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Quote from: "Guest"
...All because I simply trusted for a moment and let my family love me, and loved my family and let others hold me while i cried and danced with my inner child. I realized that everything that i have been searching for has been within me, i have let my mom be my mom and my dad be my dad because i understand how important i am to this world. Carlbrook made all this possible for me to find and discover. Honestly people that bash this place are just afraid of letting their children go, who dont beleive in going back and facing what eats them alive everyday, people that dont trust...But i understand it is hard and many families think this way before Carlbrook. Its all about love and individual strength.

I understand where you're coming from...I graduated RMA in 93, almost 15 years ago, and I agree with some of what you say. One of the biggest things I took from there was a sense of accomplishing something that no one (including, especially, me) can take away from me. I loved the wilderness trips. I still talk to and am close with people from the school. BUT. I don't know about your school, but RMA did nothing to prepare us for post-graduation. They cut us off from our friends still at the school for 6 months because they expected us to fall flat on our faces. There were staff allowed to work at the school that should have never been let near children. We were verbally abused regularly in attempts to change us. And yeah, we were teenagers, we were fucked up, but it was damn aggressive. Cut off from our families, with a moderated phone call every 2 weeks? Really? Kept up for 24 hours in attempts to break our spirits and then build us back up in the image they chose for us? That shit's illegal. Not to mention the $4500 a month they charged for us to be there. I noticed in your post that you didn't mention tuition?

Look, bottom line...I'm really glad that you came out of there feeling the way you're feeling. But it's true what MAD said in his post, it gets tricky the longer you're out. It takes some time to acclimate and integrate the program with the real world. A lot of people will look at you like you've sprouted big purple donkey ears when you try to tell them about your experience. And you'll find some good people along the way who will listen and try to understand. And you may find yourself feeling differently in a few years, or not. Who knows, everyone's different.

We're all here just trying to make some sense out of it, and we're entitled to our views, just as you are entitled to yours.

But I wish you the best of luck.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Is your school or organization a Cult?
« on: January 31, 2008, 05:19:27 PM »
Alyssa = TheWho? What's on second?

Alyssa, if you are indeed a real person and not another one of whooser's personalities, forgive me, and please don't rely soley on whoosie's interpretation of anything. Just pay attention, and consider all angles. And read ALL his posts, weird guy. There's a reason there's so much animosity directed at him. And remember that there are quite a lot of us who've been through these programs and feel like they did more harm than good. I took some good with me, HOWEVER, it was very culty, and it changed the way my mind works. I'm sure others will agree with me. We were children, but still citizens of this country, and should have had a say. Period.

On the other hand, I laugh just thinking about whooter switching computers to write himself a love letter.

Quote from: "TheWho"
How about something a little more upbeat

Sung to  "L-O-V-E" by:  Nat King Cole  1964.

P is for the Proud you put in me
R is for the new Rounded person “thats me”!
O is very very…… extra Ordinary
G is for the Gift of life you seem to give to everyone in sight.
.....................Programs were made for you and me…Dah,Dah ,Dah dit Dit Dah
R  is for Rage you took from me
A is for the Able person you found in me
M is for the Merry Merry …. Life I now have now that used to be scary
S is for the Sight to see I have control of my own life!!
Tah dah da da da da

Programs were made for you and meeeeeeeeeeeee!!

If you are singing this in the car..
just repeat the verse and have the people in the back seat step it up a little more...
and by the time you get to the school you will be harmonizing like the "Beach boys" !!

Try it out!!


what an ass. anti-who, your version was spot on. mad props.

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