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genuine concern' ?

"“Over the past 20 years, obesity among children and adolescents has skyrocketed from 6% to over 15%, making it the most serious health issue facing our children” said Ryan Craig, a former member of the Aspen Board of Directors and newly appointed president of Healthy Living Academies. “By employing a multi-disciplinary clinical model in a boarding school environment, we can offer a life-changing solution to thousands of overweight and obese teenagers who are facing near- or long-term health issues that can significantly compromise quality of life.”

Have any of these crusaders put any blood, sweat or tears into meaningful dialouge with the fortune 500 companies who peddle high sugar, high fat, crack food snacks?

Do they have any interest in addressing the cause of the problem?

Do they want Phillip Morris, Nabisco et Al to flood the market with their shite products - so they can sell the $300 a day faux-psychiatry remedy?

"multi-disciplinary clinical models"? - how about some competent parents?

Kids will gorge themselves silly with junk food if their parent's don't perform their basic duties. You need an Aspen camp to tell you that?

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: When did you
« on: April 21, 2010, 10:47:51 PM »
electrolite and her grammar?

Chuck removed Caroline from his staff bio page.

Ding Dong the witch is dead (for now).

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a 'tip of the hat' for acknowledging that CEDU was a war zone and Caroline was Ghengis Khan.

I guess all the studies were correct.

Scrimshaw has adverse, long term effects on the medulla oblongata.

How on earth can a bunch of cops try to represent Caroline's experience in such a positive manner?

Has she been 'born again' in the last 5 years?

Once again - down is up and up is down.

Can Benchmark really be called a shitsandwich?

I don't see why not.

Show me one former CEDU employee with any integrity.

Show me one former CEDU employee who has faced the music..

For every 10 of these former CEDU employees I'll show you 100 Steve Rookie Clonemeisters. Modern day human potentialists trying to get their piece of the $200 a day pie.

His methodology was quite simple and effective. He meant to induce obedience and self-loathing.

1. Isolate the students.
- complete isolation from society.
- minimal contact with family. All family contact is program based/monitored.
- enlist parents as agents of 'reform'. Provide them pre-packaged answers for every possible conversation with their children.

2. Instill 'broken/faulty' identity doctrine into students through 1 size fits all intimidation scream therapy. "You got yourself sent her because you are a fuck up. Your thinking sucks - it runs you. Everything you do is a game. You have an infinite supply of emotional pain inside that needs to be exorcised by screaming and crying".

3. Portray soon to be graduates as 'cured'. This inspires the younger & middle school students to one day becoming an 'older student'. AKA "Sell the dream"

4. Good cop / bad cop the students. Scream by day - smoosh by night. And cry your ass off 24/7.

5. Destroy all social boundaries. Wear them down. Yell at them. Make them cry, then Humiliate students in group settings. Have staff admit to bizarre 'disclosures' in group settings.

Talk about a self propelled ecosystem.

The only other requisite is supply - Rich kids being raised in dysfunctional households. There will never be a shortage of those.

Voila. Mel's printing money and laughing all the way to the bank.

And when it finally blows up? Hmmm, fuck it - just ignore it. No one is accountable. It never happened.



Exemplifies Mels sinister genius.

From this he fashioned a highly lucrative teen fixing widget.

I'd pay a King's ransom to have a 30 minute intercambio with Mel.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: DOJ Inquiry
« on: November 14, 2009, 11:49:57 AM »
This is mindblowing.

I find it highly plausible that this demon Crummel privately told cedu kids his house was a 'safe haven' should they ever decide to 'leave' cedu and provided them his address and phone #.

I googled the shit out of Crummel and Forgey but found very little.

What I did find was another sickening reminder of incompetence, arrogance, ignorance, negligence & maliciousness of the 'authorities' & 'professionals' who at the time claimed to be 'dealing' with the situation.

- maliciousness & negligence Hiring 'qualified' psychiatrists who in reality, were evil incarnate, to meet the bare minimum psychotropic requirements to qualify for insurance $$$$ tuition assistance.    Profit driven, kool aid soaked motives that result in blatant violations of state licensing standards for therapy. AKA hire a bunch of untrained hacks and 1 or 2 sick fucks with credentials for pennies on the dollar in order to achieve maximum profit. Then tell the world that 'you've figured out how to live at 'life speed' and saved countless teen lives.

The 'Authorities'
-incompetence, arrogance & ignorance How the fuck did Crummel manage to carry on committing the most heinous of crimes for close to 30 years whilst a parolee of 'the system' ? The justice system (at every level)is inherently flawed and is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.

What a perfect storm. Incompetent parents, malicious/greedy TT programs and the justice system converge to completely demolish a child and in this case violate and murder them in the most disturbing way.

Proves the point that no matter what situation you are in you must think for yourself and never let a bunch of incompetent fucks with arrogant attitudes try to convince you that they are the 'authority' and they will 'fix you' because you are the 'problem'. They will tell you that their methods are 'professional', 'time tested' and superior. Any resistance is contempt and grounds for consequences.

To the few good apples within in the broken judicial system - you are bonafide heroes - thank you. I don't know how you find the energy to deal with the red tape, lack of funding and idiocy within your respective departments. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

If it turns out that Crummel did murder these two cedu kids we can only hope that the families of the deceased will relentlessly pursue action against the benefactors of CEDU for their intentional negligence, malpractice and licensing violations.

Aspen Education Group / Re: Mount Bachelor Academy Shut Down
« on: November 11, 2009, 10:16:12 AM »
Instead of lying about MBA's therapeutic lies, why don't you do something productive and find all those poor sap MBA staffers another meaningful career at another wonderfully mystical coven? I heard Scientology Greenland is hiring.

Fear those that fear transparency.

Ding dong the witch is dead. There will be NO yelling, forced crying, or any other reckless groupthink mind games in Prineville today.

Aspen Education Group / Re: Mount Bachelor Academy Shut Down
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:21:47 AM »
"the Academy is aggressively pursing legal options including the possibility of a restraining order against the state."

how pleasantly creative and cunning of them.

The State of Oregon officially on Bans ?

put the gubenor on wilderness solo (if they put arnold on one he wrestle a Moose and win)
put the comptroller on writing assignments (describe how mortensen math makes you want to put your head in a blender)
put the secretary of state on full time (under her desk)
make the supreme court run their shit (robes on in the jury box)

Kudos Oregon! Thank you for having the wisdom and the balls to tell these freakshows to act right or get the fuck out of dodge.

Open Free for All / Re: Teachers Blame Parents in UK
« on: April 19, 2009, 02:58:18 AM »

When you fuck some broad and make offspring

Man up and raise them.

Seriously, your job isn't that important. What are you some sort of genius? A crux in the progress of western civilazation?

No you are not.

You are simply your childs creator.

Give your child the care she deserves.

If you stare at her and shake in your boots whilst you piss your pants - walk away.

Adoption is the only answer.

Don't give a half hearted effort

when shit hits the fan don't hand over your retirement fund so that Aspen can do the rest for your impotent self.



Any one who looks you in the eye and sells you the concept of 'psychodrama' needs a jolly good rodgering.

Thor hammer to your gonads.

testicular frankenstination

Open Free for All / Re: WHO v DISH
« on: April 19, 2009, 01:17:23 AM »
Exactly,Dish, what is there to take action against?

1 day, when all this bullshit is over and done with perhaps we can cross paths near Masada. Sand, sand and more sand. No witnesses

(all this banter is the world's worst hand job ever - am I really broadcasting this?)

Perhaps the quintessential antagonist v protagonist encounter will finally ensue. Perhaps judas will let you lend you 30 silver coins to finance your endevaour?

Why does just one side of the issue have to be tolerated? Why not tolerate both sides of an issue and that way there can be a discussion with differing views.

A discussion requires cooperation. Cooperation you lack. You, my friend are bought and paid for. Signed, sealed and delivered - I can't wait to find myself immersed in your next fumigatory pleasantry.

Why should I be persecuted for recounting my experiences or you for yours?
Paycheck every other Friday - right?

Open Free for All / Re: WHO v DISH
« on: April 19, 2009, 12:52:04 AM »
Yes, you're right - sleeping it off will remedy my present bout.

When I wake up - I hope to be normal. Please Aspen, fix me circuitry.

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