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The Troubled Teen Industry / SUWS
« on: November 28, 2004, 11:51:00 AM »
i went to the cascade school in whitmore, ca.--a 2 year program in the mountains. there were so many ridiculous arbitrary rules that i don't know where to begin.
i was one of the ten percent there who had not participated in a wilderness program.  they all had their horror stories to tell about the various programs, but i remember hearing that SUWS was a hardcore group of "hike-til-you-puke-and-yer-gonna-puke"rs who were all about beans and rice and NOTHING more.  i also vaguely remember a story of a kid on christmas on a wilderness in idaho...(quick paraphrase):
'hiked all day until late late at night when the guide assured the group that the group's respective families, snuggled safe in bed that christmas eve, were all asleep by now and that now they would stop to have dinner, followed by a "group session" of some sort and a promise of a chocolate bar.
(MATT) was in the middle of getting yelled at during this rap session and the guide apparently jumps over the fire pit and tackles the poor kid. he's pinned under this huge guide and he is being warned that if he doesn't admit that he was molested (which he says he was not. i believe him, anyway)he's not going to get a chocolate bar.' there was no laughing. it was no joke. they thought that since he was so tired and all after hiking since yesterday or so that he might 'CREATE ISSUES to deal with' (so that they could get future promotions from the TBSs??) was christmas eve, they're in the middle of the desert after hiking for days. they're next to a fire, and they're all watching little 5'6, 110 Lb, 15 year old matt being basically tortured by this wilderness therapeutic guide during a GROUP-- and if he doesn't admit that he was molested, his punishment will be to not get a chocolate bar before going to sleep on christmas eve.
and they're SCREAMING about it... (there were at least ten kids and multiple guides, from what i remember hearing, and nobody did a thing to stop the mental and physical abuse.)
 how's that sort of mentality?

i agree with the other poster who says to send the kid to europe... better yet, send him to thailand and cambodia and laos and china with an educational tourgroup.--- spirituality and hiking and culture and eventually, TRUTH.   :tup: [ This Message was edited by: godspeed! on 2004-11-28 09:00 ]

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Sexuality in CEDU
« on: November 28, 2004, 11:19:00 AM »
breaking attachments to sexuality and pretty much all other societal influence... taking care of "ME", keeping the kids who were molested etc safe from future molestations (supposedly, although HOW well did that work?)
also, and more recently i have discovered, the primary power a human has is sexuality. the denial of the libido is the door to complete acceptance and love of all things.
that was one way they could ensure we didn't rise up with brilliant new ideas and be more powerful than those who were in charge of our lives at that point.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Sexuality in CEDU
« on: November 26, 2004, 08:38:00 PM »
perhaps not so much demonization of sexuality as opening our minds to see that there is love beyond sex.  maybe that there is a profound connection possible between two men or between two women that is not usually expressed between us westerners... we're all able, i would presume, to find the magic of our own true sexuality; but to be able to see beyond the need for the physical... that is a new realm for most of us.
can you raise your kundalini serpent without a little physical sensation? probably not. there is much blockage in place due to societal pressures--
not to mention, the FOX network is becoming obvious in their plot to do the same "homosexual takeover" that you fear from CEDU or the mormons... dare i suggest close scrutiny will reveal a closely knit web of character names and references and between shows that is presently trying very covertly to humanise us a little more and, hopefull, take us out of a testosterone-laden male-dominated society and turn us into philosophic hermaphrodites (look it up, it's beneficial-- just don't manifest the eunich[sp?])

they don't want us GAY, just happy.

The Seed Discussion Forum / the seed
« on: November 24, 2004, 10:00:00 PM »
having stumbled across this site, i am perplexed and hope a small explanation can be offered as to exactly what the seed was/is and if it in fact is nothing more than mere exploitation of the fact that all of existence is drawn from individually planted seeds? and that if they can isolate kids in the woods and see what their specific behavioral patterns are while keeping a close log of their (the students) 'overstatements' , then they can begin to trace a seed's process of development, thus able to view true cause and effect, the law of karma, and in turn relay it to the student through more verbal communication... it's a seed in itself, no?
thanks for letting me ramble... i do that.
any explanation would be respected. thanks.

The Troubled Teen Industry / god\'s army for peace :-?
« on: November 20, 2004, 08:55:00 AM »
next time yr all down in the dumps, blaming a brainwashing technique you can't quite pinpoint ::deal:: , just remember-- when god calls,::silly:: things could get WAY brainwashier!! don't forget these role-models:

God?s Army twin now a father
Published on May 26, 2004

God's Army twin Luther Htoo has found love and music after putting down his gun.
One of the teenage leaders of a rag-tag rebel group, which drew international attention several years ago, Luther has a new life and family in a refugee camp near the Burmese border.
He has given up taking up arms and wants to study music and raise his six-month-old son, he said yesterday.
Luther, now 16, said he had married a 19-year-old Karen woman named Paw and they had a child together.
The couple met at the refugee camp in Tambon Nong Lu, Sangkhla Buri district, where they now live, about a year after Luther and his brother Johnny surrendered to the Thai Army - along with 16 other members of their group - several years ago.
"Before I didn't worry much about family, but now I've a son and want to get a job to get money to raise my family," Luther said.
Unfortunately, refugees in the camp are not allowed to work, so Luther spent time initially learning Thai. But his teacher later married and did not return.
Luther, who still smokes :smokin: but has cut down for the sake of his wife and family, said he and Johnny spent most of their leisure time playing the guitar. Luther dreams of getting a scholarship to study music so he can become a musician, sell records and earn money to raise his son, So Thor.
"In my life, if I don't hold guns, I'll hold a guitar," he said.
His twin brother Johnny said: "The difference between taking up arms and holding a guitar is that when you hold arms you are a warrior ready to die for your nation, but with a guitar you feel good playing it."
However, the guitar could not save his brothers, he added.
Johnny said he did not want to start a family yet because every day he still thinks of other God's Army members. And news of people tortured, robbed, raped or killed by Burmese troops makes him feel terrible because he cannot do anything to help save them.
Life as a rebel was not easy. Sometimes they had to live on bananas and water, but they saw it as their duty to pick up arms to protect themselves, their families and the Karen people.
"Although life was tough, we were very proud," Luther said.
On the other hand, living a simple life in a refugee camp along with their family is warmer and more comfortable and they have no worries about what to eat because they can grow vegetables and fruit for food. But there is less freedom to get around and the future is still uncertain, they added.
"Life is the camp is more secure but I don't feel comfortable," Johnny said. "If I could, I would exchange a comfortable life here and die for the peace of Karen nation."
His left hand is tattooed with dark green Karen words that say, "A child was born from his mother's womb with blood and when he dies he will go with blood."
The God's Army came into being after the larger Karen National Union, which had stubbornly resisted Rangoon for decades, was driven out of the area opposite Ratchaburi's Suan Phung district by a massive Burmese offensive in 1997.
The twins and others - mostly children - turned themselves over to the Thai Army after their stronghold, Karmaplaw, was overrun by Burmese troops. The boys were reunited with their parents at a camp on the Thai-Burmese border.
In total, more than 100,000 displaced Burmese - mostly ethnic Karens - are sheltered in the border camps.
Punnee Amornviputpanich
The Nation

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Successes
« on: November 19, 2004, 11:29:00 AM »
I think I'll just let people assume I'm a crazed, hallucintating, delusional, all consumed druggie. It keeps all the brainwashed fuckwads as far as possible from me. Right where I want them.

hey bryan-- first off, nice job convincing us that you are a crazed druggie...  perhaps i should be too... i hear the happiness is contagious. i don't know about the IV part though... sounds a little too glamourous-- allgood might not appreciate it if we all started that one-- probably best you kicked it. i hope others who are there can kick it too before they get kicked back.
as for pot, i thought we were talking about DRUGS, but if it's just pot, then what's the point here in arguing?
i graduated from the program. before it i had never done any drugs shy of alcohol and smoking fags. at cascade, i was introduced to cigars via a counselor! left and started smoking fags again. got to college, still a look-good, and the (first?) night of school, my hawaiian roommate says "hey brah, i kin puff yer lotus stoopid cuz i smuggled da kine... when ya pao wit papers, come get me".    smoked me so stupid i didn't touch it again for years.
but, just for the naysayers here:: pot does have some magical qualities to it, which, once you're over the fear end of it, it introduces itself to you on a personal, spiritual level and presents its magic before you... (if you're not strong enough emotionally, then yes-- you can get all fucked up and thick and angry and such. but chances are, if this happens, you're either the wrong mind or in the wrong mindspace for the values which cannabis would impart to your morality while in communion with its majesty.
try, if you can, to think of your next bowl as a teacher... as a bookmark in yr noggin to the chapter in which you last saw god (not necessarily "GOD the vengeful", unless that's yr game).

people think i am nuts.
and perhaps they're right....
but who's the real monster these days?
A.  kids stoned in the wilderness, hoping and praying for and discussing the rationality of a universal paradigm shift leading to a complete revaluation of morals, occasionally smiling and genuinely laughing with joy (instead of at
someone)?  OR

B.   half of a country drunk and on one or more prescribed mental-mutilation pills sanctioned by [so-called "professionals" with agendas usually either warped by greed and MONEY or by corporate interests...(although presenting their cause as HELPING YOU, they are usually no more attached to a positive outcome for their patients than they are to a passerby on the street.] oh, and by the way, the people who don't want us to be happy are also the ones who voted for the TEXAS BRAINSAW MASSACRE 2004-- the same ones who perpetuate the myths of
marijuana being evil....
but what isn't evil to these people aside from church and state? oh yeah... money and killing.

bryan, if i may quote you here, but presented as my own words...: "Yeah, according to most people I'm a drug addict. They think I should quit, and take processed drugs dished out by pharmaceutical companies who DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO GET WELL BECAUSE THEN THEY WOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS!! I think I'll just let people assume I'm a crazed, hallucintating, delusional, all consumed druggie."

jesus built my car.  it's a love affair-- namely jesus and my hotrod. (yeah, fuck it.)

the sooner we all embrace our psychoses and truly comprehend that they, like all other psychological realms indeed do NOT belong to any of us individually, the sooner we can all get over them without medications of any sort, without fighting, without hatred and without worrying... :roll:

The Troubled Teen Industry / availability of records?
« on: November 02, 2004, 11:48:00 AM »
does anyone know if we can somehow access our school records from cascade? or what has become of them? it would be helpful for many reasons, not to mention

::bigsmilebounce::  ::crybaby::   [ This Message was edited by: godspeed! on 2004-11-02 08:50 ]

i just remember greenscreen computers and a "network" system at cascade, linking *all the computers in the room* . i thought that was high tech... oh wait, it was!
just wondering...

is nobody responding cause nobody cares or cause it's f'ing irrelevant?

The Seed Discussion Forum / graduate status
« on: October 30, 2004, 11:34:00 AM »
But, the gift (?) lasted about 3 mos. and seemed to disapate as quickly as it manifested.

was this a gift THEY gave you or do you now know that it is a gift from within? a gift which you can cultivate for yourself through various spiritual practices... all of which are seeds for the masses.

do any programs have access to the internet? are we talking about stuff that the currently programmed ones have access to? is this a bad thing?
of course we have the right to talk about our own life experiences-whatever they may be- but wouldn't that hack off a whole shitload of reality if those little buggers were sitting in their dorms with their laptop PRIVS, chainsmoking, reading about future workshops?

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / The I and Me/The Summit
« on: October 29, 2004, 09:36:00 PM »
is it just me or did things just get a little out of hand here?  :scared: perhaps there's a bit of hostility here in these pages simply because of what we were initially discussing? if you read thru the posts, there's a definite pattern.
maybe we can just approach this all grown-up-like...

very insightful.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / The I and Me/The Summit
« on: October 29, 2004, 11:55:00 AM »
okay... a little clarification.  if you are going to treat all anonymous posts as the same post-er, then here you go. i'm on.  

i am the one who posted the LONG and duplicated (sorry 'bout that) posts and the corresponding defenses, finally the one about speaking MY truth, as if you care... nevertheless, for my own clarification... i'm not the one flaming everyone anonymously. let's act at least somewhat like our selves here, eh?
so hi.
i went to cascade in 1991.
it was a pain in the ass. you can read my brief synopsis of the i amd me etc above.
 :smokin:  :smokin: [ This Message was edited by: godspeed! on 2004-10-29 08:56 ]

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