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Thought Reform / Re: Documentary Film, "Human Resources"
« on: August 16, 2011, 01:53:59 AM »
Quote from: "dragonfly"
Death Girl mentioned this's really well done.
There's 9 parts and you can also see it at the film makers site.
Well, that's messed me up a bit. Tonight will be another insomnia night. Very disquieting. Thx Dethgurl.

Elan School / Re: Dr Gerald Davidson Was Jennifer's uncle?
« on: August 16, 2011, 01:50:56 AM »
Not to come off all COINTELPRO or anything, but what is the working theory here?

Quote from: "dragonfly"
I just came across the name Dr. Richard rings a bell but I can't remember why...I associate that name with a program...
Neither of the Gottliebs you mentioned sound familiar to me, but the link re: the CIA involved second of the two was interesting. Incidentally, though not a doctor, there was a Jeffrey Gottlieb on Staff at Élan. IDK, maybe that's why the name rang a bell?

Edits applied. I’m delighted that you were able to locate another more complete source article that I had failed to.
'Taking my so called big box store blocks and going home so to speak-- ceding any other details either remiss or missed herein to the
 master builder.
:beat: Ouch that's me on the left!

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Families sue Silverado Academy
« on: July 31, 2011, 09:04:43 PM »
Thx, Ursus. It’s unanimously decided then. You be the one to format for relay the PDF of the civil complaint against Silverado Academy. :deal:

Addiction Treatment Philosophy / Re: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
« on: July 31, 2011, 06:20:29 PM »
@ajax13: I implore you to expand upon that interpretation, as of the many very diverse reactions and conclusions I personally got from the accounts and proposals presented in the content …I really can’t see how / where it read like an ode to Buchmanism.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Silverado Academy Abuse Coverup
« on: July 31, 2011, 02:45:10 PM »
KSLTV5 Video re: Eighteen Felony Charges filed against Glosson and Civil Abuse Case brought against Silverado Academy here

Kidz Ark residential facility licenses pulled
By Sara Waite Journal-Advocate managing editor Posted: 07/15/2011 06:30:53 PM MDT

Children being relocated to other sites

STERLING -- The Colorado Department of Human Services has issued a summary suspension of the licenses for the Kidz Ark facilities in Sterling and New Raymer. The facilities are owned by Jay and Linda Littlefield.

The children who lived at the therapeutic residential childcare facility are being relocated. According to CDHS spokeswoman Liz McDonough, the children came from counties all over Colorado, and the county offices are responsible for finding alternate placements for the children. She said that as of Friday afternoon, only six children remained at the facility. CDHS staff are on site and will remain there until the last child is removed from Kidz Ark. Families of the children are being contacted to let them know about the moves, and those with questions can talk to their case worker, McDonough said.

McDonough said the licenses were suspended because the department believes the facility poses a "substantial danger" to public health and welfare, and has committed willful violation of licensing requirements.
"This is not an action that we undertake lightly," she said. She noted that while the move is disruptive to the residents, "our first priority is to ensure the kids are safe."

She noted that both the Logan County Human Services office and the Logan County Sheriff`s Office are investigating. Social Services Director Fred Crawford said he could not comment on the situation. No one from the LCSO could be reached for comment.
McDonough said that allegations include abuse and neglect, as well as improper training and failure to report abuse. She said the facility has also provided false information to CDHS.

The order required licenses for both facilities to be surrendered. The Littlefields are banned from undertaking any activity which requires a childcare license, McDonough said. After the county investigations are complete, a licensing hearing will be held to determine whether they can get their license back.

After press time, Linda Littlefield responded to the Journal-Advocate's request for comment. She said they plan to contest the suspension of their license. "We do not believe the state has sufficient grounds to suspend the license," she said, adding that they had not had time to review or respond to the complaint.
According to the Kidz Ark website, the facility serves 60 residents and day treatment clients, ages 10 to 18, on a daily basis. Many of the clients are developmentally or emotionally delayed, and the majority have been violently abused or grossly neglected, the website reads.
"Providing hospitality, healing, heart and hope" is listed as the facility`s mission. "With a philosophy of 'unconditional love + accountability,` Kidz Ark believes in the rights and dignity of individuals and families and the sanctity of all human life," states the online description. It also says Kidz Ark follows CARF (The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission) standards.

Both Articles (above) also cited and linked by Rally on

Also by Sara Waite: Kidz Ark owner plans to fight license suspension Sheriff`s Office: Investigation should be complete soon

2 Logan County Residential Child Care Centers Shut Down
Kidz Ark Licenses Suspended In State, County Criminal Investigation
ABC7 News Colorado Written by Wayne Harrison, Web Editor POSTED: 3:16 pm MDT July 15, 2011

STERLING, Colo. -- State operating licenses for two Logan County residential child care centers for children had their licenses suspended Friday.

The Kidz Ark centers house a total 62 children, according to Liz McDonough, with the Colorado Department of Human Services.

By Friday afternoon, all but six of the children had been put in alternative care facilities. State Human Services staff will stay until the remaining children are removed.

A criminal investigation has also been launched into the facilities outside Sterling and at New Raymer, according to McDonough. She would not say what type of criminal investigation had been launched or what prompted the investigation but did say the Logan County sheriff is conducting the probe.

The New Raymer facilities is a ranch for boys, according to the Kidz Ark website.
The Kidz Ark Centers also had licenses for day treatment, McDonough said. The centers were notified Thursday that their licenses were going to be suspended.

"They cannot undertake any activity that a child care license is required," McDonough said.
A series of issues over the last year led to Friday's suspension, according to McDonough.
A hearing will be scheduled in the coming months, after Logan County Human Services and Sheriff's Department investigations are completed.

The Kidz Ark website describes the company as a therapeutic residential child care facility, specializing in the treatment of troubled children. Children being treated range in age from 10 to 18, according to the Kidz Ark website.
"We have specific qualifications and experiences which enable us to meet the needs of severely damaged children, including children with developmental disabilities," the website states. "The majority of all our kids have been violently abused or grossly neglected."

Aspen Education Group / Re: My son at Aspen Ranch
« on: July 28, 2011, 01:36:23 AM »
Nobody should have to go through that and sorry that it caused you a migraine to think of it. However, I appreciate that you posted it.

As someone who takes an interest in the differences and similarities of various programs, I was surprised about the “haircuts”. The overmedicating sounds particularly egregious in the two cases you’ve cited and the senselessness of the humiliations and general indifference seems typical for most programs, the packets for schooling sounds all too familiar as well, and by many euphemisms so are the provocations you mentioned. That degrading feedback routine takes place in other programs and is called by the same name, but I had no idea that any Aspen program called any of their methods haircuts. Interesting.
Quote from: "decassipated"
… I did not graduate. In fact, I was shipped somewhere else to finish my program days…
Which program were you transferred to?
Quote from: "decassipated"
If you want my advice, as someone who has been there, don’t send your child to Aspen ranch. Do yourself a favor and get the hell out of Aspen Ranch’s money-seeking grasp.
Good advice.

Southern Utah Boarding School Accused of Abuse Coverup

by Johnny Bonner, CN writer Kcsg Television
Published - 06/27/11 - 10:05 AM

(Salt Lake City, UT) - After a Southern Utah boarding school teacher sexually assaulted three students, he used bribes, threats and intimidations to conceal it, and administrators at the Silverado Academy protected him and told one of the boys not to talk, the teens' parents say.

Parents of the three "John Doe" students say defendant Silverado Academy in Panguitch, Utah, hired, fired and rehired Richard Glosson as a coach and athletic coordinator over a span of about 2 years.

The only defendant in the federal complaint is Silverado Academy LLC. (Complaint)pdf

Glosson, who had no formal training or post-high school education when he was hired by the academy prior to 2010, was fired several months after accepting a position "because of concerns that it had that he was being too close to the teenagers in the programs," according to the complaint.

But Silverado rehired Glosson "in late 2010 or early 2011," and "Glosson was allowed to have repeated access to and time with individual students privately, in multiple locations and settings, including students over whom he was not a coach and had no supervisory duties," according to the complaint.

It adds: "On multiple occasions, Mr. Glosson sexually abused numerous teenagers at the academy, including the minor plaintiffs, in Silverado's classrooms, Glosson's living quarters, and the students' living quarters, among other places."

Students at the academy are assigned to a cabin, and each cabin is assigned a set of "coaches," along with a therapist.

The parents claim Glosson bullied their children after the attacks. "Mr. Glosson used various means to discourage the students from saying anything about the abuse, including, but not limited to the threat of not recommending that a student be advanced in the program, bribery, physical force, intimidation, and deceit," the parents, who hail from Georgia, Nevada and Michigan, alledge.

The parents say that police visited the academy after Glosson reported that a minor, from Arizona, had contacted him on Facebook and threatened to go public about his sexual assaults.

But Silverado's management and police "took no action against Mr. Glosson and continued to allow him to work in close proximity to the teenagers in the program," according to the complaint.

It continues: "At least two of the incidents of sexual assault that Mr. Glosson committed against the minor plaintiffs were committed after law enforcement officials visited the academy to investigate Mr. Glosson's complaint.

"When John Doe 1 reported Mr. Glosson's sexual assault to the academy's management, he was told not to say anything to his parents about the assault, during his Father's Day call to them on June 19, 2011."

According to the complaint: "Silverado Academy LLC operates a clinical boarding school offering residential care for troubled teenagers between ages 13 and 18 in Garfield County, Utah," near Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. "The program costs in the range of $4,000 to $7,000 a month."

Students must enroll for at least 6 months, and "successful program completion occurs when a student has achieved all levels of the academy's 'TRUST' program and has spent time as a transition student", the complaint states.

According to the Silverado Academy website: "The academy is designed to integrate real world skills and enhance self-esteem though a combination of experiential therapy, stellar academics, and health relationships."

The plaintiffs demand punitive damages for emotional distress, negligent hiring and breach of fiduciary duties.

They are represented by Colin King of Dewsnup, King & Olsen.

Read more: KCSG Television - Southern Utah Boarding School Accused of Abuse Coverup
Edited: per Ursus’ request

?? to my ears!
 Wait after all of the assaults and a riot and a reported suicide attempt during said riot and...
Quote from: " Director of Counseling Anne Edens PhD"
We need to be prepared if DHR or DFACS or any other agency comes on Monday…I would not be surprised if ----- and/or Jill Ryan have agitated them. Worse case scenario is if they come and force us to close (send kids home) before Friday.
that’s her idea of the worst case scenario?
Quote from: "Jill Ryan "
There are 'allegations' of egregious violations, broken laws, and cover-ups by those complicit and complacent. Law enforcement will receive all documents regarding all parties that were complicit in this 10 year debacle, not excluding allegations of negligence against the ORCC, DFCS, and the DJJ...  
Commissioner Clyde Reese has never responded, and the Governor's Chief of Staff does not return phone calls.
Educational Consultants will be held accountable.  Names will be released to authorities of Educational consultants that placed inappropriate children without required documentation per ICPC, IEP's and 504's. and no follow-up. Failing to disclose to parents of Special Needs children that this facility admitted violent, adjudicated, probationary youths with felonious charges and conduct disorder is unethical, especially since the children were commingled.  

"For the Children Left Behind"
I ? Jill Ryan!

The Melting Pot / Re: Children for sale!
« on: July 15, 2011, 03:06:04 AM »
Not to worry PODK, these children aren’t for sale.

And why make your own when there are ways to enjoy that while keeping the math at 1+1= nothing but fun and there are so many other factors like the kids who already exists who are in need of a home? The adoption fees are steep compared to the DIY option, but what I really don't get are those folks who pour money into the many thousands into fertility clinic pockets, when we’ve got 7,000,000,000.00 people and so many kids in need.

There are typically fees associated for processing adoptions. I don’t know what the generally accepted range for those are, so if these are excessive compared to the norm, maybe that’s what caused your alarm...IDK. I do know, that for the ones who aren’t born yet, the biological mother may request assistance with prenatal care costs etc. Unless there is something you noticed that I hadn’t, this just doesn’t seem like some kind of black market baby billboard –especially considering the case of a couple trying to place their expected child who has been diagnosed with a congenital brain malformation (DWS) lists fees of only 16,000.00. The 34,000.00 gender unknown healthy white baby fees (which the post indicates does not include travel and finalization costs) seems odd, especially compared to the fact that some of the mixed babies and some of the posts that acknowledge drug and alcohol use on the part of the birth mother during pregnancy don’t list fees. Still, while disreputable adoption facilitators do exist, the fees probably have more to do with legal and medical costs than a broker’s cut.

To the rest of you on this thread, I don’t really care if I come across as a humorless bitch when I say not a god damn thing about the sale of children is funny and your calloused indifference expressed on this thread at the expense of the very real plight of very real children is fucked up.
Children For Sale (Documentary About Child Prostitutes In Brazil) ... facts.html

If this is an issue you don’t care about then fine, posting about remand/referral kickbacks is a genuine price on a kids head issue some or all of you might connect with or you know just keep idling the while exchanging quips about children as chattel.

The Melting Pot / Re: What are you reading?
« on: July 11, 2011, 04:52:54 PM »
Quote from: "Samara"
En este hermosa día en México, que estoy leyendo los datos y estadísticas para mi tesis .... golpes.
Statistics as summer vacation reading…Not at all sure if/how this colloquialism translates, but Chupa para usted.  :heartbreak:

The Melting Pot / Re: What are you reading?
« on: July 11, 2011, 04:19:19 PM »
Having read When The Body Says No Exploring The Stress-Disease Connection- by Gabor Maté lead me to…
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close encounters with addiction- by Gabor Maté I highly recommend this and have posted as much at some lengthy detail in the a t pforum.

Other recent reading:    
Nomads of the Wind The Migration of the Monarch Butterfly and Other Wonders of the Butterfly World - by Ingo Arndt
More Butterfly fodder for the weightless lilt of being unburdened by the reality of humanity.
As per Frod’s recommendation, Charles Bukowski. I happened upon The Continual Condition in the remainders... doubting I have contracted it.

Zeitoun- David Eggars

Will be moving on to V.S Ramachadron’s The Tell-Tale Brain: A neuroscientists quest for what makes us human.

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