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Open Free for All / Guiliani Draft
« on: February 15, 2007, 04:35:54 PM »
Giuliani had been in an ROTC unit until he failed a physical. In 1968 he sought unsuccessfully to get a deferment but a year later the federal judge he was working for, Lloyd MacMahon wrote a letter to the draft board and got him an occupational deferment. As Jimmy Breslin put it, "MacMahon's letter to Giuliani's draft board state that Giuliani was so necessary as a law clerk that he could not be allowed to get shot at in Vietnam." UPI later noted, "The special draft status came in a year in which more than 14,500 American servicemen lost their lives in Vietnam.

Six years later, as an associate attorney general, Giuliani helped prosecute other draft dodgers.

Open Free for All / Rep Nancy Pelosi to close Border in June 2007
« on: January 16, 2007, 04:44:30 PM »
e mail  this  to  your reps/media  

demand  border  be closed  with  national guard reserves  

demand  walmart  build  a  fence   and  your governor  state reps send national guard.    

al queda on border   demand  ice/homeland security  patrol border.

As noted in a Judicial Watch article, Criminal Illegals Live Freely In U.S. when the Govt. actually does something to enforce immigration laws it can be quite successful. The article notes:

?It took six years after the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history for the government to finally complete the crucial database that has so far only been used in three states and is vehemently opposed by immigrant rights groups that claim it will lead to racial profiling. But statistics, anecdotes of success and local police tell a much different story.

In only a few months the database has helped capture 130 illegal immigrants in Southern California who would have otherwise been released on bond for their repeat offense as well as 6,700 jail inmates. A recent example is the case of a previously deported Mexican man with a violent record who lived freely in Southern California. He was arrested for trying to rob a car and when his fingerprints were scanned into the federal database, police instantly determined his criminal past, which includes convictions for child molestation and grand theft auto.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff said that without the new federal database, a criminal such as this would have been freed on bail as deputies waited for hours for federal and state officials to do a background check. The same would happen in thousands of other cases, according to an official who said ?these people would be undetected and released if we didn?t have this capability.?

If closing the borders and enforcing immigration laws are not important to you then we would suggest you rent or buy the movies United 93, True Lies, and The Peacemaker from Blockbuster or NetFlix. In these movies Hollywood actually got it right, and is almost prophetic in True Lies. Then read Osama's exploits south of border - AlQaida in league with Mexican radicals in plot to penetrate U.S., says MI6 report and No place to run and consider some of the more serious alternatives of open borders in a post 9/11 world.

The President and Congress take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Their allowing illegal aliens wantonly to defy our borders and laws is an abrogation of their sworn responsibilities. Let?s hope it won?t take the NY or Washington DC subway system to be contaminated with a nuclear or biological agent?or Dallas, Phoenix, LA, NYC, or Washington DC to be exploded in a mushroom cloud before our Government starts taking their responsibilities seriously and secures the border. Maybe if the politicians who are responsible for ensuring domestic tranquility thought Bin Laden planned on nuking Washington DC while Congress was in session they might just start taking their responsibilities seriously. If not, and if it actually happens, we can re-elect politicians who will.

If we started today, a 1,951 mile long wall along the US-Mexico border will take a few years to build. In the meantime, the illegal flow keeps gushing in. Once the decision to build the wall is made and publicized, a ?last chance? stampede will start. To stop the existing flow and mitigate the surge before the fence is finished we must immediately and dramatically increase the physical presence of the INS on the border. Since the vastly increased manpower requirement will be only temporary until the wall is built, this should be accomplished through the use of National Guard and/or military units. The latter might take changes in existing law but may need to be done to combat the foreign invasion. This action must be taken now. Each day we delay results, another few thousand illegal aliens enter the country, including gang members, hard core criminals, sexual predators, and terrorists.

As proposed by We Need a Fence, this is the kind of border security we need:

Similar border security fences in Israel have reduced terrorist attacks by up to 95%. Applied uniformly on the southern border, they would reduce the transgressions of the common illegal alien even more. For details on the proper way to have border security, see Israel?s Security Fence

Why do we need such a fence? Because illegal alien criminals, gang members and potential terrorists are simply strolling across the unmanned portions of the border. As this paper has detailed, there are currently hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal aliens roaming the streets committing mayhem on US citizens. Many were previously deported, often numerous times, and they simply walked back in. Without such a formidable barrier the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is woefully undermanned to enforce border security.

If you are still not convinced, go back up to the Criminal section and start clicking on the links or go to the ICE Public Information News Releases and start perusing the press releases. Remember, until finally caught, they are in your city and neighborhood and the ones caught are only a small portion of the criminal illegal aliens still out there.

It is also worth noting that a human side affect of having robust border security barrier is that it will eliminate all the deaths from illegal aliens dying in the desert as they try to sneak across some rather inhospitable areas of the SW border. See: 460 border crossers died in past year. Posters on fence tell of 3,600 found dead in 11 years.

It is also worth noting that while the biggest problem is on the southern border, there are also immigration violations of our northern border, only to a much smaller extent. However, once the southern border deluge is slowed to a drip we can expect the problems on the northern border to grow, although the problem will mostly be near the coasts due to the geographic differences.

In the meantime, we need to recognize that illegal aliens do not have the rights and privileges of American citizens. With the current exception of illegal aliens? children born in the United States, they are all lawbreakers and many are taking advantage of services provided to citizens, making them thieves. They are owed nothing and should not be treated differently than any other criminal that is taking things that do not belong to them.

The fact that most come to the US illegally for economic reasons does not change the fact that they violated the sovereignty of the United States and jumped ahead of all the millions who are following our immigration laws. Americans play by the rules. Few of us would tolerate a line jumper if we are waiting in a queue to buy movie tickets so why should we allow it for illegal aliens?

C?mon America?this is YOUR problem and only YOU can clean it up. Your elected officials will not do this unless you tell them to. Go here to register your complaint. Your thoughts matter.

Open Free for All / Which usa city has worst meth and cops ?
« on: January 09, 2007, 01:22:53 PM »
I just quoted an article about a study, based on federal drug statistics. Such statistics show that meth use is confined to about four tenths of one percent of the population. Hardly "everywhere", and in fact much less than either cocaine or marijuana.

Meth pushers are everywhere trying to make a buck off of an addiction that kills. There is a lot of money in making people into junkies and killing them. The drug will bring you down so fast you'll never know what happened to you. It make you lose your dignity, your character, anything good in your life before it kills you. This is an epidemic that is killing the promise of many youth and just because you've chosen to stick your head in the sand does not make a growing problem go away.

Again, you have no evidence. None of you "the sky is falling", Chicken Little types have presented any. One guy, below, even worked a little scoffing about "invasion from Mexico" into his reply, which is really funny, since most meth isn't made in bathtubs here in the USA, but rather comes over the Mexican border, where it is made in superlabs. So the idiot claims to hate meth, but loves the little brown stubbies who smuggle it in. One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at such stupidity. When this is how poorly a typical citizen reasons, no wonder those in media and gov't who manipulate the public mind lie to you with increasing brazeness. It's so easy to stampede you into anything. In just the last few years you have been stampeded into surrendering every right you have under the Bill of Rights, and the stampede started with the "War on Drugs". ... g0625.html

I believe that you are being played like a violin by people who have something to gain by exaggerating the problem. Don't think so? Well then, present your evidence that meth is "everywhere". If you can, I'll change my mind. Don't have any? Hmm. Why am I not surprised ...

his neurotic crazy compaining "family" of assholes. this prick is some kind of attorney and the wassermans always complained about not being able to live like the rich so they went out and scammed states and parents with no regard to the emotional damage they did to innocent young kids and deluded themselves into thinking they were in the help industry. all they care about is themsleves and who they can get to lie for them. speak out all.

 tell us about this mark wasserman. this brown schools racket that he knew was not LEGALLY profitable but the wassermans do not care about making money honestly all they care about is how much they can get for themselves. speak out all you students and staff about how this sociopath operates. word has it that the pricks are complaining that they cannot lie and cheat any more people because the operation may be ceasing to operate because people are realizing that the wassermans will say or do anything to get their way. the name cedu stands for that. mark knows that he and the rest of the pricks are grifters and they like to make themselves look like they are being persecuted when they get caught by parents.

litigious prick would be the wasserman pricks who have been exposed as liars and frauds who sued every time they thought they could make themselves look like victims. they are such bloodsuckers that mark wasserman is a lawyer. talk about twisting things around to make others look bad. how do you know it was mel who screwed the brown schools. mark was known to stick his nose into the place and even was "working there" if you can call forcing your will on people working. tell us how you are so familiar with all this stuff and why you defend them? wassermans have been proven to be liars. they would lie about how many "students" were there and the state caught them doing it and that is the truth as to how brown schools took over. the wassermans had told so many lies that the allgood guy took off to cascade because it was discovered that they were all lying. they were all so greedy that they tied students up so they could not leave becaue mark wasserman had to have money to play golf and live in the big custom house that they bought by saying they were a school when the truth is that they were a cult in collusion with synanon and they were in it to coerce, manipulate and deceive those on the inside and outside. former staff can tell you that they were threatened with their lives if they told the franchise tax board what was going on or if they told the parents and students what the real truth was. once the wassermans could not lie anymore they had brown schools front for them. they try to lie and say they retired to spend more time with their family but all of us there can tell you that they are such control freaks that would stick their nose into everybody's business and run around and shove there faces into everyone and yap yap yap. mark wasserman was such an overbearing self absorbed abuser that we had to keep him away from the parents so they would not see how he really was. he could not comprehend the whole world not falling for his lies that he would accuse those he could not lie and deceive with his friendship crap of being stand offish. he would either manipulate you or accuse you of being stand offish. no cedu or clone like cascade has ever been legally profitable. they keep two sets of books and they call up parents and threaten them with something if they do not do what they want. you want to see who the litigious pricks are why don't you tell us how mark wasserman makes his honest living and how the rest of the wasserman pricks live like kings with no visible means of support. tell us about all the shit pulled the wassermans over the years so when you want to talk about tort reform just be sure to mention the untold lawsuits filed against cedu and its clones and what happens when parents walk into the room to be coerced and lied to for the 3 rd of many times by the brown schools. tell us about how the allgoods are making an honest living and since the program is so honest and proven in helping the worst of alchoholics tell us about the allgoods are now drunks and no longer in the racket after they have been proven to be preaching lies. you say how honestly profitable the whole brown schools thing is . talk is that they are 50 million in the red now tell us about that. this is after tying down the offspring of more hollywood egomaniacs than one can count. my god ryan o neal, roseanne, paris hilton, the list goes on and not even the racket of demanding money from parents could keep the "honestly profitable" cedu / brown schools/ cascade scam going. tell us how and what and why and why do you believe the crap you said.

they lied to us and they fucked us over for their own profit.  all we were was a meal ticket to those frauds.  i am in nor cal  and i want to chat and possibly meet others who have been screwed by these liars.  i know your pain and you are not alone.   it sickens me that so many just say how much the place was good. that is the crap they brainwash you to believe.   if you suffer today from the abuse they did to you  ,  i am here for you and you can trust me more than you could them.   self absorbed me first fuck everybody else  cult  that acts like a school.  they will burn in hell and send me a private message.

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Staff at these "emotional growth" cults are selected based upon how willing they are to be an accomplice to the conspiracy of ruining lives of innocent kids under the guise of "being honest" and "it is the only way to reach them".  studies have shown that this program is only good for narcisstic me first meglamaniacs which is what staff are and many parents are the same.  the scam is that they appeal to a nature inside of the kids to think only of themselves and that is all they are supposed to care about.  the truth is that the staff are sociopaths and to be mild bullys who only care about their "self" and want to destroy anyone they cannot coerce and bully into being a brainwashed loyal believer of their lies  and loyal is what is used to describe those who allow themselves to be conned.  the con they use is that if you allow yourself to be rescued , you can never be their friend ever,  it is conditional love and coercion and blackmail. they use others to coerce others into staying and label those who call law enforcement to rescue them as being traitors or disloyal. the message is that their is no abuse being commited and those who leave have not finished their "emotional growth" and are liars who must be brought back to have the molesting completed. so many  are conned by these charlatans because they are very good at getting others to believe whatever they want them to  and  they have conned many by getting them to think that they are loyal and honest and all about "friends".  the truth is that they are all about doing whatever it takes to keep the kids under their control and away from the parents and sheriff's who want to rescue them so that they can live like the hollywood folks they sponge off of and scam with sad stories every time they need money to live like greedy spoiled pricks. they are so good at playing the "poor us , we are so poor and in need of money just for little things and we are such victims"  scam that they have conned many naive celebrities into thinking that they are victims and honest and ethical when the truth is that they are shakedown artists who will say or do anything to con others so they can have their way.  they are jealous, manipulative and arrogant hustlers who pose as being righteous and trying to help others.  the only thing they are helping themselves to are what they can scam off their victims which is everyone does not fall for their lies.  they think they are entitlted to whatever they can steal and they surround themselves with selfish "full of pride" followers who belive the lies they are fed because it pumps their egos and validates their narcissism.  the "educational consultants"  are really just pimps for naive parents and they are in collusion with the scam artists and recieve kickbacks for each victim they place in any of these "cults posing as schools".  when caught the truth behind their participation in the crime is that "they resent the affluence of those they place"  and that justifies the crime. the facilities have the same attitude and they share that with the placement folks in the guise of " how much can we bleed out of these parents and the states"  "how can we restrain kids in rooms so they do not leave and we can keep our retention rate up"  usually they will threaten the kids with their lives if they go to police and they will have other kids attack the kid if he dares to speak out.  it is a mob rules mentality and they feel better whenver they molest another kid and if it makes them feel better they just keep on doing it.  the excuse given is that this is the only way they can get the kids to talk.  they put psychologists in the place but this is just to "act legitimate".  most kids can tell you that they are just dismissed or ridiculed and run rough shod over.  they do not believe in psychology because they can make more money hiring convicted child molestors for low wages to abuse kids and bond with other abuser kids over bullying other kids and the truth is that if they had to hire legitimate honest credentialed staff they would be out of business because the owners of these rackets cannot pay themelves six figure wages if they had to hire real "couselors".  the owners and "headmasters" are all about how much money they can get for themselves despite the fact they are always attacking the wealthy hollywood pricks behind their backs and always couseling girls not to marry men for money.  the truth is that the heads are gay and they pretend to be straight to con the parents into thinking they are promoting "traditional family values".  when caught lying, they cry and say that they feel guilty about being gay and promote traditional living because they feel it is best for all the kids not to be gay.  the truth is that this is an act designed to get the kids to feel sorry for them and to convince their parents not to remove them.  they are all liars and they con the kids easily and the parents by locking up the phones and tying the kids down and by operating in remote areas where law enforcement cannot resuce them. speak out  all.   [ This Message was edited by: iknowcedulies on 2005-02-14 13:51 ]

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