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The following is an email I received from a United States senator.
Just so everyone is aware that you are being heard.
Dear Mr. Nilssen,

Thank you for your film, The Last Stop, which I watched this evening. It was extraordinary.

As a policy maker concerned about institutions for all people, and most recently focused on residential programs for children and youth, one of the biggest barriers to change is the belief that “no one else will take these kids.” Your film did such a good job of acknowledging the challenges that trauma, addiction and mental illness create for young people and those who try to support them. At the same time, it made it clear that such complexity is no excuse for such abuse. I’ve never seen this articulated as well as it is in your film.

I am glad that Èlan is closed. I’m heartbroken that the industry continues, and that elements of the program have simply been rebranded and hidden. As your film points out, announced licensing visits allow these problems and abuses to persist. Much abuse is hidden behind glossy brochures and just the right words. The programs and those who profit for them are directly accountable for the harm done to kids. However, our states are also responsible because our laws, rules and practices fail to regulate the industry. That must change, and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make that happen. If I can ever be of assistance, please let me know.

Again, thank you and congratulations on a really phenomenal film. And I am so sorry for what you had to experience.

Senator Sara Gelser
Chair, Senate Human Services Committee

Elan School / The International Drug Policy Reform conference
« on: September 28, 2017, 04:28:47 PM »
For all those interested in attending a screening of The Last Stop at the Drug Alliance conference, please send Todd a message and he can get you a HUGE discount on attendance ($15 instead of $400 for the week) -If you live in the states of Georgia or Alabama-
Contact: [email protected]
It would be great to have some Elan Alumni and anyone else interested in the Troubled Teen Industry in attendance.
The screening will be at the CNN center in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, October 13th.
Here is a link to their website:
The Last Stop - Documentary Trailer

The Troubled Teen Industry / The Kids Nobody Wants
« on: May 05, 2017, 02:11:56 PM »
"The Kids Nobody Wants: Treating the Seriously Delinquent Youth" - McKenzie and Roos (1982)


1. Synanon (Tomales Bay, California).
2. Delancey Street (San Francisco, California).
3. Devereaux School (Santa Barbara, California).
4. Circle S Ranch (Salome, Arizona).
5. VisionQuest (Tucson, Arizona, and Denver, Colorado).
6. Provo Canyon School (Provo, Utah).
7. New Pride (Denver, Colorado).
8. Closed A(olescent Treatment Unit (Denver, Colorado).
9. Devereaux School (Victoria, Texas) .
10. Centerpoint (Danvers, Massachusetts).
11. Elan (Poland Springs, Maine).
12. Illinois State Psychiatric Institute (Chicago, Illinois).
13. Southwest Martial Arts Association (San Diego, California)

Elan School / The Kids Nobody Wants
« on: May 05, 2017, 02:02:06 PM »
"The Kids Nobody Wants: Treating the Seriously Delinquent Youth" - McKenzie and Roos (1982)


1. Synanon (Tomales Bay, California).
2. Delancey Street (San Francisco, California).
3. Devereaux School (Santa Barbara, California).
4. Circle S Ranch (Salome, Arizona).
5. VisionQuest (Tucson, Arizona, and Denver, Colorado).
6. Provo Canyon School (Provo, Utah).
7. New Pride (Denver, Colorado).
8. Closed Adolescent Treatment Unit (Denver, Colorado).
9. Devereaux School (Victoria, Texas) .
10. Centerpoint (Danvers, Massachusetts).
11. Elan (Poland Springs, Maine).
12. Illinois State Psychiatric Institute (Chicago, Illinois).
13. Southwest Martial Arts Association (San Diego, California)

Elan School / A Reliable Source
« on: January 22, 2015, 01:18:29 AM »
This is a comment received today on my Elan School video.
Although the school is closed many former residents still struggle for Justice.

Roy Gutfinski
"I retired in 2013 after over 34 years as a Probation and Parole Officer for the State of Maine.  Since I am now a "free man" and can speak the truth, I will make a few comments about Elan.  During my first five years as a PPO, I supervised juveniles as well as adults and I worked with a few young people who were "students" at Elan.  I found the Elan administration provided very little communication concerning any of my clients at that facility.  One time I wanted to visit a boy on my caseload who was at Elan and was told they needed time to "prepare" for my visit.  After a couple of years on the job I had learned of several incidents of abuse at Elan against my clients and others.  When I went to my supervisor to report the abuse, I was told that Elan was a "sacred cow" and that officials in my department (Mental Health and Corrections) as well as Human Services and Education were "in tight" with Joe Ricci and the Elan School and that if I reported a problem with Elan I would become the problem.  I was told by one official in my department that anyone causing problems to Elan could "disappear like Jimmy Hoffa."  After "mandated reporting" of child abuse became law in Maine, there were several incidents of abuse at Elan reported to Child Protective (Department of Human Services) but they were "buried" and never given the proper investigation and follow up due to Mr. Ricci's political connections in Augusta.  Frankly, I am relieved that Elan has finally closed its doors and that more and more former Elan residents are having the courage to come forward.  Although Joe Ricci himself passed away in 2001, there are other former Elan administrators still around.  Bill Diamond, Maine state legislator, was Elan's "Director of Government Relations" and was instrumental in defending Elan from scrutiny.  Mr. Diamond claims today to be an advocate for abused children but his former association with Elan makes one wonder."

Elan School / Another BS ELAN Documentary
« on: March 22, 2014, 02:48:41 AM »

« on: January 15, 2014, 05:10:08 PM »


Open Free for All / Daniel Lee Bennison the Pedophile?
« on: February 11, 2012, 02:12:52 PM »
Wow how many Topics have Danny and Wayne started using peoples names as the TOPIC?
I lost count.
Congrats Wayne/Danny have managed to bury any serious discussion of the abuse that happened at Elan for 40 years.
You need your own sub-forum.
ALL TO SELL A BOOK.  :twofinger:

The Troubled Teen Industry / Felon hired by agency for troubled kids
« on: January 22, 2012, 01:30:05 PM »
Felon in cocaine, corruption sting hired by agency for troubled kids

Read more: http://

Carol Ann Alaimo Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Sunday, January 22, 2012 12:00 am

Disgraced former military recruiter Darius Perry would still be behind bars had his fate been up to his Tucson sentencing judge.
Instead, Perry - the man who touched off a cocaine-and-corruption sting that took down scores of local troops - left prison last year under a plea deal and was hired two weeks later by a state-licensed agency that counsels troubled kids.
Mary's Mission and Development Center of Sierra Vista violated state law by hiring Perry fresh out of federal custody to work at its branch clinic in Mesa, state regulators say.
William Lacey Jr., a long-retired Army officer who runs Mary's Mission, told the Arizona Daily Star he didn't know about Perry's past. A recent state probe found Mary's Mission did not require Perry to provide a fingerprint clearance card, as Arizona law demands.
Perry didn't exactly hide his criminal record. A few months back, he wrote a newsletter article for another Mesa nonprofit that mentioned he'd spent years in federal custody.
Two weeks ago the state forced Mary's Mission to fire Perry and confirm in writing it had done so. By the time he was fired, he'd worked there for a year.
"It is not OK for a convicted felon to be working in a behavioral-health program that services children," said Barb Lang, office chief for Arizona's Office of Behavioral Health Licensing.
Lang's office also oversees two group homes for troubled youths that Mary's Mission runs in the Sierra Vista area. Until the illegal hiring, all three sites were in good standing with the state.
Perry, 47, agreed via email Wednesday to an interview with the Star, but he didn't reply to three messages left at the number he provided.
Described by his judge as "completely corrupt," Perry drew a five-year sentence in 2007 and remains on probation for his role in the FBI sting known as Operation Lively Green.
Using his skills as an Army National Guard recruiter, he persuaded dozens of local troops to join him in running drugs for money while wearing military uniforms to try to evade detection. Some went on to recruit others.
Perry himself took part in six drug runs in 2002. He moved 181 kilograms (about 400 pounds) of cocaine - more than anyone else - and took $52,000 in bribes.
It was Perry who prompted the FBI to set up the sting, when an undercover agent saw him sell cocaine from the trunk of his recruiting vehicle.
By the time the sting ended, more than 60 defendants had pleaded guilty to conspiracy, bribe-taking and other offenses.
They included 10 Tucson military recruiters, 11 National Guard soldiers from the Valencia Road armory and 12 airmen from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, along with prison guards, a police dispatcher and a port inspector.
"You're lucky I accepted your plea agreement," U.S. District Court Judge Cindy K. Jorgenson told Perry the day he was sentenced.
Without it, she said, "I would not have hesitated to give you a much longer period of incarceration."
Lang, of the state licensing agency, said her office got involved last month when a potential client of Mary's Mission in Mesa learned of Perry's past and filed a complaint. The person asked to remain anonymous, Lang said.
An inspector was dispatched the next day and found Perry on the payroll.
"His duties were unclear," said Lang. But no matter what he was doing, he shouldn't have been there.
Arizona law says anyone with a record like Perry's "is prohibited from working in any capacity in a children's behavioral-health program that requires or allows contact with children."
Mary's Mission's website says the Mesa clinic offers individual, group and family counseling, addiction programs and supervised visitation in child-custody disputes.
A news item about Mary's Mission, carried by some media in Mesa last year, described Perry as a "counselor" with the organization. The networking site LinkedIn describes him as "training and development coordinator."
Lang recently sent Mary's Mission legal notice of its violation of state law. Upon receipt, the nonprofit has 14 days to agree with the notice or dispute it, which would force a final ruling from the regulator's deputy director.
If the state prevails, penalties may follow. They could range from a license downgrade to thousands of dollars in fines.
The man shown in state records as clinical director of the site where Perry worked is a Southern Arizona therapist currently banned from practicing.
Willis J. Beasley's professional counseling license was suspended last April by a different state regulator, the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners. That board substantiated two complaints about Beasley's ethics and competence at a counseling practice he ran for a decade in Sierra Vista before closing it in 2010.
Despite his suspended license, state regulators said there's no legal reason Beasley couldn't work for Mary's Mission as clinical director, an administrative role.
Six months or so before his license was pulled, Beasley's name showed up on state records as clinical director of Mary's Mission in Mesa.
Lacey, the CEO, last week denied a link between his agency and Beasley. He said they hadn't had ties in four years.
Sixteen months ago, though, Lacey signed a license application for the Mesa site that listed Beasley as its clinical director, records show. Asked to explain that discrepancy, Lacey said he couldn't comment on the advice of his lawyer.
Beasley, reached at his Sierra Vista home, had a different recollection from Lacey. He said he worked at the Mesa clinic for about six months in 2010 and resigned at the end of that year. He said he was gone by the time Perry showed up and had no role in the felon's hiring.
Beasley's failings as a therapist both involved children, records show.
In 2008 he failed to remain neutral while treating three kids at the center of a custody battle, the board found. He testified for the father that the mother had "mental problems" though he barely knew her or her kids, the board determined.
In 2010, Beasley failed to notify Child Protective Services, as required by law, when a girl in a different custody case told him of "possible abuse by (her) father," the board found.
Beasley agreed to take follow-up training in ethics, record-keeping and how to properly handle high-conflict families.
IRS records for 2009 - the most recent year the nonprofit's tax data is available online - show Mary's Mission had total income of $1.6 million from "gifts, grants, contributions and membership fees."
Lacey's pay topped $224,000 - more than that of Tucson's city manager.
Lacey told the Star his pay really isn't that high. The figure was inflated due to a "glitch in the paperwork," and is being fixed, he said.
Lacey refused to share his actual salary and seemed unaware of IRS rules requiring public disclosure of executive pay at nonprofit agencies.
"We are a nonprofit," he said. "We are not supposed to disclose that."
Contact reporter Carol Ann Alaimo at [email protected] or at 573-4138.

News Items / 6 yr old charged with 1st degree Sexual Assault
« on: November 23, 2011, 09:44:41 AM »
Lawsuit Says Prosecutor Went Too Far In Charging Boy

Gag Order Prohibits Boy's Parents From Talking About Case

Updated: 12:29 pm CST November 22, 2011

[attachment=0:24y09ton]Grant County DA Lisa Riniker.jpg[/attachment:24y09ton]

MADISON, Wis. -- A 6-year-old Grant County boy has been accused of first-degree sexual assault after playing "doctor" with two 5-year-old friends.

Now, a federal lawsuit has been filed against the prosecutor, who attorneys said is trying to force the boy to admit guilt.

The boy's parents had planned to speak with WISC-TV on Monday to discuss the emotional toll the prosecution has taken on their son. But the prosecutor, Grant County District Attorney Lisa Riniker, on Monday morning asked a judge for a gag order in the case and was granted it. The gag order prohibits the boy's parents from talking about the case.

But the attorneys for the parents in the federal suit, which names Riniker as a defendant, can aren't included in the gag order, and they spoke with WISC-TV from Chicago.

Attorneys for the parents of the 6-year-old, who is being referred to as "D," said that Riniker has gone too far by bringing a felony sex charge against a first-grader for touching a 5-year-old girl inappropriately while playing doctor last fall.

"That behavior by a prosecutor is outrageous," said Christopher Cooper, an attorney for the boy's parents.

Cooper and attorney David Sigale filed the federal suit last week, alleging that Riniker wants D to sign a consent decree admitting some level of guilt.

"We're certainly hoping to vindicate D in the eyes of the law," Sigale said.

"He (the boy) says he didn't do it, and the little girl says he didn't do it. The little girl says he touched the back of one of her buttocks," Cooper said.

The attorneys are also asking for about $12 million in damages from Riniker and two co-defendants.

Cooper and Sigale said they are prepared to present evidence that D has been psychologically harmed by the court proceedings and is terrified of going to jail.

"She (Riniker) bypassed the parents and sent a 6-year-old boy a summons, on which is a threat that the 6-year-old will go to jail for failure to appear," Cooper said.

The attorneys said they have sought the opinion of many experts who said that children "playing doctor" is not a sex crime.

"(The experts say) a 6-year-old child is unable to intellectually and emotionally associate sexual gratification with the act that D has been accused of committing," Cooper said.

In justification for the charge, Riniker is quoted in the lawsuit saying "the Legislature could have put an age restriction in the statute ... the legislature did no such thing."

The lawsuit also alleges the charges were brought because the 5-year-old is the daughter of a high-ranking official in Grant County.

Repeated calls to Riniker and an attorney for she and two co-defendants have gone unanswered since Friday, WISC-TV reported.

Riniker went to Judge Bill Dyke, who is handling the case from Iowa County, and he issued a gag order for the parents Monday morning. WISC-TV has not received a copy of the order nor a reason for its issue.

Open Free for All / Bullying suicide rates on the rise
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The Troubled Teen Industry / PUBLIC SCHOOL ABUSE
« on: October 02, 2010, 12:36:30 PM »
Please Vote.

Open Free for All / .
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Open Free for All / junk
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