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The Seed Discussion Forum / soldiering
« on: November 28, 2011, 05:52:15 PM »
For one, I am sick unto death of hearing, ad nasuem,.. asides against the military in this forum. no, asides isn.t quite it.. it.s just nasty, and i don't care for it.
It is true, if unpalatable, that if you want peace, prepare for war. ponder this, It is also true that rough men do hard work that you may sleep peacefully.
It is true that the military harbors slugs and weasels, yet they seem to prosper in any environment, just pick one, It is also true that the militaries of the world are an environment in which many men may practice honor,, and they do. I've seen them do so, and your world would be poorer for it's loss.
Sleep well tonight, Rough men are on duty.
Jim Dandy

The Seed Discussion Forum / Re: Operation Reentry
« on: August 04, 2011, 06:50:12 PM »
Boy, Howdy! just read the previous posts. My re-action is just pure disgust. I didn't know that there were other 'programs in Miami at the time , all competing for LEAA funds,and it seems still the game goes on.
It is well known, and proven over and over that a person can be impelled to do things that would otherwise be morally and ethically repugnant to that individual.
i can and will refer to the literature if requested, but citing jonestown should suffice. Or Hale-Bopp, or the list goes on.
I live near orlando fl, and here's my tale. In Miami, there was a group called the 'Yahwehs' look em up, alternate reference Hulon Mitchell. they bought otherwise untenable properties, and buffed 'em up, advertising them as black resort destinations. pembroke pines, so hollywood, 79th st, at 7th ave and at the beachside.
A  warrant cop pointed out to me that those properties were commercially useless, except as firebases.
I know this because i was had communication with a contractor who hauled a lot of equipment for those folks. the equipment he hauled was what we call' boilerplate" ie: quarter inch steel, useful only for bulk storage, short term. Only for storage of bulk cash, weapons, drugs. (don't think drugs)
Anyway they're here now the yahwehs, and thre are the local mosque, and  how many other, masquerading as 'drug rehab, or intervention, or other such do=gooding, abstentious programs.
Lets all abstain from drugs any and all. we can effectively counter those vices with violent intervention in the lives of others.
let-s call it by the numbers, you all, and curtail this monster.
Jim Dandy.

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: July 26, 2011, 11:05:55 PM »
long time since i've been here . sadly the issues don't go away.
Jim Dandy here. mark, if you you want to threaten me, or my buddy juston... well don't! Just promise instead. i or he will take care of things, that;s what we do.
i am surprised at you, such a tough guy, and don't know that. I'll remind you. Never, ever threaten, only ever promise. And always make good the promise, no matter the cost. And always know that the cost will be high, so cheap promises are worthless. if the cost is too high, you can back away, no shame in that.
The shame is in making a threat.
Jim dandy

None ya, et al, (I just love saying et al, makes me sound so educated, kinda like Ajax)
This game ain't over yet. If you pause to consider, the Seed was among the prototypic first class extortion operations. not The least because they were government funded to do so, and also, too, they managed to subvert 'due process' in the bargain.I don't forget, neither do i forgive.
And, And, there is more yet to learn. Keep a goin' boy, ye'll hit the metal soon. When you do, it'll ring.
I know Juston Moore, he and I are like ...Sympatico. hell we served together, he got a virus from someone on this board, and a bot that shut down his login.
so much for those who preach tolerance.
There are those who really, really are uncomfortable with any dis-agreement, any dissension. Those folk are inclined to view humans as ants, relatively inept creatures whose choices must be dictated, in order to gain a proper society.
To hell, and quickly i say. I am not sin-less, and neither am I bloodless. Let's keep a goin, Yeah?
Post-post script. I do apologize for previous insult. A) it wasn't that funny, and B) I was wrong. to me, you've proven sharp and funny. ::unhappy::
Jim Dandy ::unhappy::
I just do like shooting sport. ( not killing things, that's never fun)

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