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Thanks for that. If i can remember correctly the first amendment THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH people. OMG! God forbid someone throw politics into this conversation. Since we already have the ball rolling on religion, Im just going to throw this one out there. And you are correct in stating that the program didn't save Karlyes' life and that is very unfortunate.

Unless you want them to keep you up all night banging away on their keyboard talking to other losers on fornits.

But seriously.
These people have problems. BIG problems. Like serious psychologicaly issues. Just look at this forum. W>O>W!
<in response to guest>

You sure have a lot to say sitting behind a computer screen. and "program kids/parents" can bring a lot to the table
You'd be SO LUCKY to have one of us in your life it's too bad you DONT know what you're missing out on YOU IGNORANT ASS

Or maybe the Senior staff and faculty members shoulda had some kind of psychology degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest, i was very resistant to the program. And I could've done without the Malt-O-Meal mush.  Realistically though being away from the environment I placed myself in did save my life. And there are a lot of things that MOST of us view as un-necessary, like how the hell are you supposed to memorize all those damn rules, i'll never know. :cheers:  to bein' home safe!

The Sanders County Sheriffs did come to investigate what had happened. And the faculty didnt give up on her. Its very hard to reach an adolescent at the level she was at. A lot of students stay in "resistance" for a very long time when they enter the program, not thinking or understanding how the program will benefit their future. And a lot of JS members tried very hard to break her out of her shell. Most of the faculty, junior staff, and students didn't know how to react or deal when this occured.

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