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Hot dam your memory is elephantary...

I forgot about  the Rma  "go the distance" mindfuck  events.. I fucking hated those bizarro  pity party nazi mindfuckery events. Fast forward 20 years....I've had some corporate jobs and they've tried the same shit there. "hey guys - I see a wining team here  that's waiting to be discovered..."how do you hold yourself back every day?...How would you describe yourselves - what sort of team have you got here?????" ...."be honest with yourselves- are you a leader or a follower"...... " ....What's your moto?"....  "In fact, i'm here  to tell you 1 theme......., "why don't you treat every day as if you never had another day left to live".????....

......fucking degenerate zombies

It's amazing to reflect on that....everyone,  then and now,  deep down, knew it was a croc full of shiiiiihite - yet staff wanted a raise and we were like junkies willing to do anything to become the coveted ' older student' who was unindictable, enjoying luxiouious weekends in BF at the 'Theater' bring back crates of Keebler elf cookies and cowboy coffee.


Also, we were a merged peer group right before the summit so we were easily 20+.

Yes you had to sit in proper posture w/forearms on thighs and palms facing up.

Well done with the rma lingo. You must have been in leadership. Corps de bois even.

every time you had to stand up in front of the group (horseshoe style) and speak/be spoken to. you had to stand erect (proper posture) with arms down by your side and palms facing out.

this posture open's you up to your emotions. (I believe this physical/psychological  correlation to be true in in it's original form) however it was fucking bastardized and hijacked by idiots like mel and many others. ..forced to stand there for a week like that....fucking a.....In fact any time I hear smelly hippies, or cedu like morons trying to sell a line of crap about the benefits of sitting indian style I want to hit them upside the dome with Jerry Garcias tamborine......

Hot damn I've worked myself into a lather.


akimbo  in the summitt...


that reminds me  - in mine we had some funny shit- a day before our summit started sherman lifer returned from supportimg a wilderness challenge during which he spilled a good amount of boiling hot water on his man sausage/groin reigon and got 2nd/3rd degree burns.

Poor bastard - I did/do feel sorry for him....but...he was on crutches and bandaged up treating the burns...(now I am feeling really sorry for the guy) during the entire summit so when he had get up and attempt akimbo he was on a pair of crutches and had to his right leg up karate kid style (to avoid pain) and put his palms facing outward.

He looked so damn funny.students and staff were barely able to contain their amusement and be dead serious.

That poor bastards pain was the only comic relief I had during that bullshit workshop.

why are you guys bickering over semantics .........

My parents hired one, had him on retainer for 3 weeks and then 24 hours before opted to cancel escort, call cops and have them at the front door durng departure.

How did you arrive?
with parents (lying about destination) see above

What happened next?
upon being read the riot act of thy 3 holy agreements the following occured: I dropped my drawers to showcase my two 8 balls , within 1 split second decided I couldn't go a month without intercourseing with some boarding school broad or punching some chump in the chops for talking shit. after pondering and not believing the drug agreement wondered how retarded these people were. (little did I know I would endure to graduation....)

Where you allowed to speak?
not to resistant new students

How long did group go on?
4 hours every m,w,f

Where you "forced" to confess to being addicts etc?
during every group.

What was the overall strycture of Cedu?
6 families(levels)  , 2 1/2 years, progressive priveleges, heavy manual labor,  islamic grade sexual frustration (as in female genital mutilation al sharif muhamed allah women wrapped in black bed sheets - what do I do with this 24/7 hour boner?), light academics, unliscensed misinformed staff possed with self annointed pope grade emotional healing powers, isolation from entertainment, perpetual bombardment with out of this world self-help artillery that numbed the brain and soul to post hiroshima levels....crying..rinse lather repeat.......fake crying....snot....rinse lather repeat...yelling.....put up your beat sheets.....rinse lather repeat....louder yelling.. rinse lather repeat....screaming.....  clean everything you possibly can. sit in the suana and wonder why Randy Eide is such a fucking degenerate..... tell on everyone....smoosh on the living room floor and feel like a bi-sexual fairy wasting his life away.... and come graduation day.....fucking hope and pray that this witches brew of mindfuck has your head on straight for the 'real word' - cuz guess what motherfucker -  cedu crazy kool aid is all you got in your bag of tricks..

that felt fucking you guys try some.


CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / New to all this
« on: August 30, 2007, 03:42:31 PM »
Well you know how they say never get into a heated arguement with your girlfriend/wife after you've had a few drinks?  

It's great advice and will save you a million headaches and regrets.

The core of that advice applies to cedu 'surviovrs' that are still feeling the effects that you are feeling.

Whenever you get fired up about something and start to get into the mode of 'wanting to put someone in a rap chair' etc. You have to realize it's learned 'response'. Allow yourself to mentally and physically 'distance' yourself from whatever is irritating you. Take a longgggggggg  5 minutes . Chill out . Wait a day or 7. During that time think about the best way to handle it and then respond to the situation. Over time you'll unlearn the cedu brainwashing and soon enough the mature, calm & respectable way of dealing with life will be second nature.

For a long time It will feel awkward, dismantling and rebuilding your brain. But with enough time it works.

Those fucking Dr. Philians on acid encouraged us to and made mandatory a belligerent, chaotic, impulsive, coercive, manipulative, self-destructive (shit I could go on forever) way of dealing with people and our problems.

To think that next week I must scream at 3 people until my voice gives out, fling snot, cry until my face looks like a bloated mess, and give terrible advice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in 4 hour blocks to 20 people in my office is insane.  Yet we did it for 2 1/2 years. If we didn't do it we were in trouble.

A friendlier RMA specific version....


Do you often feel exhausted from lengthy group activities, meetings and projects?
Can anyone say "dreading monday raps - all monday morning?"

Does your group publicly humiliate or criticize members?

Does your group use frequent public testimonials, confessions, or sharings that reinforce the group’s mission or agenda?

Do you often find yourself doing more and more things in the group or because of group peer pressure that you would not have done on your own?

Does your group discourage doubts, criticism or ideas that differ from their belief system?

Are doubts viewed as a lack of faith, dedication, commitment or disloyalty?

Have "your thoughts" become "the enemy?"

Do you feel pressured to attend meetings, events, lectures, seminars? And do you feel guilty if you don’t attend?

Dan Earle, Headmasters & "power staff"

Do members of your group feel specially chosen, superior, exclusive, elite?

Do you follow a particular individual or belief system that requires unquestioning obedience and loyalty?

Are your leader’s ideas or belief system considered beyond reproach or sacred?

Does your group have a totalitarian structure: a strict, top-down centralized control?

Isolation / Home visits
Do members seek approval or get permission from group leader(s) for personal life choices?

Workshop/Propheet secrecy

Is your group secretive to outsiders about its inner workings, teachings, activities or beliefs?

18 year old student's with a trust fund

Does the prospect of leaving your group seem scary, difficult?

Does your group criticize, shun, abandon or demean individuals who leave the group?

Do you feel the need to leave in secret?

Have you been told something bad might happen if you leave?
Do you feel pressured to give a portion of your income to the group, or spend money on courses, books or special projects?

Are the group’s financial needs more important than your own economic well-being?

Does your group equate purity and goodness to being in your group, and impurity or evil to those outside your group?

Do you place your group’s mission or agenda above your own goals and ideals?

Do group interests come before your own interest?


Does your group have a system of punishments and rewards for behavior?


Do you see less and less of your family and friends who do not belong to your group or who do not subscribe to your group’s belief system?

Is communication within, into and out of your group controlled or censored in any manner?

Cedu doctrine

Does your group/belief system think they have/are the only or highest truth, or have the solution for the world’s problems?

Do you find yourself thinking in a we-they, us-versus-them mind set?

Does your group have its own unique words, cliches, slogans, chants, prayers and doctrinal phrases that reinforce the group viewpoint?

Post Graduation

Do you feel the need to save or convert others to your belief system or ideology?

Do you wonder if you have been in a destructive group?

Do you have difficulty forming new friendships and intimate relationships?

...have low self-esteem, poor self-image or loss of identity?

...have difficulty making simple decisions and choices?

...often feel depressed, anxious and nervous?

...feel isolated, lonely, guilty, cynical?

...feel like you are just now growing up, becoming a mature adult?

...often feel anger and rage towards the group?

...have nightmares or unpleasant dreams?

...find it difficult or impossible to stop mental or other group ritualistic practices?

Am I being I or me right now?......

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Did you break?
« on: August 22, 2007, 02:39:10 PM »
Well said.

The funny thing is my family to this day would'nt believe any of it. They would say RMA saved my life and made me a good successful person.

They can't even imagine.....


Did you pull stumps too?

I pulled some big bastards out during my full time. Between Denali and the house right by the creek. 100 feet up from the discovery boot room - Up towards the quest trail. I was sore as shit the first few nights sitting at that booth.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Did you break?
« on: August 11, 2007, 12:55:15 AM »
This is the reason I like this forum. It's given me the opportunity to recognize and deconstruct the mirage that was cedu.

Serbia, I like the idea of a student fighting back at that time. But they had the entire situation wired. From marketing to prospective parents to graduation. It was watertight.

The core of their control was based on the following:

1. Most parents were extremely desperate to find the perfect school and fix their kid. Caroline and crew had their sales pitch wired and probably had a 75% close ratio with prospective parents. Just imagine your mom sitting there all teary eyed and Caroline saying how she once was 'their' child all fucked up beyond recognition and that cedu had saved her life and turned her into a saint that has dedicated her life to saving souls in bonners ferry. That embodies every aspect of a cult and is indicative of a fucked up society where parents can't raise their own kids because they don't have their own shit together. Sure they have prestigious job titles, own big homes, earn 300k a year and look like society's role models but as far as parenting skills they're no better than a broken frisbee at the park. On day 1 cedu had our parents locked in for the entire 2 & 1/2 year ride .

2. To up the ante many parents used the (highly cedu recommended) tactic of threatening juvenile hall/lock down if their child split/refused the program. This is the very reason I stayed and graduated. RMA or jail (with no rap sheet or court orders)?  RMA.

3. Drink the kool aid or die.

1. We had no parental support (outside of cedu doctrine).
2. Jail is your next best option.
3. You're completely isolated from everything but cedu doctrine.
4. If you Resist/coast (consistently) you guarantee yourself the wrath.

And fuck mel wasserman. Remember how he would show up and roll around campus like he was some Ceasar with a 2 foot cock. I never saw him talk to kids. Never saw him act genuine to staff. In my book, that right there is disdain for the commoners. That is evidence enough, that that fat greasy bastard felt too anxiety riden to attempt  something so risky as to preach the sermon (nothing ventured nothing gained doesn't apply to the highest man on the totem pole). Even better, he thought himself 'above' something like that (why waste my time doing that when I can hire a dumb bastard like Steve Rookie to do it? Thus proving the joke was on not just the students but all of the staff). And the bottom line is for him to show up and not talk to the 'school' completely contradicts and undermines the 'cedu philosophy'.  That bastard cunningly figured out how to fuse a cult with a therapuetic 'teen' boarding school.

Cash was half of it and the other half was the ego boost, the high that fat bastard got from it. He probably punched the clown nightly to the thought of the systematic mind control project he created. All those stupid fuckers drinking the Kool aid he brewed up. From headmasters to staff to students to prospective parents. What a rush - all those dumb bastards lining up and willing to pay any amount of money to drink from his tap. Getting grown men to admit to bestality in front of 13 year olds in the name of therapy. Mel is a sick fuck. He sodomized Kahil Gibran's 'the prophet' and rode it all the way to the bank.

So the question remaining is had Cedu not sold to brown schools how would things have played out? How long would it have maintined it's pre-92 course? When would students have finally revolted? How about a rogue ex-staffer with the balls to come forward, find the right resources and call cedu's bluff?
And the internet's role - With the ability to access sites like fornits and civil liberties organizations, what year would the tides have turned and the cedu cult would have been exposed for what it was?

I think think Mel wasserman asked himself these very questions in 1990 and that's why he sold to Brown schools and in turn made a killing from the deal. (Go to any modern day cedu type school, click job opportunities and look at the salary for 'counselors'. It's ridiculous considering the tuition). The $ ain't going to staff. It's going to the man.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Did you break?
« on: August 10, 2007, 04:20:17 PM »
Wow. As a 8/1/90 Grad I am amazed everytime I read posts from others who were there in the mid 90's and later.

Bacardi and chronic during an 8 month full time? Amazing. Unfathomable pre 91.

I know it's a grey area but if you had to pick a year that things truly changed. Would it be  1992?  I know the brown school takeover had much to do with it.

Sure there are shades of grey but in an absolute sense Only people in group 1, the kool aid junkies, were broken. Who is that dude, Herman Almarez. Graduated in 88/89' and has posted here. His posts reminded me of Viki Jones on super kool aid. That's broken. Someone who fit the profile of group 1 and comes to fornits and can't appreciate any criticisms/insights or offer any - that's punch kool aid drunk .

1 thing I never could relate to was trying to fight the system there. You couldn't. Overtly resisting and/or not showing enough consistent effort to better oneself only brought upon the cedu wrath.  I accepted the reality of it ( the good & mostly bad)  & tried to make the best of it. Then again we were only 16....... If I could go back and talk to my 16 year old self  .........

Time to stop -  I'm topic jumping like a bag lady 1/2 baked on Elmers glue.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Russ Decker
« on: August 06, 2007, 07:45:37 PM »
Excellent point.  What a fucked up situation.

1. If he did do those things and RMA didn't call the police in his home town.  That is illegal and a terrible example for kids.

2. He made those things up and staff didn't have the brains to see he was lying and allowed him to graduate with fake super disclosures. That is bonafide cult action right there my friends. Again, another terrible environment for kids.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Russ Decker
« on: July 25, 2007, 01:34:09 PM »
Then a phone call to his employer is in order.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Russ Decker
« on: July 20, 2007, 12:53:30 PM »
That's getting me all hot and wet.

Dropping acid followed by a human bonfire to a good old fashioned rape finale.

I wish they had summer camp for that.

Is Russ a cedu grad turned staff?

Are you sure about that disclosure?

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