20 day jail stint.

How long did P.Hilton go to cedu? weeks / months?

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Maggie's Departure
« on: May 31, 2007, 03:38:01 PM »

I arrived 2/88 and remember you. I can't believe how crazy your departure was! I don't remember any of it.

Were you 18 at the time? (I read the posts but couldn't figure it out). If you were under 18 they could have been sued and should have been.

Where did you go? How did you get by ($) ?

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Cedu Documentary
« on: May 25, 2007, 02:06:12 PM »
let me know if dude needs some help

damn homey. you waited a long time to get the fuck out of dodge.

I figured if I could make to challenge I could coast the rest of the way.

voyagers and quest were living fuckng hell every second of every day but once I got to challenge I managed to bite my lip hard enough to tolerate it.

what year did you get there?

how old were you when you got pulled?

what did you do the 1st 2 years after you left?

You split right before your imagine propheet?

In 1989 the imagine was about 6 months before you graduated.

Did you split that late in the game?  Or did you get there many years later ( after 93') and they changed the timing of the imagine?

Good stuff.

My parents were going to send me to Provo if I got kicked out.

I was like "twhaaaaat?". I gots no criminal record beaaatches! Put me behind bars because you guys don't have your parenting shit together?

Unfortunately I could sense that they were pot committed. I knew the ranch had to be slightly better than being behind bars.

That's a good split story.  More details if  you have them...

The only real problem with splitting was how to stay home once you got home.

If I got home I know I would have had the same experience you had.  I wouldn't be too pissed at your parents or deem them untrustworthy. 95% of parents who drop their kid off are "pot committed" (poker term - not a herb term) to having their kid graduate.

Handcuffed you to the bed? What a bunch of saladtossers. Was it Mike Par or Rich Armstrong? Did you fuck w/them and talk shit to them while you were their captured fugitive? Hopefully you did.

The same Ned who was there in 1989? "Nice and tight" ned? (What a douche bag).

How did you get cash to get from Idaho to Atlanta?

Did you fly?

It is the same Joe Francis.  I am not one to get into a pointless arguements but I'd be happy to make a friendly wager with you (easy money for me). I have pictures of him in my Graduation book.

Hence my original post "suprised no one has mentioned it on Fornits or Wikipedia".

From what I've read he was working in Hollywood on some stupid early reality shows and saw a very lucrative opportunity (ggw).  He saw the opportunity and turned it into a goldmine. From a business perspective it's interesting and has it's merits. And yes I am aware of the negative aspects of GGW. Not here to defend him nor putt him down. Simply looking at the facts and making an observation.

I assumed Joe graduated - he was in quest/challenge when I was in summit.

The peabody confiscation rings a bell now.

Also, I didn't know his parents were into Herbalife. Herbalife is whacked. I read a bio on the founder - crazy shit.

Joe graduated around 1991. (Paris and others like her only did a few weeks or months).

It would be interesting to see the media try to interpret RMA in relation to Joe's evolution from "model RMA grad" to porn magnate.

Yeah I think there was a CSI based on the kidnapping.

Fortunately I have never heard of the peabody - however I do recall Shannon Earle being at the top of my rolodex.

Surprised no one has discussed this.

Also interesting that wikipedia doesn't mention hew went to RMA.

Also, anyone know of any films/documentaries about CEDU/RMA?

....Put up your beat sheets and please feel free to bend the pushpin tips...we charge your parents $20 a box for those from the commissary..

Holy shit.

I been checking in here for awhile (and never posted).

It just dawned on me...Imagine if you had the sense of something slighlty above teenage mentaliy when you got sent there. You could have very easily conveyed the truth to your parents that they were getting financially raped.(This is however, impossible because we were in a bona fide bonner-ferrian-quasi-rich-kid-cult and no student (that wanted to graduate)with that knowledge would have discussed it).

Oh well... we were just 16 trying to make the best of every day.

Who knew C. Wolfe's double d's would be right in our face on day 1 screaming....."you dirty little druggie - why don't you admit you want to fuck my tits. You are now northern Idaho dereliction - Smoosh tonight or face certain armegedon. You will put up your beatsheat on Saturday night. We will convert you into a subliminal and give you your weekly stipend of $1.50 (that you spend on sourballs like a meth addict) whilst we drain your parents finances like a sheep at slaughter".

All the while Mel Wasserman is visiting his concentration camps - bolstering his emotional growth world domination tour whilst wolfing down RMAzing burgers (made my enslaved teens such as myself) so that his 60inch wastline and multi-million dollar wallet is maintained. What a damnnnnn cult.

Holy shit. What a raquet. I wonder what his fucked up wife is doing now that he is running some jewish afterworld cult.

At least we were sent there with quasi-prison sentences as opposed to the fucking derelict wannabe hippies and self righteous bastard staff members of 88-90 who choose to go there every day and preach that criiiiiiiizzzzzzzapppp.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / I'm a RMA employee
« on: April 30, 2005, 02:51:00 AM »
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