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Open Free for All / Re: Daniel Bennison & Diane Drzata
« on: January 15, 2013, 11:45:16 AM »
Pretty shitty even for you Marky,and Sharon
You've dove to a new depth of mental illness
Got meds ?
You sick fuckers

Open Free for All / Re: Art Warshawsky
« on: January 12, 2013, 06:10:27 PM »
LOL Ya you and who else kid ?
Bring a lunch,and Kevlar
Sharon Sharon Sharon
You really shouldnt have... Who will you blame now?
You are going to jail

Open Free for All / Re: To anyone
« on: January 09, 2013, 03:17:36 PM »
You are just getting that  ?
Smarter than the Marky and Sharons of Elan

Open Free for All / Re: Art Warshawsky
« on: January 07, 2013, 01:06:27 PM »
Nice pic girls
Another useless,baseless threat by a coward or cowards
If any of you had any nuts,Id be dead and burried by now
None of you are fooling anyone.. Its the same ole same ole insanity that has brought you (obviously) to you're knees (and to Fornits)
Cuz you are all,all talk,and somehow you think I care about any of you're perverse opinions
Yep I am successful,becuase I put all this bullshit FAR behind me
Now you keep sick,keep cashing that welfare check,eatin that Government cheese
and lets not forget all of the baseless allegations
IF you feel that strongly.. Fill out a police report,take me to court,sue me
The only one here that has ANY respect,from anywhere would be Matt Hoffman
We may not have seen eye to eye all these years,but he has carried himself like a man
and I respect that.
As far as the other handful of uneducated morons
You have bigger problems than little ole Art
You are all seriously mentally incapacitated

Elan School / Re: no one takes Danny Bennison or Art Warshawsky seriously
« on: December 30, 2012, 06:31:30 PM »
Danny Bennison STFU wrote :
> Art that is some funny shit right there, not the above words, no  the words
> of Danny Bennison's that you glommed your Sharon and Mark attack on to with
> the little spittle referencing a class action lawsuit. Between you both
> asshat wearing idiots, it was fucking funny, and that is the best you two
> former or current  employees of the Elan School got.
> You are so full of shit Art we can see it leaking out of your face , at
> least put some duct tape over your face turd, so people don't vomit looking
> at you!
> The only people that take Danny "I will debate my rape allegations
> against me by attacking my victim's sexuality " Bennison and   Art
> " I will attack anyone who talks about The Elan School that didn't go
> there" Warshawsky, seriously is Sharon Terry , Bill Diamond and Ed
> McColl.
> It is funny that Art suggested that the Duck book,  the updated copy of the
> Duck in a Raincoat not be posted on a site dedicated to the Elan School.
> Artie you're  as dumb as your buddy Danny Bennison.
> And to think that Sharon Terry , Bill Diamond ,and Ed McColl have been
> using  these ass clowns, Danny Bennison and Art Warshawsky to protect their
> millions of dollars from a class action lawsuit . It is just  going to make
> a class action lawsuit that much easier, and that much sweeter.
> Art/Danny you two whackjobs  stated that some Elan Students did not get
> better from their experiences of  being abused by the Elan School, well  no
> shit Art/ Danny some got dead as a result of their abusive experiences from
> the Elan School.
> You two assclowns are serious sick fucks.
Only a couple comments to ad
1) We want a class action lawsuit. That's all..... Do you have a mouse in you're pocket Dano ? Who is We? and after all these years,why havent you moved on with you're life
2) Now thats some funny shit written above. You make my point for me so welll. What does it say under the Elan School .. Eloquent ?
You folks were sick long before Elan. Elan didnt fix you. You got duped,you got abused. Fuck you,who gives a fuck anymore. You whiney spineless little bottomfeeders. Its over! Been over. Granted sooner for some,than others,but in the end,its not where you've been,or been thru. Its where you are going. I dont know where you guys are going,but this nasty BS you been spewin for 10 years,only solidifies what a large,stinking pile of excrement you have been,and continue to be. Why do you think your life sux this bad.. play games on the internet,make shit up about other people,and hide behind you're keyboards....I guess if you cant give up the past.. You are bound to continue reliving it.
I have never had an alias on fornits .. I dont have time for this bullshit. Life is too good to be spent responding to the mentally ill
Carry on motherfuckers

Elan School / Re: KIndle version DUCK IN A RAINCOAT AVAILABLE at Amazon
« on: December 27, 2012, 08:21:17 AM »
Publisherofduck wrote :
> Hello Art/Denny,
> Glad you surfaced.  Makes life interesting to know you have multiple
> personalities, and hide behind many user names....
> Have a great New Year.
> Dan
I have but one user name,and for many years. These are the Victims of Elan. These are poor poor folks that cant help themselves. They were sicko's before elan,and whattya know.... They remain damaged today. So damaged that they have resorted to anonymous names,on an anonymous message board that under 10 people read or look at. Like I said,you should market your book better. I have nothing to hide Dano,why would I have another screen name?
Fornits does not represent the people from Elan. Fornits represents the sickness that was Elan. Only most folks got over it,got better,and lead productive lives. If you are looking to advertise this book,you should try a place that has successful people.

Elan School / Re: KIndle version DUCK IN A RAINCOAT AVAILABLE at Amazon
« on: December 26, 2012, 08:55:57 AM »
I will purchase this next week. Ive gotta fly to a business meeting,will help kill the time.
As for the others,what did you expect to see ?
Class action ? Sorry I dont see it. Mentall illness will not allow the sick fucks from here to do anything but whine,and play games.
The sad part,is they blame Elan for their current day lack of life.
they were sent to Elan to get better,but they didnt. Now 30-35 years later,a couple of the sickest congregate in a place known as a cesspool,to prove to one another who is the sickest. Quite the competetion here at Fornits.
Unfortunately,there are all losers,all the time.
I suppose you could get 70-80 dollars of their welfare money collectively. But your meanings,and points about Elan are lost to severe mental illness.
They simply are not happy,unless they can hurt others
Danny this,and Artie that,and whomever wont share their perverse opinions and life styles
I tink you have your heart in the right place Dano,tho I think you could market yourself better. In the event a class action does take place,nothing from fornits will prove or disprove anything in your book(s).
Marky and Sharon have successfully destroyed this website,just as they destroyed the other 6-8 they used to hurt people
Best wishes Dano and Merry Christmas

Open Free for All / Re: is artie playing in the cumdumpster.
« on: December 03, 2012, 02:18:46 PM »
Danny Bennison STFU wrote :
> Art you do need to STFU. It would be you asshole who would post this shit
> on craigslist in your town, and then cry whose playing games now.
> No one said anything about "status " report dumbazz. Prog reports
> douche FART, what the fuck maggot infested  brain Art, are you talking
> "status". You thought ,really Artie you thought Mike Skakal was
> innocent. Grow some nuts Artie and put them on the line and say that you
> "KNOW" he is innocent . No one Artie has to look for dirt on your
> comrade Danny Bennison, his shit cupcake, is all over the internet, it
> freely bubbles to the top. Like chloroform in a cold wash it bubbles to the
> top. You did say Frank Garr was going to get a convicition "even if
> god himself testified " don't think so Artie, if god testified don't
> you think there would have been no conviction, again dumbass.Artie you have
> superior powers of stating the obvious, totally amazing Artie of course
> Mike Skakal got convicted Artie  because of the elan connection!!!!! These
> people testified that they heard him alledgedly confess to the crime, for
> fucks sake Artie tell us something that we don't know . Artie was the trial
> fair????? Are cocerced and beaten the fuck out of you interrogations
> admissible in a court of law, regardless of where or when it happened
> ?????If as many people were beating on you Artie  wouldn't you admit Artie
> to butt fucking Danny  Bennison with that growth on your head  just to make
> the beatings stop? Don't lie Artie of course you would! Have you Artie
> begged for forgivenness from the people that you have maligned on this very
> board as Artman1111, you know the publisher of Duck comes to mind, for one
> . Take your perverse shit Artie and go tell  Hope Seeley some truth. Artie
> tell anybody the truth it will do you good dumbazz . Until then Artie STFU.

Never fails
When one of you HOSPITAL cases,or WELFARE cases is upset... It becomes all about gay sex,Foul language,orshowing off how smart you are ..
I can see how smart you are. Harrass people,suck off the government,pretend to be mentally ill so you can get Welfare and dont have to get a job
You are very unimpressive. Whether you are the asshole from CL,or a different ASSHOLE from Fornits.. Gee nothing written on CL was ever duplicated here in this cesspool..Marky never used the same old lines,threats,phrases...this is Just a different cesspool.
I believe Mike is Innocent.. But I was not there that fateful night that Martha was killed. I would have no DIRECT knowledge about that. The idiots who testified were scum in the 70's,and they remain scum today..
The only maligning thats been done has been by you idiots.. and Che is now one of the idiots as well.. only he actually has a job,goes to work
If are looking for me to shut up.. You should grow a pair,and try to make good on the dozens of threats,and screen names you have used
Nothing would make me happier,than to see any of you drop,from a bad case of lead poisoning
Thats my promise to you !

Open Free for All / Re: danny fucked children!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: November 23, 2012, 09:06:11 AM »
Danny Bennison STFU wrote :
> as an adult   .....while working at the Elan school   ...     Danny
> bennison shut the fuck up!
> The horror that those childeren suffered, at the hands of Danny Bennison.
> You fucking sick fucking bastard! fill out those state reports Danny ,
> thats all that Joe Ricci needs to defraud the states. thats right asshole
> keep the fraudulent money coming in to the coff(ers)(ins)  of Elan.
> bout right there Artie. No you never signed a staties progress report. Shit
> Art you didn't, old Danny sure did cause he knew what his sarogottte
> (bullshit) daddy wanted, namned Joe Ricci, Bill diamond, Martin Kruglik,
> Jeffery Gottlierb. Keep those statie moneies coming in. Tax them revenues
> senator Mitchell. Bill Diamond under the desk blowing old Mitchell,
> fingering Olympus Snowe on a goot day .
> Hey Artie we know you said Danny Bennison was a  LIAR  BUT did you SAY that
> FRANK GARR supressed info that could have helped the DEFENSE  of Mike
> Skakel . Who was at that party Artie and who could have stumbled by. Who
> did stumble by ????? and why was Frank Garr so bent on who dun it . Frank
> had a conviction before the case went to trial ......  Michael is innocent
> and you know that Artie !!!
> Fuck Furman he is an idiot like Danny Bennison. Suppress that noise right
> away . Furman like Danny, fucking idiots , racial no surprise there. racial
> ,class idiots.
> Yes Art Danny Bennison is a fucking LIAR.
> Seeley  just stoopid. Too Blind to see that her client is innocent, fuck
> the hyperbole, innocent.
> Micheal Skakel innocent.  Bennison just monkey boy in this shit, propped by
> Ricci with a circle.
> Ricci's Kennedy Game, book to be a best seller.STOP
You guys are too much. Its like a sickness
Ive always said I thought Mike was innocent. Hope Seeley was always nice to me. Frank Garr was going to get his conviction,even if God himself testified. The whole Elan connection to the courtroom cost Mike his Freedom.
I dont recall anything about a "status" report.. And who fucking cares ? You just look for shit to throw at Danny,or whomever doesnt support the Perverse opinions you have. Seek fucking help,.then forgiveness from those you have wronged. Not that I think it will matter. Marky is going to hell either way. Felice likes the game,because she has nothing else. I called her my friend,but I knew she wasnt,couldnt..Sick people cant be you're friends. Just like Mark,wayne or whomever else is still playing. They simply lack the capacity to show compassion,amoung other things

Open Free for All / Re: Proof That LisaMarie is Danny Bennison
« on: November 18, 2012, 07:26:37 PM »
Quote from: Danny Bennison STFU
Danny Bennison says he does not use sock puppets.
He uses sock puppets and the funny thing about them is that most of them are womens names.
John Benidict knew you were a liar Danny Bennison and that was why you were not asked to testify at Michael Skakel's trial.
You never sat in the chair to give testimony at Michael Skakel's  trial.
Danny Bennison is a liar.
I said the same thing years ago

Open Free for All / Re: Marky taking his temper tantrums to another venue
« on: November 14, 2012, 05:52:29 PM »
Hey Marky
You know the 188 times I linked you to harrassing me ?
Will be in the hands of you're Favorite Lake County States Attorney in the morning,the same one who is prosecuting you're other harrassment case
Along with the many alias' you have used here and elsewhere to be all you can be
I guess another court case,Order of Protection,is no big deal to a tough guy like you
Enjoy it you earned it

Ruaraidh. wrote :
> Art we hate you because your an asshole. Everything else is evidence that
> you are one
> Go suck Dannys dick you faggot
Powerful come back.. Profanity,and gay sex
I may not be able to sleep tonight
Actually I am a great guy. I pay every week,so you can sit at home and type neandrothal messages,on a forum that 3-4 people read
and you do it Anonymously. Next time I drop off a bag of food at the Local Food Pantry.. I'll put your name on it
Why dont you get a job ?

This is the same tired old shit from years ago. Young lady I really don't care, you are right. Why should I? You are not a responsible representative of an √Član survivor. You are like Wayne, you are a fraud.
Funny,I was your victim years ago. When you realized you werent getting anywhere,you're focus turned to Danny. Doesnt appear you are getting anywhere with that plan either. There is only a handful of you morons still lurking around/seeking attention/playing this game. You're identity is no secret. All of your're lives put together would'nt amount to a bucket of piss,as far as I am concerned. You are mentally ill,and still blaming others for it.
Thats why you never get better. You can move across the country,change your appearance,only post at Fornits using sock-puppets,and still you're life sucks. Happy people dont do what you do.
I dont believe any accusations that Wayne has made
There is nobody here that I was @ Elan with
There is no reason you would be angry with me,except that my life is good,has been good,and continues to get better every day
You are,just like Babitz.. Small,childish,jealous and mostly fools
My concience is clear
How much more tragedy has to effect your life Sharon/Felice,before you "get it" ? Havent you been thru enough

Open Free for All / Re: Marky taking his temper tantrums to another venue
« on: October 29, 2012, 07:42:57 AM »
Oh Marky thanks for the laughs
Real men ? Are you saying you are a real man,and I am running from you ?
Now thats funny. I see the meds arent working quite right yet
why would I be afraid of a courtroom Marky ? Was it I,that created 7 websites to slander me ? Did I threaten you with "50 bikers on my lawn"?
Did I steal someone's identity,then create a FB page with that person's picture/address/telephone number?
Did I stalk you at your home,place of work,and elsewhere  ?
I dont believe you saw a cop abusing his children. I believe this was another opportunity to be an asshole...and you ran with it
You are a funny fucker.. Still illiterate,still no friends,still nobody cares if you live or die
all of your lies have come full circle.. Bye bye corvette,Bye bye House on the lake,bye bye girlfriend.. Who Im told was too good for you from day one
and you STILL cant be truthful
You have a harrassment case pending. Somehow I am not suprised. Its what you do. You are a jealous,small,illiterate fool

Open Free for All / Re: Marky taking his temper tantrums to another venue
« on: October 28, 2012, 08:28:26 AM »
You mean to tell me that you are upset about the lies being told about you in public ?
I didnt think you had any feelings Marky
Maybe its only when you are in a cell,that you dont have any feelings
There was no child abuse,just your need to be an asshole
You'd be suprised at what you can learn, being NICE to people
So Marky,tell us how many OP's you have against you (you can have more than 1)
Stalking a Police Officer cant be a smart way to go
Maybe you should get your meds adjusted (again)
One day MAYBE you can become a PRODUCTIVE member of society
Gonna ask you a rhetorical question one more time Marky
WTF is wrong with you

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