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Title: Finally broke down and got another Ipod thingie..
Post by: Che Gookin on March 16, 2010, 07:42:11 AM
Well it isn't an ipod, more like an iclone as I have a philosophical objection to the hegemony Steve Jobs is perpetuating within the music industry with his damn ipods. I also believe people who own ipods are more likely to be chronic wankers and/or horse fuckers. So, today, I went out and bought a cheap little iclone thingamajigger and I'm busy downloading a toot load of free music off ( and pondering what sort of hard charging energizing music you doods use for your workouts, runs, or rides.

Oh yeah I had to buy another iclone as I lost my other one a few weeks ago. If anyone is bouncing around near the Shandong caves in the Shanxi province and spot a red iclone give me a holler.

So, workout music...

I got some megadeath, geto boys (daymn its good to be a gangster), metallica, and one or two michael buble songs that I quite enjoy.

Any suggestions?