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The Seed Discussion Forum / Christmas Songs
« on: December 07, 2011, 02:27:20 PM »
THank you Art , for ruinning every xmas song.

The Seed Discussion Forum / My Mom still loves the Seed.
« on: July 20, 2011, 05:25:50 PM »
32 years later and my mom still dosnt precieve the Seed as the cult of personality that it was. I even took her to this website to show her I want the only one who thinks this, but to no avail. We're all just disgruntled druggies according to her.
Well, never looked to my parents for approval anyway..... :beat:

Hi All!
I was at the State Road 84 Concentration Camp,I mean "The Seed", from like late 76 to early 1980. I f you ever got sick there,then you met my dad, as he was the seed doctor during that time( and for a few years after. My parent's will was way weaker than mine!)
 I learned to look to myself for my self-worth, rather then seek the approval of others. Lord knows, no one there (staff-wise) ever doted on my good qualities!
About the only good thing I can say about being there was that I learned patience. Having the ability to stand emotionless for hours at a time, while someone yelled in your face and told you what a worthless piece of shit you were came in handing during Arm Basic Training! And being at the seed left me prepared for meeting other "Im better than god" cult of personality types later in life.(In the Army , we called 'em officers!)
And I did make some good friendships, people that I've partied with the rest of my life !
And yeah, I was a "volunter staff member" for a while. "Volunter, as in: we want to keep you around so your dad will continue to give us free medical service, and and we can continue to house  newcommers, oldtimers and weekenders at your parent's house.
Speaking of which, anybody still remember playing bumper pool, air hockey, pachinko or the player-piano we had in the downstairs playroom?  Yeah, that was my house. My parents still live there. Well, my mom anyway. My dad died last year from a brain tumor. Too bad Art wasnt around to tell the tumor it was full of shit, that would "cured" my dad Im sure.

Well, I hope someone reads this msg and responds, prefrebly one of you assholes who still thinks singing "Jingle-fucking-Bells" every single day was gonna do something besides make he hate that song to this day!     :soapbox:

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