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Title: Who is Dane Kay?
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Discovery Academy was founded in 1989 and subsequently purchased in 2003 by Redcliff Ascent, a wilderness program located in the state of Utah. The new owners have an extensive background and interest in experiential and adventure therapies. Within the adventure therapy, experiential education structure, Discovery now stresses a relationship model of care. Over the past two years, the Redcliff ownership has expanded and refined the experiential components of the program, while strengthening some aspects of the existing programming. Their philosophy is clearly different from the original behavioral approach and they stress significantly stronger and more positive relationships with the students.

There are six owners of Discovery; Dane Kay, Jim Salisbury, Scott Peterson, his brother Steve Peterson who are also the original owners of Redcliff Ascent, Brent Hall and Steve Nadauld. All six owners are Discovery Academy board members. Brent Hall serves as the executive director for Discovery and Steve is the admissions director for the Redcliff Ascent wilderness program. The clinical director for Discovery is Ken Condie, who was formerly a therapist for Redcliff wilderness. Discovery leadership clearly has sufficient experience and dedication in working with troubled teenagers.

I'm just there any relation to Ken Kay, Jay Kay???????
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Not sure, really.  Miranda Borg is the latest owner and it's rumored Discovery Academy is becoming more of a crack/whore house than an RTC.  I'd look for a more wholesome placement.
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Isaccorp seem to think he is ... report.pdf (
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Adolescent Recovery Services
Adolescent Recovery Services is another company WWASP refers parents to when they are looking for someone to physically remove the child from the home and transfer him/her to a WWASP facility.
Dane Kay, relative of WWASP President Ken Kay, is the registered agent. ... _replies=2 (;topic=25335.0;num_replies=2)

Item 3. Steve Nadauld, Jim Salisbury, and Dane Kay are requesting a Conditional Use Permit for the “Discovery Ranch” located at 1308 South 1600 West, Mapleton, A2 Zone Designation.

Tracy Padgett (Tracy), Planning & Zoning Technician, went over the Staff Report for the Planning Commissioners. She stated the 1st concern with the additional building being ran off of a septic system. The 2nd concern was ensuring that the International Building Code requirements be met. A sprinkling system inside of the facility would be required in order to meet the code. The 3rd concern was with the type of individuals that would be attending this facility. The facility will be staffed 24 hours per day, and all homeowners/landowners within 300 feet of the proposed Conditional Use were notified. Discovery Ranch members met with the Harvest Park developers and no concerns were given on their behalf. The Misty Meadows Subdivision will help with the water pressure concern, since they will be upgrading the line on 800 South to a 12” line from an 8” line. Any upgrades to the City will require them to hook up to the sewer system. Any changes to the Conditional Use will need additional approvals. No similar facility can be located within ¾ of a mile from this facility. The applicants would like to have a Community Advisory Board, so as to ensure that any concerns with the facility are being met. Tracy also spoke about possibly changing the code to state “Care Facilities” instead of “Elderly or Handicapped Care Facilities”. Steve Nadauld, Jim Salisbury, and Dane Kay stood to answer questions from the Planning Commissioners. They’ve been working with kids for about 15 years at the Discovery Academy in Provo and have been interested in this property for years. They went over their feelings for the help they feel could be given on this Ranch, in regards to all the options that they have with the horses. They believe the given therapy needs to be productive and interactive, which has a greater impact on the kids. Commissioner Elkington asked if their program is similar to Provo Canyon School? Steve Nadauld stated that they do not take in kids that have violence issues, or criminal backgrounds. He stated that there is a long list of questions that are given to parents before their child can be checked in to one of their facilities. Dane Kay said there’s always the possibility that a child may act in an aggressive manner, but the staff is trained to handle these situations. They have a wilderness program in Southern Utah where these types of children would be transferred if an aggressive situation takes place.
Commissioner Elkington asked them to describe more in depth the type of children that are taken in to the Facility. There are psychologists that meet with the children and screen them in order to ensure they meet the requirements for the Discovery Ranch. None of the children are from Utah. They only accept kids from outside of the State. Most of the children that come to the program usually come from other places where they’ve already had a diagnoses given to them. Tim Salisbury stated that their hope is to prepare the children to return to home with their families.
Commissioner Elkington asked their stipulation on “a-walls”? There are 88 kids in the Discovery Academy, and 2 are “a-walls”. No crimes have been committed while they were at the Facility. They are not free to leave and are Staff confined. They are not locked in though, and would be able to leave if they tried to do so.
Commissioner Wittusen asked if there are repeat offenders? Tim Salisbury said that it is a possibility they can return.
Commissioner Elkington asked if there are proctor families? They stated that there are. Local kids are allowed only in their Wilderness Program.
Commissioner Cobia asked them to describe their staff. Licensed psychologists, registered nurses, LPN and residential staff are available. The children, if necessary, can take medications. Education and teaching takes place from 3pm-9pm in the evening.
Commissioner Wittusen asked if they met with the Harvest Park Developers? The applicant’s stated that they’ve met together and the Harvest Park Developers did not seem to have very many concerns. Recreation therapists will also be a part of this program.
Commissioner Wittusen asked if the applicants plan to buy the facility and take the steps required to bring it up to compliance with the code? The applicants stated that they do. They also stated that the Advisory Committee would be there to meet any concerns that arise. Commissioner Green stated that he thinks these types of programs are wonderful. His concern is with the Harvest Park Development and the perceived affect this could have on them. He would like to see a member of the Harvest Park development on the Advisory Committee. Commissioner Elkington asked what they do in regards to being short staff? The applicants said children are never unsupervised. There are almost 100 staff members at the Discovery Academy, and there is always a place to turn to in order to cover any shifts.
Commissioner Cobia asked what their tuition is, and told them they didn’t need to answer if they did not wish to. They stated that it’s $8,200.00 per month. The children will also be doing community service as well. They are hoping to have somewhere between 32-40 children at the facility at one time.
Chairman Thomsen asked the public if they had any comments? Margaret Miller, landowner across the street from this proposal, feels that all of her concerns have been met. She wanted to ensure that the safety concerns were discussed. No other comments were given.
Motion: Commissioner Wittusen motioned to approve the Conditional Use Permit for the “Discovery Ranch” located at 1308 South 1600 West, Mapleton, A2 Zone Designation with the following condition:
• That they have state licensing approval.
Second: Commissioner Cobia
Vote: Unanimous ... cd=8&gl=us (

medicine wheel?