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Mission Mountain School / Just to let you know....
« on: May 06, 2005, 06:16:00 AM »
Just for everybody...

I apologize if I offend anybody in my posts; I tend to get riled up sometimes. Writing and venting helps me to see things more clearly. I am grateful for this forum, because since I left MMS I have just not thought about any of it. It is always painful for me to leave places and I was afraid I would be shut out because I left on a home visit.

After finding this forum, I have found opportunity to read other people's experiences and see different points of view. I have had the opportunity to vent my own feelings and also reflect on different aspects of my experience there, both in the forum and in my own space.

This has helped me a lot... I knew I was helped by the school, but shortly before I found this forum I realized how I was still living with the fear of punishment in part reinforced by the school...

since coming here, writing and reading these posts has helped me to sift through the good and the bad and see what I need to work through and let go of.

I guess what I wanted to say was thanks... to whoever started this forum and to EVERYBODY for sharing their opinions, views, experiences...

I also want to say that I may post things that are looking at things from one side, but a minute after, I will look at the other, most of the time I just spew out whatever comes into my mind... and none of my posts are meant to attack those who had a different experience at MMS.

I appreciate those who posted their experiences because it helps me realize why one of the friends I was close with while at the school seemed so different after leaving MMS... I felt really sad and confused about this.

Okay I'm done talking for now

Aileen[ This Message was edited by: aileen on 2005-05-06 03:17 ]

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