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Open Free for All / Re: Art Warshawsky the Scumbag
« on: February 28, 2013, 05:27:41 AM »
oh wayne.. More games and lies,You simply cannot tell the truth if it fell o ya
Are you sure you arent living with,or sleeping with Marky and Sharon?
"Art claims that Elan was a great opportunity  that we blew"
"Both sides of the fence"
As a Jr Staff I witnessed no abuse,never raped sharon
and I did report what I sae
You need help wayne
MAking shit up STILL,wont get you the attention yu seekl
But you sure are a funny guy. Ive been laughing at you for months
Did yoiu ever pay larry back for the things you sole from his home ?
How about repair what you broke in his home?
YA I thought so
STFU ya fag

Open Free for All / Re: Art Warshawsky the Scumbag
« on: February 26, 2013, 06:31:56 PM »
Terry Kato wrote :
> Someone should tell Angela that Art is a windbag. He won't sue because his
> actions as Elan staff would come into evidence, and his rape of an underage
> resident (before or after, it doesn't matter) would be as well
Someone should take his meds. You can call me whatever you like. Play your little games with your sick friends. I want no part of you and your lies. You do not advance your cause by telling repulsvive stories that are untrue
> Elan staff are a bunch of toothless tigers, threatening and abusing people.
> Danny was full of the "I'll get my lawyer and sue you" shit until
> Wayne's book came out. Then, he shut his stupid face. Art is full of shit,
> let's get his name back up. He worked there, he abused children, he saw
> children abused and was mandated to report it, but didn't, and he still
> abuses Elan survivors to this day online
You would have to know ho serious I am. I have taken dow how many of your perverse "websites"?
Arent you in enough trouble with the law Mark ?
> That said, I do understand why Angela dropped it, but I'm sure she can be
> convinced to readd him
If you re-organized your vile,and perverse ways of attacking the program,and residents,I would be happy top particpate on some level. We have the same goals you idiot. You think I dont want to see those responsible answer for their abuse,you would be wrong.
But I will only tell/support the truth. Why you all would have to lie about your experiences escapes me. Was pretty bad in my day
I will say.. You are proficiant at making an ass out of yourselves

Yes Marky,its true
I am covering my tracks because I am deathly afraid that you will Catch me
Catch me at what Marky ?
My attorney had zero to do with removing my name from your little cult of hate
I didnt want to join this cult 4-5 years ago,and I am STILL laughing at your sock puppets
Seems the only one getting upset is you. You continue to fail,every day. Whether it be Craigs list,fornits,or every other place in your (obviously) miserable existance. People like yourself should be locked up,in a cage. You remember that. Probably the best years of your life.
The good news is... Its the 1st of the month. Youre link card/food stamps will be refilled. The Food Pantry will let you in.. and Obama has a check for you
Oh and BTW.. Remember that trick you used to do with IP's
You couldnt be more busted if you tried.. all the way from Kenosha
You really are a moron
At least thats what they say @ KPD,but dont take my word for it
They will tell you

Oh Marky
Thats not my house,but the Ironic thing is
I have a house,and you have,a couch somewhere,or maybe you are staying at a shelter
Eating government cheese,and collecting welfare
I would feel sorry for you,but you dont deserve it
Sharon was never raped,she was plenty old enough.. plus,at that time,we were friends
a concept you wouldnt understand

Open Free for All / Re: Daniel Bennison & Art Warshawsky
« on: January 31, 2013, 07:08:48 AM »
You are like a Super Hero. Some kids wanna be like superman. Others like Spiderman
You.. We call Fecalboy,and for good reason.
Looks like when you run out of lies,you turn to your favorite topics/fantasies
Sex with men,sex with objects,and/or fecal Matter
you need some new material Marky
Sharon was never raped. Even she says so. I know you badly want to make me into the same kind of criminal that YOU are
But it just didnt happen that way
Now try to stay away from the Metra Station this week.
BTW.. Mike gave me some great advice.You are about to lose again
I bet you are starting to really enjoy Lake County Courthouse,and jail
You keep going back

Open Free for All / Re: Did Art Warshawsky rape Sharon at Elan?
« on: January 29, 2013, 10:15:43 AM »
Nobody raped anyone Marky
This is all part of your sexual delusions and fantasies
I bet I can match,almost word for word,all the nice things you have said about me. Its like taking a page from.. Well,here at Fornits.
You know Marky,if you actually get out of bed today,and apply for a job you are qualified for,you might get to be that guy taking money at the gas station.. Tho I wouldnt hire you. Look at the content of your posts.. You are not a well man
And Sharon.. Well anyone thats ever met Sharon,has been burned,lied to and or shit on
Tell you're little stories..Pull on that littl pee pee,if it makes you feel better
The rest of the world knows you as a liar,that plays games on the internet
I Tink they call that COWARDICE
Every time you post this nonsense,you solidify what so many people already think
There is no wayne.. Just your daily Fecal Fantasies you look to experience
only in REAL life.. Noone would ever get that close to you and Sharon
The stank would keep them away for sure

Open Free for All / you girls are terrible liars
« on: January 28, 2013, 07:57:34 AM »
I think someone else needs to write a book about the.liars,and assholes that make shit up on the internet,accusing others of the nasty behaviors they demonstrate every day
Still unconvinced,that Wayne exists.
It's all so familiar. The wording,and phrases used are the same ones used against me many many timed over while marky,and Sharon were on a rampage against myself
Also,I'm pretty certain its illegal to advertise homosexual rape,that never happened. Plus to read the sentence structure,poor grammar,and the desperation to hurt others,that I've only seen here,and no other place.
Plus Marky uses these phrases and sentences concerning homosexual sex frequently,as he is deeply in love with cock... I cite 200 pages of the same actions and behaviors found right here on this site. Add Sharons nose up markys ass it appears the sanity had left you both.
Why don't I know this Wayne charactor? In 12 or so years of this online abuse,and no Wayne untill the last year or so.....thia is fornits.. nobdy new comes here.
Sorry I havent been available to expose dummy A,or dummy B. It's so obvious
Marky,Sharon... Just kill yourself. Think of how many happy people you can make
You are still nobody,you will not ever be anything,and you are a drain on society

Well son
You've really made an ass outa yourself this time.
Pretty old game,you should be better at it. In that deluted,fiendish mind of yours,it must be better to embellish,and flat out lie,than hold yourself to a higher standard. I find you to be boring,and childish as well no wonder you can't get anyone to listeif in. You are a fraud yourself. You have become the abuser.
You keep playing this game. Collecting whatever info you find tasty,but not quite true.
The rest of the world will contniue to laugh at you
If there is a person named. Wayne. I hope you get the help.or attention you seem to need
If you are Marky or Sharon
I hope you catch a stray bullet

Well Marky
When all you are left with,are lies,and delusions
My work is done
Again you have been exposed as a liar and a fraud
Are you part retarded too? Don't answer,who cares. Don't think for one
Minute,that you can avoid prosecution from the big town of Kelso wa.
Or wherever you collect your foodstamps/welfare check.
Disability my ass
It must it easier being a victim. I wouldn't know. It was 35 yrs ago for me.
If I think about it I get upset,sometimes. But I go to work every day,sponsor a couple charities
Try to enjoy life.
I think they call it being a grownup

Well Marky
You are still a failure
I was in Elan May of 78 thru Oct of 80. You should get the lies straight. As far as where I lived goes .. get ready for it Marky
Who fucking cares
You are no longer effective at making me angry. I just laugh at the desperation of each post. You need help Marky.You are sick!
I wont even bother with Sharon. Whatever happened to that "Strong Woman" I blame on you. Unfortunately,she is a follower. Only you have taught her how to act sick,and deranged like yourself.
Here's some simple addition for you .. Sharon,plus Marky Equals ZERO. Zero quality of life,Zero respect,and the worst of it... Mentally Ill
Maybe the worst Ive ever seen. You have lost you're skills as a stalker,cuz I just dont fucking care what you post,or where
Making people up,and posting as them... Who does this ? 4 yr olds ?
I never raped anyone,nor did Danny. This is just you're little circus show of Horrors.. or maybe Whores.. Attention Whores
You've bored me to death. You have a nice day now girls

you should report me
Call the cops
File a lawsuit
You dont care about any of that. You just wanna bash Art. Same game,same rules (no rules)
But today you have a new screen name. Now thats just cute. You are so good at this game too. I wonder if you can use this game for college credit.. Or maybe you can be the 1st to post today .. Congrats..wanna cookie ? Next time you are talking to your shrink,make sure to tell him/her what a bad lil girl you are. ...
Did anyone else read the names "Wayne" posted to prove he is real ? None of those people were in 78. They were all from earlier. I was there in 78,only one of those names was there too,but for a very short time. Not only have you proven yourself to be a liar yesterday,but from every day prior.. Its ALL a lie. Wayne is part of Sharon and Marky's sick,twisted,medicated little mind. Because again...STILL
When ya got nothing.. Make it up as you go
Boring really.. Considering Elan is closed,been closed,and you wont be suing anyone
YA gotta have money for that girls!!!
Why do you think I havent sued any of you ? Winning doesnt mean ya get paid
you got nothing thats worth anything
Get a job

Open Free for All / Re: Daniel Bennison & Diane Drzata
« on: January 21, 2013, 07:47:06 AM »
Ok Wayne,I'll bite
Who was you're Dir @ 7,and how come several people,not asscociated with this shithouse (fornits) also dont know you
Wayne Marky Sharon
You remain a very bad liar.
Sharon was not raped,at least not by me. Danny didnt rape anyone either. This is what sick fucks do when validity,truth dont go there way.
In fact,I bet Mark has the most miserable life,next to Sharon. Its you 2,and you're multiple screen names that keep this bullshit going on and on.
If Mark wanted to actually speak to me,he would've done it,like a man,face to face. But after 10 years of the game. Its apparent that Mark isnt interested in that.. Only projecting lies,and insanity. Sharon just wants everyone to look at her,and feel sorry for her
Only this hasnt worked either
I conclude,that in my opinion,there is no Wayne. Hell Sharon was at elan for 100 days ? Yes Sharon I remember you're story. It didnt include rape.
So were you lying then ? OR are you lying now? or still?
I cant believe you have all them kids,and you have no contact with most of them. Have you even seen a pic of you're grandchild. I know what she thinks of you. She is pretty vocal
I feel sorry for you're boys. Being raised in squalor,and subjected to your mental health issues 24/7

Hey Marky
You are a terrible liar.. Still
You'd think after all this time. So many lies.
Who are you posting this too ? There's like 4-5 people here. You and Sharon ran everyone else off.
Cuz yer so special
Why did I file that DMCA ? Could it be those 6-7 websites that no longer exist ? Could it be you WANTED fornit to go down,like the rest of your websites.. Could it be you set the whole thing in motion over a temper tantrum ?
Kinda like this one?
Hey thanks for the Craigslist verification of harrassment. You still arent very smart Marky
I didnt know they had wi-fi at the Salvation Army homeless shelter

Arent you a little old to be seeking attention Sharon?

Open Free for All / Re: Daniel Bennison & Diane Drzata
« on: January 18, 2013, 09:06:09 AM »
Hey Wayne,or Marky,or whomever you are pretending to be at this instant
I dont believe you exist,except for as a ghost,so as to not use you're real names (Marky,Sharon,Felice)
This whole,insane,harrassment of myself started as a result of me not wanting to join the little cult of hate you started.. I believe the original reason was to write a book. Now that "Wayne" has written this fiction,Slanderous as it is.. Its just never enough. You are like a couple of drug addicts,getting your FIx,by hurting others,and pretending to be others. Hey Marky,arent you like 55 years old ?
You can talk about the supposed rape of Sharon all you want,but my concience is clear. We were friends,we had a few laughs. I thought you were a pretty nice lady
Sorry I left for the NW,without saying goodbye. Sorry you have a dozen children with 10 different men.
Sorry Marky for the terrible quality of life you lead. Sorry that in 55 years,you have only achieved USER status in life. Hell,your old friends couldnt stand you long before you began making an ass out of yourself publically
Danny didnt rape anybody,any more than I did. But when ya got nothing,you're imaginations run amuck,as can be seen by the hundreds of pages of fecal fantasies,and and anal sex with men and objects.. VERY CLASSY MARKY
Theres just one thing Id like to add
There's 4-5 people here playing this childish game. You DO NOT represent the Elan Alumni. You represent a minority of people,so sick,so shunned by society,that this is the only way you can get some badly needed attention. You have been,and continue to be Cancer. Not just to this group,but to the world as a whole. I sincerely hope this finds you angry,and destitute.. The same way I found you 10 years ago. Playing the same old games,pretending to be a toughguy.
I have learned a number of things in that 10 years.First and foremost,you are a COWARD
Secondly,and above anything else. You are Mentally Ill.Living off the Government just like you're Fornits pals. Looking for one scam after another,so as to not put in an honest day's work,and become part of society.
Say what you want about me. Im not the one with 20 screen names. Im not the one slandering those who have more to offer than you
You are a small,jealous,little man

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